An Alarming Amount of Poetry (Part the Sixth)

A Poem By Madeline // 8/30/2013

Rice Chex

I grab a piece of savory
And sweet
Press them together
Put them in my mouth
Salty sugary sour
I've never tasted anything so perfectly

We Painted Them Oatmeal

I shut the cabinets
And my mind
You were never
Good with time

Waste of Time

I have never felt oppressed by
This town
Or its people
I'm free to do whatever I please
Those who follow in the former's footsteps seem
Incredibly small-minded
By comparison
Or, perhaps kinder
Content to be ill

Expected Letdown

She is not what I
Expected of her
I guess I drew that line too high
But, excuse me for believing
In pure-heartedness
And the ability of people
Now I have no doubt
Please don't consider me naive
The cashier yesterday said
I wish I'd known what I know now
At sixteen
And I wanted to say
What knowledge is that
Feel free to enlighten me
I have never felt unknowing
Or too-trusting
Just unable to hold an honest grudge

Pink Edged

Snap the shirt in place and
step back and observe it's
more undone than done and it's
yellow like spoiled lace


lovely you
beautiful in your
own right
I've sung this song before
It's starting to sound old
to me

Side Mirror

It grazed the back of my awakening today
A trepid finger skimming an
Imperfect lake
I am old enough for almost everything
Time is not ticking, though
I refuse to let it

Sorry, I Just Don't Get It

who was he
and there why
does that occur
and what can occur
to give someone such spite
for a person so flawless in
my unassuming mind


I've got my hipster t-shirt
I've no idea what hipster means
Someone said it on twitter the other day
I do not have a twitter account


I sprout three lines
That run widthwise
When I'm bent over
They quote you saying
Personality's what matters
But I know that's only half
Of a relationship
Call me self absorbed or
Perhaps even cruel
I'd rather it be that than
Believing to a fault

Paper Thin

You aren't aware of my atoms
Building and stacked like blocks
If you had kept secreted away
I would have known nothing of you
As well
We are somewhat even, then
Our towers leveled

In My Ideal World

I want to meet you and have
Long, meandering
Subject-hop conversations
I want to be your confidant and
The person I can tell my stories to
I want us to sit on a couch
Drinking coffee and tea
Laughing at each others' lame jokes
I want to be the girl you talk about girls to
I mean, I'd rather be the girl
But any sort of anything with you would be divine
It's all I want


Bottom lips are
Bitten pulled
Rubbed in concentration
Yours is the color of
Antique-store roses


I want a
silver stopsign
between my eyes and
upturned lips
I will maybe some day
If I am not too frightened
By the prospect of pain

8 minutes 45 seconds

Digging down
Pull it out's
The way you speak
Take your time
Extra seconds tick by and
I'm loving every one of them

Kind of Fun

I have no aversion to
That piled high and wild
If you like it then--
hey--I mostly like it
Although I entertain myself with
ideas of debates we could have

Miss Darcy

"You name her"
I'd say
If it was you then
Letting control go would
Be okay

Shut It Down

I could have read instead or
Talked to my family
You make me feel extremely guilty
Yet here I am typing your name

aych III

you're no plain Jane
nobody gets it
within my circle of friends

Don't Care Enough

you can trim my hair and
nails and pluck my eyebrows
I still won't take time to
put on makeup

Shy Guy

Is it said that I'm crazy over you
There is a part of me that feels embarrassed thinking
About you with me
These small-town nobodies would joke that you're
Not straight or that you're
Ugly and composed of
Nothing but air
(and hair)
I know that's not true I honestly do
But you're under such scrutiny and I wonder
Who will be able to hold your hand without shame
I would love to say it's me but
I guess it goes both ways


One to none you
Took the sun
Out from under
The earth
Stole this part's light away
Along with supple shreds of dignity
I'm scratchy like wool and
Liable to shrink
So put the sun back where it belongs
Along with some understanding
And give me a moment to dry
On the clothesline


I've always been bad at drawing stars
They're always lopsided
So mom taught me a trick it's
A simple v
Diagonal right to left
Across with fervor and
Then connect


I have a proposition for you
Zero strings attached
I'll be yours completely and you
Just have to love me back

