The Falling Out

A Poem By Heather Jones // 11/13/2018

You are traveling
To the clouds, and
I am traveling
To the sea; we
Both are falling,
Falling towards
The place where we
Were meant.

But in our deepest
Wanderings, it
Came to be that
Our two paths did
Intersect, and
I felt your hand
Touch mine;
Thump, thump, thump.

And it was
In that moment, that
I found that though
You weren't my love,
I thought that maybe,
Maybe, you might
Could be -
You just might.

And there we hovered,
For a moment.
You and I, held
In the winds of time;
It stroked your cheek,
It felt my hair,
We were all but
For just a moment.

But then it came.
Your hand, it slipped,
Your eyes, they turned;
The skies above
Were calling.
You are your own man,
Not mine,
Regardless of my wants.

Oh, how I felt a fool—
Trying to keep you closer
Than you were - my
Hands just wouldn't
Let go of you, for
I was afraid to
Lose the one thing
I felt was real.

For you aren't like
The other boys, the
Other people, wandering -
You know yourself, and
Know me too. I felt
Like I could never
Find that warmth again.

I felt humbled
Underneath your
Independent gaze, and
Undeserving of
The happiness and
Comfort that
You brought to me
That moment.

But now it's gone.
I'm falling down,
You're falling up -
I reach for you,
You're ten feet gone;
And I can't seem,
Despite my hopes,
To bring you any nearer.

"Come back!"


But the ending is perfect!! I

But the ending is perfect!! I love this. And I relate; oh boy do I relate to this.

Damaris Ann | Sun, 11/18/2018

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.


Haha I'm glad you liked the ending. xD

Heather Jones | Tue, 11/20/2018

“planting seeds inevitably changes my feelings about rain.” —luci shaw.
psalm 84:10 esv.

Oh my goodness, Heather.

Oh my goodness, Heather. This really touched me deeply. I loved every line equally and I can't tell you how gorgeous your imagery is because there are so many words to say but none of them work to mean what I want because it's all so BEAUTIFUL!!!! There. There's a word. I found one!
Goodness me, Heather, I'm so happy you're on Apricot Pie and can share these things. Thank you for your work!

Madalyn Clare | Tue, 11/20/2018

Introverts unite!
From the comfort of your own homes!

Oh my word!!

Madalyn you are too kind!!! This comment has absolutely made my day oh my word ;v; you have no idea how much that means to me! Thank you so much! I absolutely love your work by the way as well <3 it's all so good!!

Heather Jones | Thu, 11/22/2018

“planting seeds inevitably changes my feelings about rain.” —luci shaw.
psalm 84:10 esv.


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