Summer Poems - Seven

A Poem By Madeline // 7/21/2014


Walking lingering laps around
We speed up when cars slow down
Laughing and talking
About whatever comes to mind
At a bit of a loss
But that is fine
Converse on the pavement
We decide to race
Let's go uphill
You designate
I'm left in your dust
But that's okay
And we're walk walk walking
Fourth or fifth lap when
I stop and say
Is that what I think it is
You're like
We stumble away laughing
And I can't catch my breath
I say I feel crazy
We're both delirious
And I wonder aloud
Can it have that affect
When we just took a sniff?
So after tripping into something
A bit more cloying we
Head upstreet
Studiously avoiding
The guy who pulls across the road
You're saying that he follows
When I turn around
Squint at the night
You say you were kidding
And I roll my eyes
We tumble from the outside in
Head upstairs
Make some vines
That probably aren't hilarious
Which is, you know,
Still just fine
And when you leave
Even though
I'll see you next week
For those first couple of minutes I feel
Do you sometimes feel the same
For me?
You know,
I ask myself sometimes
Would we still be friends
If we weren't cousins
We're just so different
But then again
There's tons alike
Alike being which pals do not make
I smile when I'm with you
Technically I didn't choose
It was just
It was fate

Family Fare

I really don't care
with no emotion in my voice
He says I know you don't
and I wonder if he really thinks so
Under the fluorescent
I feel cold

Too Long

Occasionally I wonder what would happen if I just
Hit send
And then
Opened everything back up
The right way
The way I should have done
When I first knew
That I felt
That there was something wrong between us

Nearly Two Years

I'm feeling less attracted
I find you less alluring
As you change
Mold, shift and grow
While I remain the same
Or maybe I don't
I dunno
I just think
You're losing your effect on me
And though I've said it before
Now it feels like it's more
Than ever
That I can look at a picture
And not feel enchanted
That you can say something that
Isn't quite so transcendent
Because I'm sitting here
Thinking as I pore
I'm bemused
By you
You're not as beautiful as you
Always are
Truthfully, boy
Over whom I've obsessed
I'm kind of distressed
You look like a plain mess

Blank Slate

I like
That I live in
A perpetual state
Of little-to-no-makeup
Because some people say
They wouldn't know
How to be
Without it
Whereas I'm
(Mind you, some days)
As a blank slate

Feel Songs

The way it affects me shows me that I belong
That my skin is prickling with
Goosebumps that
I turn it up until it drowns
Everything out
be young be dope be proud
I mouth the words
I feel it now
And today standing over the sink
I heard the same words new again
In me it pulled something
Because I felt it on my legs
All over
for the first time what's past it past
For the first time I get that
I just want to immerse myself fully
In the world of music
And the people who make it
Sometimes I think
That I maybe can do it
The scary part is actually
The confidence to go through
With it

5 Minutes Later

Oh, never mind
I knew it would never last
Who am I kidding?
I already need you back


I really liked this set! THE

I really liked this set! THE LAST PART OF FAMILY FARE WAS PERFECT OMG. Favorite part of any of your poems ever. I caught your Lana reference in Feel Songs ;). Speaking of, what on earth keeps happening to your FB?? Sorry, off topic, I ADORED these.

E | Tue, 07/22/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Thank you so much! I knew you

Thank you so much! I knew you would catch the Lana reference! ;) And okay, you're gonna think I'm crazy, but I get off and then on and then off so often--and yesterday our group had a friend request from some random, creepy guy and I get paranoid and get back off. :P So I got back off. hahaha! I always like it better when I'm not on FB, so why I keep getting on...yeah, I have no idea! I definitely spoke too soon that time! (-_-) I ought to come with a disclaimer. Warning: if you accept this girl's friend request, we cannot guarantee that she will be on your list tomorrow as she is a sporadic Facebook leaver. ;D

Madeline | Wed, 07/23/2014

I've been meaning to comment

I've been meaning to comment but haven't found the time until now. These are really... Just... The best!!!!! Seriously! Each one is full of greatness!!! Love, love love!!!!!
Each one is sooo goooooooood but I would say my favorite is "Nearly Two Years", the last few lines are PERFECT!!!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY THE BEST EVER, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Okay you know how you felt about my last poem? Yeah, like that's how much I love it!!!
These are great! Thank you for sharing and for promoting my work girlfreend ;)
Keep on posting these!!! So good!!!

Kassady | Thu, 07/24/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


This set was really really good!! I enjoyed reading them, they're not all of the same mood kind of thing, like different in the subjects, which is good. Yep.
Eleven-Thirty: Okay, so this one was my favourite. Absolute favourite. Really well done!!
Family Fare: Kinda sad and sends a chill.
Too Long: Nice mood/vibe, the end line is a thought jerker for me. Relate to that one a bit, I think.
Nearly Two Years: Awww. I liked this one too; just something about this was relateable and I like the rhythm.
"Truthfully, boy"
Black Slate: Glad you feel that way. At least there are some people who don't put five pounds of makeup on everyday! For me I guess I don't use much just enough mascara and stuff to make me look okay.
Feel Songs: Interesting, I feel the same way sometimes. Just a little. I didn't Really get the Lana Del Ray songs because I don't listen her but that's a cool idea of putting in the song lyrics. I might use that :)
5 Minutes Later: Cute. I know the feeling.

Great set, my dear. Always good to read your writing.

Maddi | Sat, 07/26/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Thank you, lovelies!

Emulating a British person...but that's okay! ;) haha!

Kassady--Thank you!! :) I'm always excited to get your comments. :D

Maddi--Aw, thank you so much! Yeah, I don't usually have a continuous mood or feeling in them because I write them at different times, usually about pretty different things, and some of these are of instances that happened a few weeks ago, others days, the first one as recent as last week. :P So it changes.

Thank you! I love that everyone's favorite is different. I don't know why, but I find that so cool.

I'm definitely not a five-pounds-of-makeup person, but it's okay if there's people who are. Whatever makes you feel good. With me, I just feel better without it (although most days I do use mascara). Kinda look like a costumey with eyeliner, which is unfortunate. haha!

Yeah, you should try it! And ahh, I looooove Lana Del Rey. It's the strangest thing, because I have no idea why. LOL! Some of her songs are testier than others, but I just try to stick with what resonates with me, and the song I mentioned in it is probably my favorite. :)

Thanks for your comment! Like I said: eeeeee!! Maddi's back! Name-twins!

Madeline | Sat, 07/26/2014


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