Winter Poems - 1

A Poem By Madeline // 12/12/2014

Goes Dark

You know, you know
By now I don't need you
I do, I do
I know this is true
I was thinking, start thinking
About back in those days
They feel ultra cloudy
Like we lived in a haze
For a time
And I realize
You weren't going to stay
It doesn't even feel like you
Could have
Even if you'd leaned toward
Forgiving me
If you'd wanted to
For a while after it happened
I would have
Forgiven you
For forsaking me the reasons to be

This permanence is
Sinking in
And I don't want to pursue
What was waiting
To be burned out

One Day

I'm almost crying
Out of the sheer joy
The organic happy
That intertwines
With my wrists
And my excitement
Three venues
Next year
I'll cheer with the crowd
Subsequently imagining
Myself up there
Hearing my own lyrics
Reflected at me
Just as loud

Pull Through

When you realize
There is nothing wrong
When you realize
That anxiety over being
Unprepared is nothing
Compared to what some
Are going through
And everything falls into the foreground
Becomes insignificant
In comparison
Because you were worried yesterday
And laughing
And sipping tea
And closing your eyes and wishing
For this to be through
But look at all the opportunities afforded to you
While some have to battle with
Every single day
And all they can do is pray
And hope some sense is made
Out of the chronic disorder
And there you sit
On a couch
Sipping coffee
Watching videos
And all the sudden
You realize
Just how blessed
You are

November 27

Our teary eyes met
We both laughed again
A repeat of last time
The emotions are killing us
All I can manage is
A simple
I'm thankful for you all
Thankful to be here
And I am
Trying not to cry
(We're both wearing mascara)
With you


It's a sad place with
Possibly fake hardwood
I can't tell
We have to keep our voices down
We shuffle into a room
Both are bedridden
One, condemned to stare at the ceiling
I give her a glance and
Our eyes do not meet
Through the curtain
Separated by the divide
She is propped up on pillows
She's smiling so wide
Her eyes go soft as we
Start to sing
Her fingers tap a beat
Onto her stomach
Afterward I
Compliment her on her rings
I want to give her a hug but I
Think that might be
Too forward
And plus
I don't want her to get ill
Instead I squeeze her hand
As we leave
She says thank you
She this this means
A lot to her
We don't even know
But I can see
And though it's fuzzy in memory
I think I might have said
It's meant a lot to me

Fifteen Minutes

It's not a bed of roses
Having to wait so long between visits
But when we're together we pick right back up
I always have some best times with you
And I look forward to the day
When we can meet halfway
On our own, on a whim
Have the freedom to do
And I don't know where either of us will go
Whether we'll be closer or maybe even
Further away
But I've no doubt if we're
Even a country apart
It'll all somehow feel the same
As when you lived
Ten short minutes away


This growing-up thing is
Not for the birds
Though it hasn't sunk in yet that I'm
Reaching the brink
Of living at home and
Pestering my siblings
When did this happen?
I remember being so young
And now here I am
Starting to do more stuff
On my own
How do people cope
With the brunt of it all?
I guess I'll see soon enough
In a couple of
Though I've no date stamped
No time or a place
I know I'll have to explore the world

Gold on the Couch

Your compliments
Are sweet
And I think
Just as highly of
You two
Sitting here and smiling


Lovely, simply lovely! I mus

Lovely, simply lovely! I must say that I really loved all of them, not sure if I could pick a favorite. :) But I think that if I did it would be "Pull Through".
Favorite lines?
"But look at all the opportunities afforded to you
While some have to battle with
Every single day
And all they can do is pray
And hope some sense is made
Out of the chronic disorder
And there you sit
On a couch
Sipping coffee
Watching videos
And all the sudden
You realize
Just how blessed
You are"

Damaris Ann | Fri, 12/12/2014

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

These are great! I love

These are great! I love Leaves. It just set in that I only have one semester left of high school, so I had a major "holysweetmotherofgodwherehastimegone" moment. I loved the last section of Goes Dark. November 27 had really great imagery. I could see it all playing out really clearly. Great set!

