Collection of Short Poems

A Poem By Madeline // 2/5/2012

The race is faster, faster still
I run for life, for live I will
And if they dare to hold me back
I’ll fight them and pick up their slack

... And even though it has no hope
I promised myself I’d not let go
Which means I’ll have to say goodbye
I have to for a better life

These words, they can’t be taken back
They’ll haunt the one who heard them
You spoke too soon, judged too hasty
Now a life is ruined

Watch your words, for they have power
More so than a kick
Over time, a wound can heal
But words; they sit and sit

This little girl was led on
She cries upon her bed
A young heart has been broken
And now it’s filled with dread

Are you happy that you did this?
You whispered silly lies
And though you might be old enough
Her youth is sacrificed

Enjoy!! Comment your favorite one. :)


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