Fit the Fourth: The Piglet's Portrait

A Poem By Hannah W. // 1/30/2009

The Piglet and Please walked hand in hoof,
and the little blue shawl dragged the ground
as the two went Adventuring, when suddenly, 'Poof!'
the shawl had at last been unwound.

The Piglet, in tears, said it was just as he feared,
the one thing he so loved was now gone,
and Please felt sad for his new friend so dear,
and so he composed him a song.

But the Piglet still wept his little wet tears,
and Please didn't know what to do
so he picked up the string and told the Piglet, "No fear,
for I know how to knit, 'tis true."

And he found him two sticks and sat down to knit
and the Piglet watched him in awe
and there on the grass where the two friends did sit,
Please knit up a little blue shawl.

The Piglet was raptured, and danced all around
waving his shawl in the air,
and Please looked so glad till they both heard a sound
that made them nervous and scared.

A huge thunder-clap rang out through the sky
and the two of them ran just like mad
they dashed to the woods where things go awry,
and they feared this would end very bad.

The woods were all dark, and shadows crept near,
so the two of them hummed "Susannah"
but as this did nothing to calm their sharp fear,
they just turned and together they ran on.

They went deeper and deeper, till they couldn't go on,
and then they stopped to sit under a tree
and a feeling that something was terribly wrong
their minds crept into and seized.

"Look out," Plese warned, in a whispering tone
which did nothing to mask his own dread
and the Piglet just nodded, and thought of the bones
then stopped and shook his pink head.

"Take courage," he told Please, the beat of his heart
jumping like never before,
and they clung to each other and gave such a start
when a crash! shook the whole forest floor.

"A giant!" they cried, "Or some monstrous thing,
coming to eat us for lunch!
Gone in one gulp!" and they dared not to think
when a dark shadow came billowing up.

And the creature appeared from out of the trees
and left the two friends quite stunned
from this thing they couldn't believe
they even had bothered to run.

It was only a man, in a little red hat
with a paintbrush clutched in one hand
and the Piglet and Please laughed and laughed
while the man bowed low and grand.

"I am the Painter," he said with a voice
that said he thought himself great
"I fell out of a tree, and I had no choice
but to find something else to paint."

The Piglet turned shy, but the Painter's green eye
caught his and held his meek gaze
and the Painter smiled and looked to the sky
and said, "this is just the place

"I have been looking for all of this time,
and you, dear Piglet, the one
that I wish to paint, and your portrait will shine
and be viewed by everyone."

The Piglet agreed, and looked to Please,
who only shrugged in reply,
and so the Painter set up with ease
his canvas, and winked his eye.

His strokes were bold, on his face a grin
that showed the true genius of art
and when he had finished he tested the wind
and his heand went over his heart.

"Oh beauty! oh rapture!" he cried in delight,
and turned the easel around
so the Piglet and Please could see in the light
this masterpiece like none ever found.

The Piglet said, "Oh," and Please did gasp
at the painting that sat there ahead
and the Painter said, "Well?" and adjusted his hat
and his face bore a look of pure dread.

The Piglet gulped and poked Please in the side,
begging him silently, "You!"
so Please had to say, "With abstract aside,
I hardly say this looks at all true."

"What do you mean?" the Painter yelped,
and the Piglet said, "It just isn't me,
but to make it up to you, we can let you help
with our business of Adventuring."

The Painter accepted, though slight disappoint
rang through his voice as he did
but he folded up his easel and the Piglet oinked
and put on the paints all the lids.

"The rain has stopped," Please remarked,
and relief was clear on his face
and so the three new friends did embark
out of the woods, with quick pace.


This is so much fun to read,

This is so much fun to read, Hannah! I just finished going through all of the parts so far. Very cute and funny! :0)
The leprechauns made me do it!!

Heather | Fri, 01/30/2009

And now our hearts will beat in time/You say I am yours and you are mine...
Michelle Tumes, "There Goes My Love"


the only thing I have to say is this: I LOVE THIS POEM!!!


"If Shagrat himself was to offer me a glass of water, I'd shake his hand," Sam Gamgee

Bernadette | Fri, 01/30/2009


Doin' great!

I personally predict that the world will come crashing to a halt if you don't forward this to 50 Gazillion people by noon tomorow!!
-me (in parody of a chain e-mail)

Keri | Sun, 02/01/2009


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