A Poem By Madeline // 8/6/2015

I don't know if this will ever
Float away
I think it does and look down
And find
A length of twine is tied
Around my wrist
The knot refuses
To relent
I try to pull it past
My knuckles--straining white
The blood flow cut off
By the embrace
I try to
With my teeth
Get it off
Off of me
Let it go
Someone else's
Flighty dream
But it
It won't
And it stings
When I think
I'm free
And then
In my peripheral
I catch a glimpse
Am drawn back in
And left
To the string


I love this! The sense of

I love this! The sense of urgency is intriguing.

E | Tue, 08/11/2015

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Oh wow

Homey (hello, again!) this is so good. I felt it was SO dark, actually. Like hidden meanings. "Riptide" by Vance Joy happened to come onto the radio playlist as I was reading. It was very fitting...great job! I have often felt tied down without anyway to get loose.

Maddi | Thu, 09/10/2015

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


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