The Redwoods

An Essay By Hannah // 7/11/2007

Earlier this year my family and I went to see the Redwoods. They were soooooooo big, you could even drive a car through one of them!
And that got me to thinking, How could anyone beleive that evolotion created this?  I mean you don't have to go all the way too the Redwoods to relise it, I mean, Just look at your fingerprint! It's so intracate and there is no other one like it. Just looking at it proves,at least to me, that there is a good and loving God. I stood there and felt so small and insignifacant. It made me wonder why God would love us so much even after all we've done to Him. I have done nothing at all to deserve His love yet He freely gives it to each and every one of us. We truly do Have an awesome God. So when ever we go out and see these beautiful masterpeices, let's remember His Love and be thankful.



And you know what?? You're completely right!!

Tamerah | Thu, 07/12/2007



Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Mon, 12/10/2007


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