The Glory of Grace

A Poem By Jenny // 8/24/2007

I wrote this song about five years ago, but it still speaks to me of the beauty of Grace in our everyday lives. I wish I could share the melody with you - but at least the words are here. Take a moment to breathe, and realize anew the Grace that is all around us...

UPDATE: I found an old video I made over a year ago with this song as the background music! So now I can share how it sounds with the music. :) This video is a sad one for me - it was made when I was revelling in being the mother of four children. Unfortunately, after living in our home for a year, and just before the adoption finalized, the state decided to return the two little ones to their birthmother (despite the fact that the baby girl had no idea who she was). It's been nine months since they left, and it's still very hard -- the entire family misses them.

Anyway, I posted the video to my blog so you can click on Neuropoetry if you want to hear what it souds like - the video isn't the best, but the words are still there...

              The Glory of Grace

There's a wonder
    In butterfly wings
There's a mercy in Life's dance
There's a laughter in tears
 A silence that speaks
There's a new morning's second chance
      The gift of each day
       The privilege to pray
And one day see His face
All because of -   The Glory of Grace

     The Glory of Grace
     It's in the rainbow
         Of each dawn's sunrise
     The Glory of Grace
      It's the fresh hope
         Of a newborn's cry
      The Glory of Grace
      It's the moment of truth
          In this world of lies
       The Glory of Grace
        It's in every breath
            In this Gift called Life

There's a reality
   Angel's cannot grasp
There's a moment more alive than birth
There's a Peace in death
There's a Life undying
There's more than this life that gives you worth
     This is freedom's song
      Ringing loud and long
We echo back our praise
Singing of -  The Glory of Grace


In the crown of thorns
   On our Savior's brow
In the cruel cross where He died
In His Life - His Love
In the world He made
In each tear that He cried
     There we hear the story
      Of Mercy that sets us free
Steadfast - we run our race
And trust in -  The Glory of Grace


did i ever tell you

how much i absolutely love this song? you should like record you singing it and put it on youtube then put a link at the bottom of this so everyone else can hear it!
I'm a genius! haha. . .
love you!


Tamerah | Fri, 08/24/2007

Good Idea

... only I don't know where I'd get the time to do it - I'd have to have Grandma watch the boys or something... :)

Jenny | Fri, 08/24/2007


that shouldn't be a problem seeing as how mom absolutely adores your boys and would love to watch, as long as she isn't working of course :D

Tamerah | Fri, 08/24/2007


I love this song! I love it beyond words!!!! I don't know the original tune but I am singing it!

Caitlyn | Sun, 08/26/2007


That song is beautiful!

Sarah | Sat, 09/22/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


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