The Elf-glade | 11/22/2012

Age: 25

Favorite word(s): Psychoanalytic, Malvegil, Quendi, Acropolis, Agricultural Dyslexia

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

Well. One hole in the ground. I am ALMOST a homeschool graduate, having two days left at the time of writing, have been homeschooled since forever, and like eating. I am obsessed with anything Middle-Earth, and most of my writing reflects that. Oh yeah, my writing. I love writing, although it's not the first hobby I have. Guitar probably is. But yah. Any of you lot of freaks into RPGing? Cos I am. It's probably my favorite writing style. :) Let me see, what else...oh yes, I live in an amazing place called Australia, have 4 siblings, one of whom is a she, and spend my time, when i'm not writing, or playing guitar, running around an athletics track, or riding a bike over lumps, sleeping. That was a weird sentence. I actually live in the same town as Maddi. :) Represent! There's not much more I want to tell you. So I won't. Except that...August Burns Red RAWKS!