When the Grass Grows

A Poem By Hannah W. // 11/3/2008

When the grass grows long and thick in the back,
We run through the yard; it before us expands
It becomes a forest, a tangled wilderness
filled with the things that inhabit our dreams
Owls in top hats, falcons and lightning,
the little folk in their tiny wood homes
Wigwams and tree forts, catstles and kings
towers and caves filled with mysteries untold
wizards and horses, the wind that can speak
and tell me all the places it's been,
and all the things it has seen
Brave heroes, cunning villians,
mysterious objects and magical stones
periwinkle flowers raining down from above,
marvels beyond things the eye has yet seen
Paths wind through the forest,
where beasts walked before us
a magical place where you never grow old
Ships that sail the seven seas,
curses and spells that we must get undone
Dances and drums, danger and fun
Toads that converse with the ravens and birds
Spiders that weave a web of pure wonder
maps and chest upon chest of old pirate plunder
Mystery and laughter that ring through the land
These are things that I've come to know
When long and thick the green grass does grow...



wow! that was great!there was a great beat to it.

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Bernadette | Wed, 11/05/2008



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Anna | Wed, 11/05/2008

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I love tall, tall grass! My

I love tall, tall grass! My friend had a place behind her house, where we played for hours in the grass. She also had one clump of very tall trees in the middle of the grass that had unending games hidden in it. So much fun.

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The Brit | Wed, 11/05/2008


That is so awesome! I love it. It gave me some ideas.....LOL

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E | Wed, 11/05/2008

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