Nonsense Poems Written for NaNo

A Poem By Jackie West // 11/10/2011


Sitting at my desk and

Eating moldy bread for

   A science experiment.

While staring at the ceiling fan

And contemplating its inner workings,

I hear a shriek from my sister upstairs.

“Oh,” I realize, “she must have

found the rubber snake I hid in her bed.”

Now big sister, that freaky CIA agent,

Thinks I am an assassin out to get

   Rid of her,

And I am running for my life.



I open the dictionary

To see what I can see.

Lamarckism, nautiloids,

Laconism, lebensraum.

I flip the pages again and again

To see what I can see.

Pilchard, pieplant, petroleum

And phantasmagoria.

Search for crazy little words

To see what I can see.

Pharmacodynamics, pharmocogenetics,

Pharmacokinetics, pharmacognosy.


Hemoglobin, hemocyte,

Hemoleukocyte and hemoflagellate.

Hemophobia, hemoptysis, hemolysin.

Hemocyanin, hemophilia.

Plasma, red blood cells, white

    Blood cells.


All in the blood.



Dug in the dictionary


Dolabriform, dodecagon,

Dolicocephalic too.

Doughnut, drayman,

    Dress code, dream.

Epexegesis, ephedrine,

Epicureanism too.

Envy, empress, empyreal,




This was funny! I could only read a third of words from the dictionary you used! LOL! But I liked this! The rubber snake part was funny!

Hey what's  NaNo account name? Is it Jackie West or something different? I use Kassady! LOL! This was funny!

Write on!


Kassady | Wed, 11/16/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


On the YWP, my username is Eirian West, my old pen name.

Jackie West | Wed, 11/16/2011


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