E | Fri, 12/12/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


Awesome winter collection! My favorite was 'Pull Through' - right when I read it, my brain and heart slowed down and relaxed. Good writing, if you're able to make that happen. ;)
Also - did you get some kind of music gig for 2015? Congratulations if you have!!
Edit: Oh, I think I read that wrong. Three venues, but you'll imagine yourself up there. Awesome dream, still!! Right when I saw that, I thought, "Yeah, she'd be a good lyric-writer." :D

Sarah Bethany | Fri, 12/12/2014

I'm sorry I forgot to

I'm sorry I forgot to comment! These are absolutely wonderful! My favorite set probably and I adore each one!

Kassady | Sat, 12/13/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Thank you all! Damari--Thank

Thank you all!

Damari--Thank you for commenting! I'm so glad you liked that one. :)

Erin--Thanks so much! I love your comments! :D

Sarah Bethany--Aw, thank you! I wish! :P I guess I need to make that happen for myself if I want it. I have written some lyrics before, actually, and I just peroformed one of my own songs at a recital. :) Here's the video, if anyone is interested: (skip to minute 1:40 to hear the original; I played a piano piece first). I did also have a wedding that I just played in last weekend, so a lot of the poems have been about that--the nervousness, and stuff. Thanks again!

Kass--Aw, thank you! <3 <3

Madeline | Tue, 12/16/2014

You have GOT to be kidding me. O.o

I wasn't sure if you meant you wrote it, so I actually Googled "Long Way Round" just to see if you were doing a cover. And nope, it's yours.




Get your music out there. DO IT.

Okay, sorry, I'm over-excited, but I'm listening to this again. Multiple times. It's - stunning. Gorgeous. Musically, vocally, lyrically.

And did you compose the first piano piece, too?!! Oh, my gosh, I'm dying. Beautiful as a rose. You could be a soundtrack composer, come out with a CD, be on the radio - anything you wanted. The world is open to you; it's all your stage.

"I guess you take the long way round...." Now this is going to be flipping stuck in my head. It's being nominated as my looping 'writing music' for tonight :)

--Okay, wait, no, I have to add one more thing. Your voice. Your voice - it's so much. Holds so much emotion, but can be velvety, too. Clear, easy range, mature, bell-like, but rich at times. It's obviously your own and unique, but I can also see you firmly in place shoulder-to-shoulder with current singers. Ahem, so to end: a song (and voice) full of sweetness and longing. I LOVE IT.

Sarah Bethany | Fri, 12/19/2014

Yeah, Homey, I forget if I've

Yeah, Homey, I forget if I've told you this, but Long Way Round legitimately gets stuck in my head sometimes. Haha. Get it girl!

E | Fri, 12/19/2014

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

Thank you SO much! That had

Thank you SO much! That had me so excited I was jumping up and down. I can't believe you liked it that well. :) I'm sooooo happy! Thank you for all your lovely compliments as well!

The first song, "Kiss the Rain", is written by Yiruma. It's beautiful, isn't it? It was one of the songs I was playing in the wedding. I added a credit to him in the video title since I realized I hadn't done that.

The second song is mine! I so want to pursue music and your comment had made my day! I love writing lyrics--that's undoubtedly my favorite thing to write. Anyway, I can't begin to express my gratitude at your lovely comment! It was so, so appreciated.

Madeline | Fri, 12/19/2014

Aw, Erin! Okay, guys, I am

Aw, Erin! Okay, guys, I am grinning SO BIG right now it's scary!! You guys are the absolute best! I have no doubt that I would not be able to write like I do today (and I'm not saying I'm a great writer at ALL, just that I'm much better than I used to be) without the help of you guys. You've been such inspirations! Thank you!

