I often ask myself, by Katie P.

An Essay By Anonymous // 11/21/2001

I often ask myself the same question over and over again.

Why does it seem that everyone in the world is in such a big hurry all the time? If you look around you wont see anybody bending down to smell a flower just because, and when your at a art show you hardly see anybody really look and study the paintings they just quickly glance at them. But what you can see is a teacher scolding a child because he did not walk fast enough from the playground after recess. As I look around me I feel so proud that I am homeschooled, that I can work at my own pace, smell all the flowers I want and take as long as I want doing it, and I can study each painting I see at a art show without being rushed. Wouldn't the world be calmer if we just took a little time out of our daily schedule to do something we liked doing and would it not be great if we could do it without being rushed, if we could just take our time.

age: 13-16


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