Dancing in the Rain (Exclusive of Dear Crazy Girl)

Fiction By Kassady // 8/31/2011

We pulled into a small parking lot.


By this time Kayla's face was of excitement, sense she knew by the surroundings where we were going to spend the afternoon, and lunch. The park where we first met.


“It's nice not having to eat in a crowded restaurant for once,” I said, hearing bird calls and taking in the smell of coming rain.


“Yeah, I just wish we could spend the time longer, thanks a lot rain!” Kayla said to the clouds, smiling playfully.


“At least there's that gazebo over there, if it starts down pouring too soon, we can just eat the rest of lunch under that!” I said, pointing to a white gazebo, that's paint was chipping off.


“Such a beautiful day!” Kayla sighed, taking a bite of a turkey sandwich.


“Very beautiful,” I said, some how not able to look away from Kayla when I said it.


Kayla blushed trying to conceal the reaction with another bite.


I felt a single drop of rain splash on my hand, “Oops, time to move!”


Kayla got up and helped me pick everything up, so that we were underneath the roof right as it started raining lightly, “Thank goodness we got here in time!” she said smiling.


I ran my hand through my hair, it was damp, “Yeah, lets finish up!”


We sat eating silently till everything was eaten or, at least we were full. By then it was raining very hard. But surprisingly, there was no thunder... yet?


The sweet smell of rain and yet grass was invigorating, each breath was like breathing in dreams.


I stood, an idea forming. I brushed myself off, then offered my hand to Kayla.


She smiled and took it, her eyes looking at me with interest.


I put my hand on her waist, and she put hers on my shoulder. Our hands clasped together, and we danced.


With the music of the rain, falling everywhere, we danced on and on, and the rain kept up its continual down pour.


After a while, the call of the rain was urging my sideways, a want, a wish a wonder.


I pulled her with me, along to the very edge.


Her eyes were glazed, transfixed with silent ideas, but she snapped back to the real world, and pulled away, looking out at the rain.


I smiled reassuringly, and pulled her hand.


She frowned, but let me pull her out into the rain.


As soon as we were out of the gazebo's protection, we were soaked.


Our cloths stuck to us and our hair was plastered to our heads.


But for me, Kayla could never have looked more beautiful.


We waltzed in the rain, totally oblivious to the world around us, the only things in this world was her and me.


We danced to a melody that only we knew was there, it filled our ears, our hearts, our souls.


Neither one of us, heard the thunder starting to boom, or the pounding of the rain on the asphalt that which we danced upon.


Her eyes met mine, and sparkled as she smiled.


I couldn't help but smile back.


Without knowing, we stopped, just standing there in the rain, starring into each others eyes.


Some how, I was getting closer, and closer to her. As if there was some sort of magnetic pull.


Kayla also was drawling closer, the smile gone, replaced by a vacant look. Her face looked like white smooth stone, the rain falling down her cheeks.


Somehow my hands had gone from holding her hand and her waist, to holding sweet beautiful face. Her hands had traveled to my shoulders, holding them as if she was going to fall.


Closer and closer our faces seemed to be, our noses nearly touching.


It felt like I had no control over my body.


Kayla blinked away rain, and her face expressed feeling again. She stepped away stiffly, looking dumb-struck, sad, angry and regretful.


My hands, no longer holding her face, fell to my sides, as I starred dumb-struck at her. I couldn't believe what I had almost done. I felt angry at myself, foolish and afraid. Afraid that Kayla would hate me for the mistake of my actions.


There we stood, starring dumbly at each other in the rain.


Thunder rolled, but I didn't hear, the only sounds were the thumping of my frantic heart.


Kayla turned and walked back to the gazebo.


I stood, still starring ahead, blindly for second then with a jolt of recognition, I walked back quickly.


Kayla was hunched over on the round-about bench that was built into the gazebo. Her head was in her hands, her shoulders shaking with silent sobs of mixed feeling's


I myself, wanted to cry, scream, kick something, anything to relieve the pent up feelings of anger at my stupidity.


I stood dumbly in front of her, not knowing what to say or what to do, but wanting to do something. I watched helplessly, as she cried, I wanted her to stop, because it pained me to see her so unhappy.


After a while, she lifted her head to meet my helpless gaze. I couldn't tell if her face was wet from rain or tears, probably both.


We were both speechless, I mean, what do you say to some one you were about to... to... you know!


I opened my mouth, but nothing came out, at least it was worth a try. I tried again, and managed to make a choking sound. Again I tried and was able to utter, “I'm sorry.”


She starred at me, amazement on her face.


“I'm so sorry! I know you might never forgive me! But please try! All I want is to be is best friends, I don't know what happened out there, and I'm extremely sorry! Please forgive me!” I rambled out, now that I had regained my mouth, it seemed that I couldn't shut it.


She gave a half smile, and choked on a sob, “Don't be!” she looked down at her hands, then looked up with a forced smile, “Venus just can't help herself, can she?”


I faked a laugh, though I felt relief flood my every bone, “Yeah,” I managed to croak, looking down at my own hands.


“Let's just... Forgive and... Forgive and forget!” Kayla said bravely, standing up, with a shaky breath.


I was amazed at her coolness, how she could be able to forget was beyond me. But I told myself to be brave and forced a smile, “Agreed... Ready to go?”




And we left, leaving behind a memory, a regret and a lonely picnic basket...


I love this!

I love this, Kass! 

Ugh...but nothing of mine is getting published?! I'm seriously waiting...waiting...waiting! LOL! I hate it when things aren't published. Anywho...

Great job! Love Nick! Love Kayla! ;)

Madeline | Fri, 09/30/2011


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