Goodwill Boxes

I'll start from the top and
Work my way down
What in God's name will make me stand out


Today I was a gold-hooped goddess
In Don't Git Bit glory and
My lip is split but
My hair looks nice
We girls are awfully preoccupied
With how we look

Days Ago

I had my book and
I felt small
I went upstairs
Turned away from the door
Let saltwater fall
I hate obvious rhymes
But that's just my life
What else am I going to do with my time

Pink Composition Book

scratch yourself a name
to paper
and pretend like you have
everything you ever wanted


three years separates us
three thousand miles or so
you're leaving leather bootprints all across the globe
blindly move to where I can reach you

I Speak For Myself

prose is an uncertain form
we less well-spoken individuals take to it to
poorly express our fleeting thoughts only to be surprised when
someone gets it

But They're Green, So

If your eyes were brown
I might love them more
Other girls write odes but
They lack distinct color
Notice I said more

Garden Haze

your skin is sun kissed
sweet like an apple tart
delicate little pastry
but it's not,
it's tan at times and
I'd be lying if I said blemish free
idiotic permanents dance across your skin and I
don't find you at all frightening


one day I dream
of finding a link
on your page that
leads back to me


simple, common ideas
love you, love him
he's utterly magnificent
You'll see his drawbacks
Faults and flaws
But we dumb girls won't
No, not at all


You want to know about me
Well my writing tells it all
Every bit lends a piece to a puzzle
I never invited you to built
And when you put it together
Won't that be wonderful
But for right now I know
Exactly what you don't


aych eh
awr awr
wuh iuh


I'm not going to make this easy for you
Feel free to guess what you don't know
Am I writing about him to reassure myself or
Is it my way of simply letting go

I was twelve

I can look back on here at
Who I was and what I posted
What do I know now that I didn't know then
I can't say it's much in the way of innocence
Sometimes it'd be nice to go back to when
Everything was simple, straightforward
Everyone was quick to be a friend
And as for crushes, well,
They were fleeting at best
It's great to look back on how you have grown
This place allows me to nostalgically do so
The strangest thing is, I have two years to go
Until it's time to make a life of my own



I literally saw that you posted more poetry and said "Yes!" LOL! I'm super glad to see this!

I have SO many favorites.... oh goodness... let me see:

"Waste of Time" is absolutely AWESOME! Might be my favorite of all of them!!! I adore this one, it's so good.... I can't put my finger on why I love it so much... but I just do! The wording is fabulous and the rhythm... How do you create such good rhythms without rhyming? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS OH ALL KNOWING POETRESS!

"Pink-Edge"- Adorable!

"In My Ideal World"- Love it, very sweet and poetic, I loved the wording of this one most of all! "I want to be the girl you talk about girls to/I mean, I'd rather be the girl" Love this line, so sweet and simple!

"Typical"- Has the best wording of all "I'm scratchy like wool/ and
Liable to shrink" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! This was so creative and I still don't understand the underlining meaning of the poem, but it is super awesome!

"But They're Green, So"- ADORE!!!! LOL! I was smiling like an idiot while I read it, and it's so cleverly written! This poem and the three other poem following this one were all FABULOUS! You really were on a roll!

"Garden Haze"- Beautiful wording!

"Shriek"- So vivid, with so little words! You are the best at that!

"Jigsaw"- This was is awesome! Love the wording, the cleverness, the message... EVERYTHING about this poem screams "AWESOMENESS" This was just so.... aw! There are no words to express my love for this poem!
"Every bit lends a piece to a puzzle/I never invited you to built" This is my favorite lines... but is "built" suppose to be "build" I'm not sure?

"Release"- INCREDIBLE!

And the last one is so sweet! I definitely feel sentimental when it comes to looking back at my AP history!!! Wow... You were Twelve? That's crazy!!

More? Haha.

Kassady | Fri, 08/30/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

I really like these! Quick

I really like these! Quick question: is your celebrity crush Harry Styles???? He has a lot of hair (as was mentioned in Shy Guy). Lol. You don't have to say so if you don't want to, I was just curious.

