Bejeweled Gills

A Poem By Kassady // 6/14/2017

Bejeweled Gills

Sleep evades the eagerly obsessive,
The quick glance queen,
of instant gratification.
The drowning victim of time,
Willingly whining of behalf
of a wasted hour,
Which turns into twenty-four
Head as full as a beta fish tank,
Continuing to care and cautiously calculate
how much food to give
how much attention
how warm will the water rest.
Keep checking for life,
Obsessively operating the environment,
for my one pretty pair of bejeweled gills.
Puddle dwellers surprisingly take up space
in the puddle of my mind,
It's all melted up there,
Since I fell,
Catching a quick look at my heals
as I tumbled head first.
A galaxy of giggles,
Induced by his incandescent words,
Winking with a magic,
Which a wondrous life,
Turned spiritually spectacular rock star,
With the inclination
to walk amongst the fairies.
Forest-dwelling daemons,
Dutifully daring to guide him,
Like how I try
to remember to release my inhibitions,
Think I've lost them,
Deep within the well of tears
Resting beside the belittled bit
of my blunt honesty.


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