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Age: 31

Favorite word(s): Like, smile, laugh, alliteration, sweet, archaic, saga, segue, starlight...words in general. I love words, the act of speaking them, and the art of putting them down coherently on paper

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

I'm a God-loving, word nerd and former home-schooler living with her metoerologist husband on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior in 'da U.P., eh!' of Michigan. I'ved loved fantasy and science fiction ever since my dad first handed me The Fellowship of the Ring after a family vacation.

I've written since I was 8, going through a phase of mystery and historical writing before discovering how much I enjoyed making up my own worlds and--surprisingly, since I'm not a history fan--the history and legends of those worlds. I have three of them currently in progress--my epic fantasy world, Absor; my steampunk world, Clospiel; and my science fantasy world, Sympos, as well as three I share with other authors.

I'm really what you might call a nerd. I have lots of fantasy pictures stuck to the wall above my desk, I dress in a sort of hippie-artist fashion, I almost exclusively read speculative fiction, though I break it up with suspense and old detective stories like Poirot, Miss Marple, Father Brown, and Sherlock Holmes. If I need complete fluff to read, I turn to chick lit, which sounds odd, but everyone needs their own idiosyncrasies, right? I also watch several sci-fi shows, generally Doctor Who, Stargate, and Star Trek.

My husband has introduced me to the joys of hiking, camping, skiing, and snowmobiling in the great north. I also enjoy swimming (when the water is warmer than 50 degrees!), building sandcastles and snowmen, canoing, playing piano and flute, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, softball, bicycling, making rag rugs, and storm-chasing with my husband. I want to learn martial arts, fencing, and archery. I've never had any other job than being an author, though now I suppose I could add "home-maker" to that list. I met my husband through a home-school orchestra, was friends with him for a couple of years, and had a wonderful courtship for eight months before being engaged for five months, then married on March 6, 2010.

I love hanging around people (especially home-schoolers), but also enjoy my alone time when my husband's at work and I'm at home. I especially love being around the people at our church, because they're awesome and such servants! Really, there's a lot to be learned from everyone there, and I'm blessed to be part of such an awesome family of God. I'm fascinated by the lake and love staring out over it from my living room window, especially on cold, foggy days.

I'm now what I consider to be "multi-published"--with an article in 31Ten Magazine's November 2010 issue and several short stories at Avenir Eclectia. I'm also seeking a home for my novel Half Blood (seen here in rough draft form) as well as being part of a three-author team posting an online, first-ever Christian steampunk novel, Falls the Shadow.

Come visit me online!

My writing blog: www.magical-ink.blogspot.com

The Lost Scribes, home of Falls the Shadow (co-authored by Mary and LoriAnn): www.lostscribes.blogspot.com

Facebook: search for H. A. Titus, Author

Twitter: HATitusWriting


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