An Essay By Madeline // 3/30/2012

Things you are feeling right now: 

Frustrated. Angry. Surprised. Extremely Frustrated. Like I-Should-Say-Something. Like I-Won't-Say-Anything. Vent-ish. Ticked off. Like They-Are-So-Rude. So Extremely Frustrated. Like I-Need-To-Talk-To-Her. Like They-Don't-Understand-Constructive-Critisim. Like We-Shouldn't-Do-This-Again. Dramatic. Rainy. Like Oh-Well-I'll-Wait-And-See. Extremely extremely frustrated.

People don't understand...they don't think. They can be spiteful. They can be rude without really even meaning to. Sometimes they can be purposefully mean and then pretend they weren't. Sometimes they can be narrow minded. Sometimes they can be, well, unfair. Sometimes what they do goes unnoticied by silent witnesses who don't want to cause trouble. Sometimes they are noticed, and action is taken. Sometimes action is taken when they really didn't mean it. Sometimes they get off easy. Sometimes you know you shouldn't be the angry ones, but you are. Sometimes you wonder how the other person will feel.

This is one of those times.

And you know that you won't say anything to them. You know that the person will probably find out, too, but they might not say anything. So you won't bring it up. You'll stay quiet until they do. You'll mention it to one other person and maybe someone close to you, then you'll just close your mouth and hope they don't see it, while hoping they do. It's a weird mix. And you know it won't bother them. They'll roll their eyes and smile while you sit in the sidelines, silently fuming. But you're glad they won't mind. It makes it better.


Hi guys! LOL! Can you relate to this at all? Have you ever felt this way? Thoughts??



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