Lost in Time, Part 1

Fiction By Jackie West // 4/20/2010

                          ~The first book in the series, Journeys of the Unsupervised~


"I told you we were lost," Karay complained, clearly annoyed.

  "You're the nature geek. Use the moss on trees, or the position of the sun in the sky, or something like that, so we can go back to our group," Alex shot back.

  "You're the technological geek," Gemima said, expertly twirling her quarterstaff. "Go find a junk heap and build a transprter so we can get back."

  "Well, according to my calculations," Karay cut in, "we were walking south on the trail, and moss grows on the south side of trees, so we should go that way." She pointed westward.

  "But we just came from that direction, smarty pants," Alex groaned.

  Gemima pointed to a tree. "Does anybody recognize that tree? I though we passed it five minutes ago. See the marker I tied to it?"

  "Great, now we're going in circles," Alex moaned.

  "Wait, that tree just changed," Karay said.

  "You're hallucinating," Alex said, rolling his eyes.

  "It changed from birch to oak," Karay added..

  "Now you're crazy," Alex said dramatically, pressing the palm of his hand to his forehead. "Oh, no, we'll have to end our best friend to an asylum."

  "Woe to us," Gemima retorted, rolling her eyes.

  Alex fished around in his pocket. "I might have something that could help us, like a compass." He pulled out an ipod. "Aha! Just what I need."

  "Yeah, just what you need," Karay said.

  Alex ignored her and put in his earbuds. "Have I ever told you how an ipod works? It goes like this-"

  "Oh, no!" Gemima and Karay covered their ears. "Here he goes again!"

  They stayed quiet, covering their ears, until Alex got the hint, so he din't get very far in his explanation.

  The trio sat down on some rocks, deciding to have their lunch, and to discuss their situation.

  "Are you certain that the birch tree changed?" Alex inquired, looking at Karay.

  "I'm positive," Karay replied, biting into her sandwich.

  "You know, I think I'm starting to believe you," Alex said nervously. "wha do you think, Gem-Gemima? Where's Gemima?"

  Just then, the end of Gemima's quarterstaff prodded him in the stomach. "Right here, you goof!"

  Alex jumped. "Whoa, Gemima! Where are you?"

  "I don't know, but it looks cool. Come on!" Gemima called.

  Alex and Karay looked at each other and shrugged. They packed away the remains of their lunches, and passed the birch changed oak tree.

  "What on earth?!" Alex jumped. "What happened?"

  "I don't know,, but whatever happened is the best thing that's ever happened to me," Gemima said. " I must say, though, whoever did this sure does have a poor sense of style. Look at your clothes!"

  Alex looked and gaped. "What?! I'm in colonial clothes!"

  "Nice hairdo," Karay added, laughing.

  Alex touched the back of his head. "What?!?! A ponytail?! You've got to be kidding me!"

  "Looks as if we're all dressed like colonial boys," Gemima put in.

  "What is going on?" Alex asked.

  "Let's ask him." Karay pointed to a man who was walking on a road near the forest.

  The trio ran toward the man.

  "Excuse me, sir, where?" Gemima began.

  The man cut her off. "I don't know why you three redcoats are still in America, But you'd better get out. We defeated you, and that's all there is to it. Now go back to England!" He hurried away.

  Karay folded her arms indignantly. "Redcoats? Is he blind? We're not redcoats!"

  "Well, technically, we are," Alex said. "We must be in post-Revolutionary War times, and that's why he thinks we're redcoats. What I'm really wondering is why he's in such a hurry."

  "The only way to find out is to follow him," Gemima said.

  The three friends hurried after the man, who was soon joined by several other men, all of whom were chattering excitedly. The friends only caught bits of the conversation.

  "...first...new country...only should be one king.."

  "...he should be..good for our country.."

  Alex looked at his friends, who shrugged.

  "I don't know what's going on," Karay said.

  A tap on Gemima's shoulder made her jump. The trio turned around.

  A huge, burly muscled man, with a tall, skinny companion, stood behind them, their arms folded. They were dressed as American soldiers.

  "You redcoats get outta this country," the skinny one ordered.

  Alex balled his hands into fists." Don't you dare call us redcoats!" he yelled. "We're loyal Americans, and we will be unil we die!"

  "Huh, yeah right," growled the other. He pointed a huge finger them. "Get out."

