A Poem By Madeline // 4/14/2014

I'm imperfection and
Classy grace
I like to turn my head a
Certain way
To evoke a reaction

Standing in a half-dark room
I hope I don't seem like I'm
Latching on; it's far too soon
And a lot of the times I fear my brand of humor
Will rub off the wrong way

I'm sarcastic it's fantastic
I'll think about it later
If I stare too hard it's drastic
Everything I want a guy to be
I keep my eyes half-averted

Occasionally I'll wish
That I would speak
If they're the dog and I'm the lead
I'll pull them in quick
With a quip

And I wonder if they think I'm mean
Or just, you know, controlling
I'm strangely fine with either
Because they both comprise of me
Louisa May, I'll sail my ship

Writing songs about not knowing
Writing things about not going
Particularly anywhere and being okay
Is that the mood I'm going to adopt
In regard to everything?

I look at my reflection too much
Leaning over the sink to lip sync
Procrastinating math and eating lunch
Is how my time goes by
Oh, and finding a new book to read

Wishing to be a solid part
Moving seats to be closer
Reeling it in with subtle hints
Why don't I try harder
To get what I want?

I'm complacent and
Smiling, motivated and
Whiling the hours away
Online, reading various
Forgettable articles

But this is what I do
And what I do that's best
This counts for something accountable
I'll forget all the rest

But without it
This wouldn't be
A complete entity

But without it
I couldn't write
About the way I'm me



I love this; like I really REALLY LOVE THIS!! It's just so good. I love it, that's all I can say...every line was just so genuine. I can relate so much...yeah. Awesome job at capturing it.

Maddi | Wed, 04/16/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

I LOVE your profile picture!!

I LOVE your profile picture!! Oh my goodness--it's so cool. Did you draw that? If you did, you should totally list on it on Redbubble. ( It sells your drawings for you on stickers, t-shirts, posters, on and so forth. I'd totally be the first to buy it! It is just awesome! And if you DIDN'T draw it and I've been raving, well, where did you find it? haha!

And thank you for your comments! :)

Madeline | Wed, 04/16/2014


Thought I commented already! Sorry!
This was fabulous! So very raw and clean and clear. I loved, loved, loved your wording, the intensity of "this is who I am" in every line you wrote. Really, really well done!
Thanks for sharing this, wonderful!

Kassady | Fri, 04/18/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Sorry for being such an anti-internet-social-person...

To answer Homey's and Megan's questions, no, I didn't draw my picture. I just got it off pinterest :) I was planning to draw it myself (I'm a bit of a copy cat...) but I've had a few other drawings to finish off first.
Funny thing is, when I tried to change my picture to the one I have now, it wouldn't work. When I'm logged in, all I can see is the old pencil drawing I had done. Obviously everyone else can see the new one with the rose and the girl. Yeah, so hopefully it'll correct itself so I can see the new picture too.

Oh and Homey, have you read my new chapter of Not Perfect? Just wondering.

Maddi | Sun, 04/20/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


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