An Alarming Amount of Poetry (Part the Ninth)

A Poem By Madeline // 9/29/2013

Sore Truth

So then you became
A so then
Today to someone
You were a
He was good
But then
He did this
So then
This happened
You were good gossip
What happened to our
Solemn pledge to never
Spread lies about us
You ask
I just say
They weren't lies

Drawn Out

I had a bite
I need no more
I am good and done
But it burned just right
Going down
And now I wanted some
It stung far less
The second time
Why, but it tasted worse
Perhaps if I
Bite again
Then this time it won't hurt

Slide Over Eyes

I am a first-glance girl
They look once and are on their way
No double takes
Good or bad
I suppose there are ways I could be a
Second-glance girl
Those double takes
Good or bad
We all so desperately want
There is this guy floating around
Going about his usual business
And when I brush by one day
(You know, being completely first-glance)
He'll second-glance
Everything will click
I hope it's him

See Aych

blue becomes green in his eyes
or before it was brown
I maybe think
all I know is
what you have in common with him
Is February
every unacknowledged dream
seems to lead back to
that month
on second thought
maybe his were green

Pound It, You Know She's Angry

People say stupid things
I've learned this since hitting
That thirteen mark
But I must've hit it kind of hard
It seems that difficult things
Keep happening
And I'm left to make choices
That shouldn't have to be made
In the first damn place
Like what do I what should I
What can I say
Why put it on this girl
Why must everybody think
I'm ready
Why do I why do I why do I keep
Getting let down
Or it it just
I mean can it just be because I'm me?


Show me the way around your head
I want to learn it
Earn it
Please just let me in
But you can't you say
First I have to be willing to do the same
Well excuse me but do you not understand
That to get there I need to know what I'm up against
I guess that makes me a hypocrite
Albeit one with reason enough to be cautious


Shorn down to the floor
Cut away layers upon layers
Floor scuffed, a real mess you've made
Of her
Oh but they always place the blame
On the ones with the will and the venom reserve
How about the person that drove them insane
The way that they pushed and retreated and poised
To avoid the repercussions
They hid while ones on the outside swarmed to label
Mean cruel unfair
But who was unable
To be as cold and as calculating
Who meant to hurt at the end of everything
No, he's the pushover
And she's the one you pushed over

quit it quit it quit it

Quit moping
Quit moping
Quit moping I'm not
Give me a moment to gather myself
Then I'll be okay


Why do I keep
Feeling sorry for myself
Why do people keep
Embarrassing me
How come I was a second ago
But now I'm not hungry
How come I feel like I can't bring myself
To think
I'm like one of those idiot ever-forgiving animals
Because why does everything go awry
One moment is serenity and the next I could cry
I really just want a moment alone
Get out get out get out
Just want a moment
Sorry but I would like some occasional criticism
Just not that kind

Area of Shaded Regions

This is me avoiding
Certain death-by-geometry
To the point where I'll be like
Oh God My Brain


I'm at a lovely edge
It's a nice little place
Think cottages on hilly countrysides
Think skies of endless blue
That subtly turn grey
And the water churns angrily below
The grass is waving wild
I caused the wind that blew me away
Upon a rocky outcropping piled

you'll find them on the cover of a magazine

I take a deep breath and I
Write I don't care
What does it say about you if you go for
Girls like that
Obviously you're not deserving
I do, however,
Wonder why the ones on top never seem to want
The beauty of simple girls
Instead they end up with a whole slew of
Classless beauty queens

Why loved

Your smile has got to be
The single most wonderful thing about you
It's so happy, so full of honest youth
So complete
It spells out your heart and
Makes you easier to read
When you laugh and widen your eyes
You're nothing if not pretty
Do you know
Do you know
You make people happy


I feel like I'm stepping into a warmer skin
That old one was for little girls
This new one is for me
My foot fades down and my
Dusk feels like dawn
I can literally be anything
I don't want that taken
I'm ready to embrace it
To branch out and be
My idea of different
And get along with everyone
And dare to be afraid


I'm sure it's plain as day on my face
Although I never say your name
Deftly direct the conversation away
From you, you reach so deep


There has got to be a way
I can anticipate the feeling
Of pure serenity
Surreal would it seem
To be across from each other
There has got to be a way
I would maybe--I don't know
You'd let me down gently
Without ever knowing you were letting me down
And that's why I must somehow
There has got to be a way
Be of different status when we meet
If, I mean
Realist in me won't let
This or this or that dream be
There has got to be a way
If I was meeting you as someone else
As a big deal, as something others
Want to be
Then maybe
Now I don't know where I will or
How to not be treated
There has got to be a way to meet

Squeezed-Shut Eyes

I'm swallowing a stone that'd be easier to breathe
I'm closing my eyes against the onslaught of feet
I'm hoping that they find me much too big to see
I want, I want, I want to be

Don't Fault Me

Left me I mean leave me I mean
I don't know what I want
I don't know who I am
I just know that I am

Seize The Words

Oh, come on now
Quit fooling around
Come out with it say
Something you mean for a change
Because I'm not getting it
You say actions speak louder than words
How ironic


Sorry this took me so long!

Sorry this took me so long! I've been busy and haven had time to sit down and read them. I loved all of these. My favorites were Why loved, Slide Over Eyes, Tourguide, and See Aych.
"I'm swallowing a stone that'd be easier to breathe" that was super awesome and visual and I wish that I had thought of it first. :) Great job!

E | Tue, 10/08/2013

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


I had read this a while ago, thought I commented, hadn't, then realised when I went and read Erin's comment. SO, here's my comment!

Sore Truth: Reality break through! " Dude, They weren't lies"
Slide over Eyes: (It is totally okay to be a first glance girl.) Looks like you need a pep talk. :D
Pound It, You Know She's Angry: This one's great!
"But I must've hit it kind of hard"
"I mean can it just be because I'm me?"

Watchstop: Love the imagery!
you'll find them on the cover of a magazine: Yeah, good. Good thoughts.
Why Loved: I like this one. I like the repeat of "Do you know"
Rally: Scary truth.
Desperate: Desperate is the right word.
Squeezed-Shut Eyes: Ohh, funny imagery!
Don't Fault Me: Reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. LOVE that movie. *hrm* Getting off track.
Seize the Words: Love it!

Overall, awesome feeling to it all. Good job!

P.S. I have published this story I've been thinking about for months. I'd love your honest feedback. :D

Maddi | Tue, 10/08/2013

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Erin--Thank you, thank you!

Erin--Thank you, thank you! That is the ultimate compliment in my eyes (I wish I had thought of that first). Haha. Can't tell how how many times I've thought that while reading your poetry! So thank you so much!

Maddi--I really appreciate you giving me such wonderful feedback. :) I so, so enjoy reading your comments! And, haha, don't need a pep-talk--I promise! ;D The whole poem was really a, "It's okay to not be perfect" sort of thing. And I will check out your story THIS VERY MOMENT I PROMISE!

Thanks, girls!

Madeline | Tue, 10/08/2013


Sorry I haven't read this until now. Honestly it's not my favorite batch. I felt like a few were just two jumbles... like Sore Truth was VERY hard to follow for me... I loved everything from TourGuide down. Wonderful wording.
I'm going to go read the last part now!!! EEKS!

Kassady | Wed, 10/16/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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