  "You know, you're pointing three fingers back at yourself," Karay retorted, then added, "Even a blind person could tell we're not redcoats. We don't have English accents, and we're kids. You two should know better than to tell outright lies." She folded her arms and looked at them pointed."

  "C'mon, Jake, we'll drag 'em to jail," said the skinny one, grabbing Alex's arm. "You behave," he ordered his captive.

  Alex shook his head defiantly and chomped down on his captor's arm.

  "Ye-OW!" Alex was immediately released.

  "Run!" Gemima yelled, sprinting down the road. Alex and Karay followed, as did the two soldiers. They ran past the group of men ahead of them, ignoring glares in their direction.

  A city soon came into view. Karay, Gemima, and Alex hid their coats in a clump of bushes and ran on, soon entering the city. The skinny man found them, nonetheless, in a huge crowd.

   "Arrest them!" Jake yelled. "They're redcoats." He pointed at the three.

   "They're only children!" called a woman.

   "Yeah, they ain't no redcoats," added her male companion. "Three skinny kids ain't nothin' to worry about." 

   "They may look it, but they're not!" Jake announced. "I heard 'em plotting to kill our president-to-be!"

   "That's downright ridiculous!" Karay yelled. "We would never kill him!"

  "We would never be able to," Alex added, gesturing to Jake and his friend. "They're lying!"

  The crowd started dividing into two sided, defenders of teh accused or the accusers separating from each other.

  "The boy's right," said a man who stood a head taller than anyone else defending Alex, Karay, and Gemima. "They are only children."

   A boy about seventeen years old stepped between the two sides. His handsome face turned from the children to the soldiers and back again.

  "The soldiers are lying," he said calmly. "Trust me, they will never get away with saying that these three are redcoats."

  "Don't trust him!" called Jake's companion, Frank., pointing his gun at the boy. "He's the liar!"

  "It's Will Jefferson!" A man whose hand had been resting on Alex's shoulder came forward. "He never lies. I believe him!"

  Mist of Frank's and Jake's supporters flooded to the other side. Will looked around, a satisfied smile on his face.

  "I trust this can be worked out," he said. "If this continues, I can take it to the Judge."

  A murmur swept through the crowd. The Judge, Thomas Baker, was well known for his good sense and judgment. He was almost always on the winning side.

  "I missed a good scuffle, didn't I?" came a voice from behind Will.

  Will sighed. "Sorry, no scuffle today, Jack. Tough luck."

  Jack snapped a finger in disappointment. "Always miss 'em." He pushed light brown hair out of his face to reveal mischievous light blue eyes.

  The crowd broke up and everyone went back to wht they had been doing before the ruckus. Jack and Will went over to Karay, Alex, and Gemima.

  "I'm Will," said Will, "and this is my twin, Jack." He gestured to Jack.

  "I'm Karay," Karay said, and these are my friends, Gem and Alex."

  "So, what are you doing here in New York City?" Will inquired.

  Gemima looked at Alex. "Uhhh...that's a good question...Alex?"

  Alex chewed his lip. "Oh, me? Uh...well...um...well.."

  "For George washington's inauguration, right?" Will guessed.

  "We're in the colonial time period? Oh, oops." Gemima covered her mouth.

  Jack gave her a funny look. "Yes, we're in the colonial time period. What other time period is there?"

  "What about the future?" Alex asked, coughing on the last word.

  Will stared at him. "Well, yes, there is the future, but thats' not here yet."

  "Where are you staying?" Jack asked, changing the subject.

  "That, my friend, is a very good question to which I do not yet have the answer," Karay replied. "I should have the answer in about six months."

  "Well, you usually plan ahead," Will said. "That's the best way to do things. He looked at Jack, who nodded. He turned back to the three. "You could probably stay with us."

  Karay glanced at Alex and Gemima, who shrugged. "I..guess," she said.

  "Come on," Will said. "It's only a short walk.

  As the trio followed the twins, Karay looked at her friends.

  "I don't know if that was a good decision that I made," she commented.

  "Well, that almost makes you grateful for karate training, doesn't it?" Gemima sighed. "Oh well. We're kinda stuck now, aren't we?"




 This is so good! I was wrapped in the story right away. Write more of this one if you have the time, because I'll definitely read it!

Madeline | Sat, 05/29/2010

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way


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