A Storm is Coming, Summary

Fiction By Jackie West // 10/23/2010

  This is a summary of a story that I will be doing for the NaNoWriMo Young Writers' Program...meaning I won't be on AP much for a month!


  Kerry Nicholas is new to the town of Raleigh, North Carolina. She had just settled down when things start happening. People go missing and are later found-dead. Kerry wants to know what's going on-but how? When she does something foolish, what will happen? Her adventure, taking her to meet many other people, including the mysterious girl who claims to be Kerry's Creator, will keep her on her toes!


  Nicholas Family

 Dan, 48-Kerry's father
 Serena, 45- Kerry's mother
 Justin, 18- Kerry's older brother
 Macie, 16-Kerry's older sister
 Kerry, 14
 Jana, 13- Kerry's little sister
 Jeremy, 8-Kerry's younger brother


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