Madeline | Fri, 12/19/2014

Can't wait to say, "I know that girl" :D

Hah! I love Yiruma! I took piano lessons for five years, and his "River Flows in You" is the ONLY song I can play now. (No joke.)

....I don't know what number I'm on of times I've listened to "Long Way Round" now, haha. If I had an MP3 file I would add it to a playlist!

-- And, em, you ARE a great writer. :D

Sarah Bethany | Fri, 12/19/2014

Kiss the Rain is the first

Kiss the Rain is the first thing of his I've heard! I thought it was beautiful, though. I'm not a good note-reader by any standards, so I literally had to write all the notes out! I did the first page and a half twice over and it took me a month...(see? not exaggerating!) Singing/playing for myself comes a lot more naturally! That's fantastic you took lessons for five years! Did you ever get into chords? That's what I usually do for the songs where I sing.

Aw, thank you! That is SUCH a compliment to me!

Madeline | Fri, 12/19/2014

Interesting -

- that singing/playing comes more naturally to you. I learned chords but didn't attempt to utilize them, haha - I just studied classical music. I think the interest wasn't there, though, because none of it stuck. Maybe one day I'll get a piano and fool around with it more. :) I could imagine just enjoying making up my own things...

Anyway, thanks again for posting that x Literally had it stuck in my head tonight, even as I went to bed :P

Sarah Bethany | Sat, 12/20/2014


Please tell me you patented or copyrighted your song?! You font want anyone stealing it! I love sound a bit like Taylor Swift in what your voice can's crystal clear, and the whole song flowed way WAAAAYY better than any covers of yours! (Beware, I think this is turning into a long comment).
Isn't that funny that singing and playing comes naturally? I play guitar now, but I couldn't get strumming patterns down pat without concentrating really hard, let only singing....completely turned me off! Now, I find it difficult to learn a song WITHOUT singing, so figure that, haha!
And now I have your song in my head.
Right, now for the actual poems (which I promised myself I would read and comment on them before Christmas, so here I am finally...its only three sleeps!)
Goes Dark: Okay, so as soon as I started reading it turned into lyrics and a song straight away...kind of like a oneD song. It's beautiful!!
Pull Through: "And laughing
And sipping tea" I LOVE THAT!
November 27th: Aww, I just felt my own feels for that one :)
Caroling: That's lovely, it truly is.
Fifteen minutes: Yes, yes! I identify with that one!
Leaves: Why did you have to remind me?! "Not for the birds" oh that line is killing me.
Gold one: sweet :)
Okay, so now I should stop but when I get round to it I will be subscribing to both your channels!

Maddi | Sun, 12/21/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Aw, thank you! Such a nice

Aw, thank you! Such a nice comment! <3 Well, the video's privacy is currently set on unlisted--only people who have the link are able to view it, and I've been selective as to whom I've shared it with. :) I have the same fears as you regarding original songs! I need to put a copyright statement in the description, though--thanks for reminding me!

I'm much more comfortable singing my own songs, yeah. Obviously, singing other songs is what got me started, but I really just feel so at home singing something I've written myself. :) Plus, the covers I've uploaded to my Maddie Sings channel...none of them I've been 100% happy yet. I swear, I do my best singing and playing when I don't have the pressure of a camera. Figures! haha!

I think the addition of singing really helps with rhythm and whatnot! That's great you play guitar...I've wanted to learn it in the past. My brother is at the moment! It's a neat instrument.

Thank you for all the comments on my poems as well! It's so appreciated, Maddi!

Madeline | Sun, 12/21/2014

I wanted you to know -

- that I still come on here to find your link to listen to your song! :)

Sarah Bethany | Sun, 01/18/2015

Aw, thank you!! That means so

Aw, thank you!! That means so much to me! You have no idea! I'm hoping to post a few more originals on my channel, and if any of you are ever interested, feedback and critiques are SO welcomed! I may link them here, when I do. Seriously, thank you SO much, Sarah Bethany!

Madeline | Mon, 01/19/2015


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