Twenty-Five, Prologue

Fiction By Jackie West // 2/29/2012

  I never understood the oddities of life that had beset my family for centuries. Some said it was a curse for some long-forgotten sin that had been committed. Others called it coincidental, something that happened by chance.
  I am caught in the middle and don't know what to think.
  Is it a curse that keeps killing every female in my bloodline on their twenty-fifth birthdays and will continue to do so until the end of time? Or is it just chance that they never live to see marriage, or at least not live to watch what children they might be able to have grow up and get married themselves?
  Whatever it is, I am determined to find out what is happening and stop it before it kills me, my daughters, and all my female relatives, and leaves my husband with no heir or wife.
  My name is Echo Johnson, and this is my story.


 I'm interested in reading

 I'm interested in reading more of this - it's an intruiging beginning!

Kyleigh | Sun, 03/04/2012


More should be coming soon!

Jackie West | Mon, 03/05/2012


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