Poems by my cousin.

A Poem By Madeline // 4/13/2013

PLEASE see notes before reading the poems. They were written by my wonderful, uber-talented eight-year-old cousin, who is wise beyond her years. She would love to hear people's comments and encouragement. The notes explain everything a bit more.


People call me strange
Just because I’m not tall
People call me strange
‘Cause I don’t have good posture
People call me strange
‘Cause I get a B+
People still call me strange
I’m in a nursing home
All I do is sit around
There’s no reason to call me strange anymore


I’m addicted
To writing
I can’t stop writing
I’m like a miniature poet
I’m addicted to writing
I do it at recess
And school when I’m supposed to do math
I write all day and night
That’s my hobby


Babies are annoying
All they do is poop
And pee
And sleep
But they’re cute
If you get ‘em to calm down


What I put in my stew
Well here are my ingredients
Pepper, salt
Raspberry squeezings
Ketchup and mayonnaise
Soda and juice
A pinch of lemon squeezes
Some potatoes from the garden
You never go to the grocery store
It always comes from home


Pirates are cruel
They always drool
They belong in a cell
And I won’t tell

Peanut Butter Sandwich

A king lived in a royal castle
And all he ate was a peanut butter sandwich
He was very cruel
And all he ate was a peanut butter sandwich
The royal people asked him what he wanted for lunch
One day he took a bite of that peanut butter sandwich
He couldn’t open his mouth
He asked for the royal plumbers to come
They took their plunger and tried to open his mouth
But when they tried to open his mouth
It got tighter
They got some tools from the store
And when they got home they put it in his mouth
Well they realized they got glue
So it got way tighter
But finally a dentist came
But he wasn’t very smart
So he took out pliers
And he made a tooth get loose
So the dentist left
And all he was saying
Was nothing
But he would tell he wanted a peanut butter sandwich
But someone very smart came
A scientist
He opened his mouth
There was a little creak
And all the words he said
Make me a peanut butter sandwich

Locked in a Room

One day I was locked in a room
I told my mom to get me out of there
But she ain’t doing anything
She’s fat
All she does is sit on the couch
I was bangin’ on the door
My knuckles were bleeding
Well my laptop was in there
I thought I’d just write a little story
I was in there for about three hours
And finally my mom let me out
But when I got out
She told me to get the groceries
And that’s where I got locked in a room
And I said
I’m not taking any chances


These are Awesome!

Haha, these are great! She's eight? How, really, really, really wonderful! Very well done.
My favorite was probably the peanut butter sandwich one, hahaha! And the last. But I also thought the pirate one was cute and Babies made me laugh!
Tell FIVE STARS! Very, very good I hope she maybe... creates an account, so we can read more!

Kassady | Sun, 04/14/2013

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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