In His Eyes

A Poem By Joy J. // 6/10/2019

I’m struggling with
My identity.
I just can’t seem to
See what
You see
I’m starting to fear
What others think
Of me.
Do they think
I’m weird?
Do they think
I’m strange?
Maybe over the top
In my emotions.
Or maybe it’s what
I say
That’s just

How could they still
Like me?
Why do they still
Talk to me?
What do they
Think about me.
Do they look at me funny?
Do they secretly wish that
I wouldn’t talk to them?

I feel afraid,
That nobody
Likes me
Secretly I’m a burden
That people put up with,
Yet, they never say anything
That would hurt my feelings.

What should I do?
Am I a burden?
Am I strange?
Am I different,
That everybody thinks
Of me?

But that’s not what God
Thinks of me.
That’s not even what
Other people
Think of me.
It’s all a dastardly plot
Of the enemy,
To make me sad
And upset.
Cause when I’m
Like that
I can’t be productive
For the LORD and
His kingdom.

God looks at me with
A smile.
I’m not weird,
Strange or odd
In His eyes.
In His eyes,
I’m special,
Unique and
His child.

So remember that
Dear friend,
Whenever you feel
Out of place
Or different:
God picks no favorites;
We’re all special
In His eyes.


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