It is a Quiet Evening

A Poem By James // 2/19/2008

It is a quiet evening,
neath clouds and silent stars;
Mist-like is heaven’s wreathing,
Like scattered prison bars.

Oh, see the moon, ’tis rising!
See, gloweth bright its gleam –
The stars around surprising,
Behind its radiant beam.

Unlit was naught; all Heaven
Together breathed a song;
No star held back: God’s hand
Established them along.

    I wondered, as I lay there, grieving
    I thought, “Is He who fashioned Heaven
    My Help? Doeth He
    E’en Care for Me?”
    I turned to prayer; my soul was seething.

Vagrant, I lie here, wondering
Entirely alone;
Ran I from chains behind me,
Ahead lie hills, unknown.

Lift up my head, O Sovereign,
O Lord Who know’st my need.
N’er cease to guide my journeying,
E’en to death, if Thou shouldst lead.


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