This Final Toast Goes to You, Dear Friends

An Essay By I am Nate-Dude // 9/17/2010


 The battle was in their favor, until their leader left them. They knew they would all most likely die fighting.
That is how I feel about the closing of Apricotpie’s grand door. I do think that there is another way to keep it alive, (but it won’t be easy without Ben). It really is worse than the loss of my dear cat. Anyway I just thought I’d better say good bye just in case it dose close. Thank you to all of you who have read my posts, laughed with me, put up with me, shut me up when I was being an idiot, and let me read your masterpieces. I can say that you have all made me a better writer, and made this world a better place.  


Thank you

 I'll miss you too, Nate.

Unless something can be done to save our civilization...

James | Mon, 09/20/2010

"The idea that we should approach science without a philosophy is itself a philosophy... and a bad one, because it is self-refuting." -- Dr. Jason Lisle


Oh my dear goodness, I wanted to weep when I read this!!!

But then I danced for joy! We're still here. Yay for James :)

Ariel | Mon, 12/13/2010

"To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it." -- Herman Melville