The Drops That Dripped

A Poem By JimWaters // 3/18/2019

I stepped outside,
Felt the slap of winter’s
Icy breath
And stood beneath
The rain-soaked pines

Drops dripped

I looked up, fists clenched
And felt a wet ceiling above
A great ice wall betwixt me
And the sky
Unleashing and spitting upon me

Drops dripped

The Lord had taken my joy
I said
Had swept my feet from under
Like a scythe at harvest
My precious things in their
Full bloom,
Their life and blood on the earth

Drops dripped

The days passed and still
I stood
My fists curled against
The wine-dark sky
Clenched jaw turned to
Moistened eyes

Drops dripped

And then a part in the clouds
A part in my soul
Across the rift I saw
The stars
Swirling like dew drops
through the air

Drops dripped

Beyond the rift beyond the stars
There was a space
Enough for a throne
And in the black I felt
A gaze
A face, fixed on mine
On my fists, my heart, my tears

Drops dripped

Love in that gaze
Love for me
Hatred of my loss
Understanding, unmoved
Like a Father who loves,
A father who knows

Drops dripped

And in the silence
‘Neath the pines
I felt my heart thaw
A little
My fists uncurled
The clouds returned
But I knew something
I knew not before
For in the drops that dripped
Could be healing, could be meaning
Could be love


I would like to highlight my

I would like to highlight my favorite parts, but that would be all of it. So I won’t do that.
This poem spoke directly to my heart, and I can’t thank you enough for that. You, and your wine-dark skies. :)
Please never stop writing poetry. Ever. You’re truly gifted, Jim.

Damaris Ann | Mon, 03/18/2019

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

This is awesome!

Wow, this is really incredible. Kind of one of those poems you have no words for. Keep it up!!

Heather Jones | Thu, 03/21/2019

“planting seeds inevitably changes my feelings about rain.” —luci shaw.
psalm 84:10 esv.


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