Fall Poems - Three

A Poem By Madeline // 9/29/2014


Stuck in a cycle of constant complacency
Set in my ways to do nothing but stay
Do nothing to further intellectual integrity
I want out of it but I think that it's best
Now, anyway
I ought naught to feel guilty
For just wanting to read
For lying around filling holes in my brain
With good books and attitudes
That depict it as easy
To accomplish every whim
Rather than to keep them so staid
The correlation between the two
To say and to do
Is not lost on me
But I think that to choose
One or the other
Would be far too constrained
So for right now I'll pretend
Not to feel so restless
And keep waiting
For something
To cling to
In wait


Set in an auditorium
The seats fill with people
I'm nervous as it climbs
Gets to the peak of conversation
And I almost don't do it
But I think
When will I get this chance
I may not
And for that
I find myself
Raising my hand

Q&A 2

I'm not always so brave
You know
I have fears, too
I don't want all eyes to be
Turned to me
In the room
Unless I can be sure
With absolute certainty
They all are ready
To hear me speak
And won't shake their heads
Or silently think
To themselves
She's so this
Or she's just so that
I want validation
I want to know that
I'm wanted wherever
I want to be
And whether that's too much to ask
I'm starting to believe
Is yes


It's so funny
How with it up
I was constantly
Having to touch
The crown of my head
Smoothing my bangs
My voice was too piercing but
As we stood
And I pulled it down I felt
Like I was sound
Asleep in my bed
Without any fear
This warmth overtook me
I felt a sincere
Sense of confidence
Surge through me
With it brushing the tops
Of my shoulders I ran my
Fingers through it
And I now wonder how
I went with such short hair
For such a long time
That's now my shoulder-length
While I'm waiting
In line


I feel bubbly and vivacious
Quick in conversation
I lean forward with my legs splayed and
Meet her eyes for a second
We keep sharing little looks
To communicate our displeasure
With the people set around us
I believed them for a second
And my smile on my lips tastes
Wry on my tongue
I feel comfortable right now but I
Don't feel like I have won
Anything but the attention
Of my one friend in the room
I can be quick on my feet
Yes, only if I want to


Mirror's gravitational pull
Sends my eyes reeling
I twist and turn and
Tug and pull
Trying again and again to achieve
This outfit's no good but
This one makes me wider than I
Am and I wish
Standing there
For those pants that I
Mailed back to the retailer
Last year
And last night I grabbed a marker and I
Wrote my to-do list
In dry-erase black
It made me dizzy look at
From a certain angle but mostly
I liked it
I think I'll do it again


Almost frenzied in the way
She writes in her journal
Jumping back and forth
Emotion to emotion
Veering skyward only to
Plummet back to earth
With a half-sincere sentiment
Pillowed with a hastily-drawn heart
A Love, Maddie
No, I can see it now from this
Unbiased place
This new mind that I'm living in
This slightly sterner face
That anyone observing would have
Thought she was crazy
The way she went on about things
Like they mattered
Or pertained
It's so funny
That in writing
I completely change
All I remember of last year was the feeling that
Was the best it had ever been
What happened to that place?
And the craziest part--
The craziest part is--
With all my heart I can tell you
That I simply don't miss it
It's okay it didn't stay


Sometimes I have to try really hard to not
Go looking out of mild curiosity
To see what she's been up to but I
And it'd feel a little creepy
But I still find myself wondering
If she wonders about me


I really liked this set, but

I really liked this set, but related the most to Badabing. Sigh. It's my life. I also loved this part of Frenzied:
Was the best it had ever been
What happened to that place?
And the craziest part--
The craziest part is--
With all my heart I can tell you
That I simply don't miss it
It's okay it didn't stay"

I got a Mac for my birthday, which means that I have FaceTime instead of Skype now. Soooo we'll have to do that sometime this century :)

E | Mon, 09/29/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Oh these are good! And thanks

Oh these are good! And thanks for the free sponsoring in your notes ;)
My favorite was probably the first one though! Very very well done! Love, love! Can't wait for more :)

Kassady | Tue, 09/30/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


So good a read!!
Favourite bit:
"She's so this
Or she's just so that"
Hair: Same here!!
Skeptical: Oooh I am so guilty :) I really liked the flow of this one and it just so describes me in different places...yeah.
Badabing: WHY IS THIS SO TRUE?! Haha. Good words.
Elusive: My favourite :)
" And the craziest part--
The craziest part is--
With all my heart I can tell you
That I simply don't miss it
It's okay it didn't stay"
Wondering: I like :)
Great job. I really really enjoyed reading.
I adore those five lines....just so, so fitting.
Great job.

Maddi | Sun, 10/05/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


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