Summer Poems - Six

A Poem By Madeline // 7/7/2014


Even though I tease
There's still the feeling in the breeze
The taste of water that I drink
now, your reflection ripples in it

We do share something that's the same
You and I, we both have changed
But I can't make it go away
yet, even though you're different

You're not as good as you were before
There's just so much I should abhor
Based on past preference, but I want more
of you, so please don't listen

You're beautiful, you are
But this must end more near than far
I've tried to reach you, but it's hard
right now, I'll come back to you


- - -


Bursts of golden spirals in the sky
Outside the car window lies the flat night
Surprising itself with blotches of color
Assertive pines
Pops and sparks
Flashes of life
I think about that
A year from today
And a month (it's not much)
And then twenty-one days
I will be able to do exactly as I please
But what does this entail?
How does it apply to me?
Celebrating freedom and not so far from mine
Though it's been granted early, I see
I'm lucky in that design
I just
I want
To come back and back and back
To feel like it stretches out forever
(I want whiplash)
Only for it to be snapped into place
On the last night
With glow sticks on wrists and a heart
That easily excites
I want to feel the bittersweet happiness
That contented goodbyes bring
Because I want to believe
That I'll be saying hi
A year from now
With an even greater life

- - -

Lash Out

Last out
So fast
To tear down
What lies around
And incenses me
Lash out
So fast
Strike a match
And set the anger smoking
Even I loose it sometimes
Lash out
So fast
I should just let it go
I guess the reason I fire back is since
I know I won't

- - -

The Taken-Girl Blues

I want to sing
The taken-girl blues
I want to be
Somebody to you
I want temple kisses
Quick grazes and stares
An unguarded smile
To be shown that you care
Possessive, aggressive
Toward anyone unkind
Romantically portrayed
And I can see why
If you'd be that way, I
Would love it as well
Oh, I'm independent
Sarcastic as ****
But I'm a girl who likes blues
And the taken kind tell
Me a story that I
Know that I find ideal
Know that I'd like to live
Sing it with me now, oh
Sing about how
Oh, she's taken, she's taken
She's taken by him
Oh, she's taken
So taken
She's not hers to give

- - -

Eleven Minutes

all I know is this omen
from there to then is eleven minutes
that's all it would take for me to get it
and the steeling of my propensity to some nervousness


Ooh, these are good! I read

Ooh, these are good!
I read the first poem Later probably three to four times. It confused me, well... I guess it did because I was trying to interrupt it, and I couldn't. The rhythm is wonderful, it flows very nicely... eloquently ;P "But this must end more near than far/I've tried to reach you, but it's hard" Probably my favorite line.
Sparklers I think has less rhythm to it, but at least I knew the back story... kind of to it, or at least I guessed. I do like the sentiment it had, and these lines stood out to me most: "That contented goodbyes bring/Because I want to believe/That I'll be saying hi/A year from now/With an even greater life"
Lash Out Didn't make much sense to me, but I still like it.
The Taken-Girl Blues I LOVE THIS POEM! Definitely my favorite of the bunch! Love, love, love, love, love!!! "I want temple kisses/Quick grazes and stares" Beautiful! I don't know exactly why out of all these really great poems this one is my favorite, but I just adore it! The rhythm is great, wording, story :D LOVE!
Eleven Minutes Really loved the wording on this one, the tense anxiety of it... if that makes sense. Love!
A great batch of poetry, and I definitely understand why happy with them. Very good!
Thanks for sharing! Loved!

Kassady | Mon, 07/07/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

These are great! They all had

These are great! They all had THE BEST rhythm. They each had their own sort of melodic feel. I ADORED Later and Sparklers. I also loved the last line of Eleven Minutes for some reason-"and the steeling of my propensity to some nervousness". Propensity is one of my favorite words, haha. Great job!

E | Tue, 07/08/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

These are great! They all had

SORRY double post :) my computer was being slow haha.

E | Tue, 07/08/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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