In the Way of the Lord, Karla H.

A Poem By Anonymous // 10/8/2003

In the way of the Lord
We will stand together
Through trials and fears
We forge through the weather
The strength of the Lord is ours
In Him we will persevere
In Jesus' name the devil cowers
So we lift up this land
In the name of our God

Together in Christ we stand
To fight for what is ours
Burning the Fire
The Fire burning
The Fire of Truth devours the land
Raging, cleansing
The kingdom of darkness is falling
And we can taste our victory!

Our hearts hold the burden
To live the Truth for all to see
We go into battle
To fight the enemy
To claim back our cities, our provinces
Our country
In the name of Jesus, Anointed One
In Him our strength and hope is found
In Him our victory is won!


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