Red Balloon/In Theory/Be Me

A Poem By Madeline // 3/21/2014

Red Balloon

Turn back time
I think that I might
It's a tantalizing prospect
Getting to redo what came untied
But when it did it showed me who
You really were inside
So I think what I want
Is to lighten my tread
Relieve my balloon
Watch it burst while within
The sky and rain bits
Of red on your laugh
Concealing it from memory
It turned out like it was meant
And I wouldn't go back

In Theory

Sometimes I look at him
And it's as if
We already know each other
But if I pull away and
Lay it out against the truth
It's painstakingly clear
How things would go
I'd be unable to coerce
Enough words from my disbelieving throat
To straighten out from being bland
He might smile and reply
With a funny thing or two
He said to some other shy
Girl five minutes due
And I've heard it all before
The rehearsed, repeated lore
When the norm becomes a bore
And those girls have run their course
Then I would lean against him for a
Chaste and palpitating second
Everything would mop together
Within me beneath his arm
Though when he let go
I'd never find the gall
To turn around and proclaim
My most unrelenting love
To be politely smiled at and
Scoffed while being ushered off
The premises
In theory
I would allure
Though to carry it out
Would ruin him to me
For sure

Be Me

If I saw you
Then all would be simple
You almost don't seem real
My feelings for you are fickle
And they come and go
In breathtaking throes
Marching in tidy, uniform rows
Filled with wonderlust
Until you do something that
Makes the spectacle go bust
It's not like it was even five months ago
I don't really want you
Because I can't claim to know
Who you are
And I don't think I want to
So I can smile when you're smiling
And think about if in a passing, thoughtless second
But, you know what, you went
Out the door with every reckoning
I have made regarding you
And it's good to be free
And it's good to be me



Okay........ There are not enough words in the dictionary to express how completely and utterly in love with Red Balloon I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every single line, I poured over it intently with greedy eyes and soaked in the poem. I usually don't reread poetry to get the meanings, but I did for this set!!! Whoo! So good! Kinda cryptic in a not so cryptic way, but so well worded, written, everything!!!

The second one "in Theory" didn't make sense the first read over, then I turned off my "must relate to poem" option in my brain and the whole thing made sense and I could TOTALLY see what it was about! Very good poem! I really loved the way you expressed it!! And I've heard it all before/The rehearsed, repeated lore/When the norm becomes a bore Favorite line of this poem!

I love "Be me" too!!! It felt a lot like "in theory" but I really liked it. You have several really great pop out lines in this poem, my favorite one being:So I can smile when you're smiling/And think about if in a passing, thoughtless second

Red Balloon is still my favorite!!! All time favorite! This I could relate to and it was sooooooooo well done! Every single line and word seems to be so well thought out and placed perfectly! Trully! Love, love, love!!!! I could read this one over and over! The sky and rain bits/Of red on your laugh/Concealing it from memory this line I had to read over and over to get the meaning... I feel like there might be some word missing that makes it all read smoothly, but it's still my favorite line because I understand what you're saying!!! Love! Love! Love! "Concealing it from memory" best line ever!!!
Okay! You can stop rolling your eyes at my raving, because I'm done now!!! :P
Love this!!!

Kassady | Sun, 03/23/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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