Truth or Dare: Homeschool Style

An Essay By Madeline // 11/1/2012

Written by yours truly, and the amazing Kassady!!!

Homey's Intro

Want to play a rousing game of truth or dare that's homeschooler friendly? The automated games out there today are either too boring, irrelevant, or filled with romance. Blah! (We're having none of that, nope. We're gonna be old spinsters before it's over). Anywho...Kassady and I have come up with a brilliant game. HOMESCHOOL truth or dare! Can you believe it? So, sit back, and get ready to play with your friends. It'll challenge you in a wholesome, organic, totally appropriate way. (Not).

Note: These are all purely for fun. Some of them can be done, and others, if you have good judgment, are just for fun and should not be attempted at all.

Dare: This isn't gonna be easy. In fact, it may just be the hardest thing you'll ever do. But it's time to face your fears. Go outside, walk up to somebody, say hello, and ACTUALLY LOOK THEM IN THE EYE. I know, I know. Then run for your life, because stranger-danger is important to be aware of. Lets just hope you don't get kidnapped and/or scarred for life in the process. -Homey

Truth: Have you ever locked your brother/sister in the closet, once? Just once... common, tell the truth! Not even a little closet with no lock? I mean... I guess then it wouldn't be “locking” them in per say, but I guess sitting in front of the door screaming “FOR NARNIA AND FOR ASLAND!” could be considered locking. -Kassady

Dare: Kiss a boy/girl, depending on who you are. Haha, kidding. Maybe. No, really, I am. Were you scared there for a sec? I bet you were. I bet you felt like crying/dying/sighing or...blushing. Though it doesn't have quite the same ring to it once you add blushing. But really, this dare of all dares dares you I LOVE DORA on a piece of paper, and go tape it on a gullible family member's back. But not a four year old baby brother, because it wouldn't be as funny. Let's say an annoying teenage brother. You know how it works. Go in for the hug...he'll be so dumfounded at your show of affection, he won't even feel it when you slap that baby on to his back. And it'll be a great conversation-starter. -Homey

Truth: Now let's be honest, have you ever talked... don, don, don to a real life public-schooler face to face? I know it sounds ghastly... even though you might have a public-schooled friend...but they don't count. I mean like the public-schooler you scorn frequently, the ones that are totally engrossed in their texting in hoodies and baggy pants. -Kassady

Truth: Let's get it all out on the table and be real. There isn't any room for keeping secrets. It is time to be real. Which I already said. (By now, you're probably scared out of your mind. Oh my goodness, is she going to make me talk about the time I accidentally watched The Bachelor? It was an accident, I swear! I didn't mean anything by it and I totally disagreed with the morals). If you don't know what the Bachelor is, good for you. If you do, I feel quite sorry for you. But I've never really watched it, so I can't say I know what it is, either. Just like, when a guy picks who he's going to marry from, like, ten or so girls. Ack! Off, track, off track. But anyway, what's one thing you've rebelled against? Come on, there has to be a time when you weren't perfect.'re homeschooled, so you probably are, but never the matter! Be open, be honest, be truthful. It's time to get that guilt off your chest! Did you steal a candy bar from a sibling? Shoplift a free book from a rummage sage? I mean, it was free, but it still weighed on your conscience. You didn't even think to ask! Or did you read the first page of Twilight even though you weren't really supposed to. (I mean, you learned your lesson. My goodness that was boring!) BUT anyways, there must be something. Spill! And sorry for rambling. -Homey

Dare: I dare you to....ugh... um...TEXT! Ha, got you there, didn't I? No really... pick up your mom's phone and text a few text-talk lines...abandon grammar and spelling errors, though it's painful, a dare is a dare! -Kassady

Kassady's Exit-Intro Type of Thing

So, now that we've scared you half to death, and maybe all the way to death, it's your turn. I dare you to play Truth or Dare Homeschool style. Let us know if you really do any of the dares/truths :P


This is a truth... I read

This is a truth...
I read twilight.
As in, the whole novel.
More like, three chapters.

Flying Past Clouds | Thu, 11/01/2012


This was awesome! Hysterical :D And no, I did NOT talk to public schoolers when I was a homeschooler. (Saving a few sentences.) Embarrassment of my life - and neighbors didn't count.

Sarah Bethany | Sat, 11/03/2012

Thank you both! :) Flying

Thank you both! :)

Flying Past Clouds--LOL!!! I actually love Twilight, but it's so easy to make fun of. And silly. But I totally take it seriously, too. It's an odd combination! Thanks for reading.

Sarah Bethany--Hahaha. Thank you. Crazy things happen with Kassady and I team up to write something. So you didn't talk to public schoolers? I was one on and off for a few years but now it's almost like they're intimidating. I put them all (minus a few I know to be good) into a stereotype/category. Hehe. But I'm sure I'm just as scary to them. It goes both ways. So when they see me coming they're like, "RED ALERT! WEIRDO HOMESCHOOLER!" While I'm like, "Quick! Shield your eyes. If they look into them, they'll hypnotize you." Haha. (No offense to "public schoolers". This is all in fun! And I'll be the first to admit homeschoolers are just as strange. And also no offense to homeschoolers. *sigh*).

So. This is a good example of how a simple comment can turn into novel length with me. x)

Madeline | Sun, 11/04/2012

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Novel-length comments are awesome :D

Nope, barely talked to Them, lol. I stereotyped them and was scared stiff by them! But it was a two-way street: I don't know who was reacting to whom, because when I was in groups settings (religious education classes or Driver's Ed.), I felt ostracized, too. Like, blatantly: the girls would form their tight little circles, backs facing out, and I couldn't get in even to attempt to talk! I also more figuratively was on the "outside" because I didn't know about popular bands, movies, or how to dress. Oh, man, it was a world I was terrified of! :D

Sarah Bethany | Sun, 11/04/2012

Haha, this was hilarious!!

Haha, this was hilarious!!

Actually, I'VE been locked in the wardrobe. By little siblings.... And of course I have talked to a public schooler!! Friends, sports and all sorts of other things. It is really embarrassing when they talk about the latest bands or songs. 'Cos usually I don't have a clue what they're talking about!! And I'm basically always on the outside when playing sport with girls (guys are a different story) because I'm not "normal". Normal is so overated!!

And hey, I text in my hoodies and baggy pants (we call them trackies or tracksuit pants)!!

Maddi | Tue, 11/13/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Sarah Bethany--Sorry it's

Sarah Bethany--Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! But I know exactly what you mean. I sort of had that problem at Youth Group. It was weird. I became good friends with this one girl for a while, but it was kind of difficult to talk to the others. Maybe it's me...I always feel so much more at ease talking to homeschoolers, though. Which is bizarre!

Maddi--LOLOLOL!!!! Little siblings can be quite dangerous when they team up against you. x) LOL! Well, I congratulate you on being able to text. (No, seriously). I'm horrible at it. (-_-)

Madeline | Wed, 11/14/2012

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


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