My Little Star

A Poem By Hannah W. // 9/16/2008

Star upon the horizon,
through dusty window pane
albeit the city's light are bright,
still I can see you plain

Your light is faint at sunset,
your light is dim at dawn,
yet I know that as I fall asleep,
you'll shine so bright through night so long

And when the sun has risen,
and I rise out of bed,
you're still up there somewhere,
in the sky above my head

Every night you still return
to the little place you have
you greet me with a loving glow,
and cheer me when I'm sad

Where the Lord's caring hands have placed you,
You watch me from above,
Your little light is glowing,
to remind me that I'm loved



i love it!it is!

Bernadette | Wed, 09/17/2008

I think this is SO AWESOME!

I think this is SO AWESOME! You ROCK, Hannah! =]

Emily | Wed, 09/17/2008


Wow!! Hannah I love your writing.

Stephanie | Sun, 09/21/2008


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