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An Essay By I am Nate-Dude // 10/7/2009


If you have a Wii then I have some really good news for you! Before I tell you it though let me give my intro…
Welcome to Nate-Dude’s first video game review! I’ll review a game and if it is really good, I’ll give it an award! I’ll be brief, since all of you probably don’t play video games (or you may not want to fork over the money).  
Wii want to play some sports!
Don’t you just love Wii sports? Playing video games and getting exercise at the same time! Well now there’s a sort of sequel….
Good News: Your mii as invited you to go on a vacation with him!!! Chill in the sun in the new game, Wii Sports Resort. Your mii and you will fly to the lovely Wuhu Island to wakeboard, Jet Ski, sky dive, bike, fence, and row through 12 fun and new games.
Shake it!
This game is a blast! Amazing games and fun controls keep you on the go. In fact, you may have a hard time stopping, which is a bad thing. Fortunately every-once-in-a-while the game kindly asks “Why not take break?” At this point you might really need one. This game severs hungry players a good workout. You try do wow judges with amazing tricks on a wakeboard, save Wuhu Island from invaders, bowl a strike, slam dunk, peddle around the Island, and so on. All games are motion controlled. 
He’s doing good, doing good…oh! Wipeout!
This game is expensive. That’s because you can’t play it without the “super accurate” Wii Motion Plus it comes with. Also, some games require two of the Motion pluses to play two player (you can share a remote on some games). As for anything unpleasant? Nothing. Fencing is never too violent. You fight on a huge platform over water and try to knock you opponent off it. It’s really quite funny.  Then you can fight in 50 to 1 battles (you’re the 1. Good luck) which are a (painless) blast. You smack the heck out of the attackers (and vies versa) but no one is ever hurt.
And the Gold metal goes to whom?
So why did I write this? I don’t except to buy this game just because I (and my family) love it. Well, I guess this will kind of let you get to know me better. Pretty pointless, but I did enjoy writing this.
Any way, as for the question “The gold metal goes to whom?” The answer is:
To this game! It wins a Nate-D award!  


I saw this on the internet

I saw this on the internet the other day...it looked really fun! Now I know just how fun it was :) Did you guys rent it or something? Thanks for the review!

Ariel | Mon, 10/19/2009

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Nah, wii don't rent games. I

Nah, wii don't rent games. I might try that sometime though.

I am Nate-Dude | Tue, 10/20/2009


oh and thanks! :)

oh and thanks! :)

I am Nate-Dude | Tue, 10/20/2009



My grandparents got my family a Wii last year for Christmas--none of us kids wanted one because it wasn't a "traditionally-controlled" video console. But we soon figured out it was a blast! We all love that it's so interactive and really, bowling on the Wii is pretty close to the real deal. We've had tons of fun with it, including getting a blackmail video of my sister trying to play on the balance games. :0)

Heather | Wed, 10/28/2009

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Wii have a Wii...

But Wii don't use it very often anymore. :P

We also have the Resort Game. Reading this made me realize that I forgot that I loved it. Right now we're going through an Xbox phase. Well, my brothers are. ;D Anyway....

Good essay. LOL! 

Madeline | Sun, 11/06/2011


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