"It grazed the back of my awakening today
A trepid finger skimming an
Imperfect lake." So lovely

"The way you speak
Take your time
Extra seconds tick by and
I'm loving every one of them." Definitely relatable.

"One to none you
Took the sun
Out from under
The earth
Stole this part's light away...So put the sun back where it belongs." I though that those lines were genius for some reason.

"Let saltwater fall
I hate obvious rhymes
But that's just my life
What else am I going to do with my time." Can't even tell you how relatable that is.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Brown and Marionette. I enjoyed Release and Jigsaw, as well as I was twelve. I actually wrote something similar recently, which will probably be posted soon. :) Anyway, keep posting!!!!

E | Fri, 08/30/2013

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


Kass--OH MY GOSH THANK YOU THAT MADE ME SMILE SO MUCH I LOVE YA! )<--That basically says it all. Seriously. THANK YOU!)

Erin--Thank you as well, o' loyal reader of my rambling poetry. And I will neither confirm or deny that suspicion. heh. How you guys figure me out just from this, I shall never know. LOL.

Madeline | Fri, 08/30/2013

An alarming amount indeed!

Wow. You REALLY have a severe case of the Poetry Bug. :D
Expected Letdown:
Pink Edged:
Side Mirror: I LOVE the imagery of this one! "A trepid finger skimming an
Imperfect lake". That is perfection. Perfect perfection.
Roundabout: I don't know why, but for some reason I liked this.
Delusions: It's got that everyone's-against-me-but-I-don't-care feel.
Paper Thin: very interesting. I like the atoms line; it's thinking outside the box
In My Ideal World: Everyone's wish, girl, everyone's wish.
Gloss: LOVE!! Oh my gosh, I think this is my favourite.
Eighteen: By saying 'silver stopsign' do you mean a piercing? I say go for it. :)
Kind of Fun: *smile*
aych III: Nobody else has a crush on harry styles, you mean? lol
Typical: "And give me a moment to dry
On the clothesline" Lovely. It's like you're saying to everyone "back off, I need space". Well done.
Instructions: I just love the simplicity of this. And it brings back memories. Oh, the frustrations!
Lovely: "We girls are awfully preoccupied
With how we look" Unfortunately, yes. How simple life would be if there was no mirrors or makeup. *sigh*
Days Ago: Good job.
Brown: *checks out how old Harry Styles is* you're 16 (I think...) so there's another clue. *checks out if HS has green eyes* affirmative. And you are definitely miles away from London. :)
Garden Haze: Dreamy and gorgeous.
Shriek: Cool.
I was twelve: How I wish I could be that age again! I was so innocent and life was so simple and didn't have any problems. :( Or crushes. It makes me scared to see how long I have to go before making decisions. But it's exciting. And that's life.

WELL--I have to say these poems were very well done. Almost better than Part 4. Keep on!

Maddi | Sat, 08/31/2013

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH You guys are being detectives again! (Mainly Maddi, haha). Okay, okay, okay. You win. *throws hands up in surrender* But I swear my poetry is a lot more dramatic/obsessive/insane than I am! I swear. You can ask Kass. She knows me. haha. :)

Anyway, thank you for commenting. And figuring absolutely every single poem out. (how??? hahaha) Oh, well. I don't mind! Haha. :D

Thank you guys for being awesome detectives! LOL! And readers, of course.

Edit: Sigh. I posted this AGAIN without signing in. Yikes.

P.S. I do. Have a severe case of the poetry bug, that is. :D It's alarming. Hence the title. LOL.

Madeline | Sat, 08/31/2013


Really girls, take it from me, she's not dramatic/obsessive/insane At all *wink, wink* Totally normal person... completely ordinary... actually very, incredibly boring, she hardly says much, if anything at all... she hates music, and just despises any form of creative outlet... she says it's exhausting to read... I mean, she's COMPLETELY and totally a bore :P

(love ya SSS)

Kassady | Sun, 09/01/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Wow, Kass. You sure know how

Wow, Kass. You sure know how to make me feel special. :D

Madeline | Sun, 09/01/2013


*nervously laughs and scoots further from you so that you don't punch me in the arm but you do it anyways and my arm falls off... again*

Kassady | Sun, 09/01/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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