Whirlwinds, Part 2

Fiction By Jackie West // 7/10/2012

In a few hours, they came to a paved road, which was mostly in good condition, despite being untouched-for the most part, anyways- for the past thirteen months or so.
Kerry looked in both directions. “So…where’s the car?”
Colin looked at his wristwatch. “Late.”
“How late?”
“Twenty minutes and forty seven point three seconds late,” Colin replied. “If he isn’t here soon-“
The roar of a car engine interrupted him and Colin looked down the road. “Check that. No need for threats now.”
Kerry peered through the car windows as the vehicle drove up, but she couldn’t see the driver well.
Colin opened the back door nearest to them and gestured. “Please, seat yourself. There should be refreshment back there.”
Kerry slowly climbed in and tried not to look p front quite yet as Colin opened the passenger door and seated himself next to the driver.
When she looked up, she only saw the back of the driver’s head, which was covered with a mask, and one glance in the rearview mirror was enough to tell her part of the reason why.
He was missing an eye.

“Jack? Jack!”
Jack Warren jumped and winced as the movement ripped the headphones away from his ears. “What?”
Jadina James folded her arms. “You’re late. The appointment with the Aoran was supposed to start ten minutes ago.”
Uh-oh, Jack thought. I’ll be in for it.
Aloud he said, “Shoot! I forgot. I’m coming now.”
He hastily followed Jadina out of the room.
As Jack sat in his chair and the Aoran’s hooded face on the screen turned toward him and his fellow Mafia, he stiffened and prepared for a stiff lecture.
But to his surprise, their master said nothing about them being late.
“Are you ready for another job?”
Heads nodded around the room. A negative answer, they all knew, would not be received well.
“Excellent.” The Aoran paused briefly before continuing. “I have, time and time again, been pleased by your work in the state of North Carolina, and there is just one more thing there that needs to be taken care of for now. The Piedmont Resistance has been unsuccessfully attacked many times and my patience is wearing thin. I need it destroyed and the leaders brought to me. Is that understood?”
Everyone nodded again.
“Good. I will part with this: The job is to be finished within a month-or everyone you lead, Jack Warren, and yourself, will be exterminated.”
Everyone sat in stunned silence as the screen went black.
Jack was the first to recover, and he stood. “Come with me. We will do our Master’s bidding.”
They got to their feet and followed him to the council room.
“Has there been any news from our spy?” Jack asked as they situated themselves in chairs around the room.
The glances everyone threw at each other said that no news had come.
“Where was his last location?”
“He last reported himself to be near the base of Carmen, the Coastal Plains leader,” Jadina reported. “He did not know how long he would be there or when he would be able to contact us again.”
“We need to contact him as soon as possible,” Jack said briefly. “What of the Aoran’s state spy?”
“The state spy has managed to infiltrate the Piedmont facility, but they are in a security lockdown, and he just managed to report it before his communications were cut off.”
“That will have to do for now.” Jack leaned back in his chair. “Now we need a plan…..”

Tai sighed happily as she lay back on her bed and closed her eyes.
Rest and relaxation at last, she thought blissfully. And I won’t be disturbed at-
“Don’t come in. I’m asleep,” she called grumpily.
“I’m not stupid. I know you’re not asleep,” came Rex’s slightly insulted voice. “And anyway, I have important news!”
“We caught the spy.”


so.....what's going on?!

I like this! Your style of writing is suited very much to my liking.
Bit hard to follow though. Lots of new characters, and a whole plot that
the reader doesn't know about. Still, I want to read more, so write on! :D

Maddi | Fri, 07/13/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

I liked this a lot, Jackie!

I liked this a lot, Jackie! :)
Also, I was reading your story, The Ultimate Decision, and I was wondering if you had more of it? Cause I read all that you had, and I REALLY, REALLY liked it!! :)

Sarah Anne | Sun, 07/15/2012

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths

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