Dear Crazy Girl, chapter 4

Fiction By Kassady // 11/23/2010


Chapter 4





OH!!! GREAT FOR YOU!!! I’m so happy for you!

Are you saying Homeschooler’s aren’t socialized? How dare you ! - just kidding- Homeschooler’s are socialized when they want to! Jeez! Good grief! The things people think about Homeschooler’s now a days!


AWWW your so sweet! You’re going to be a good friend too!

No I don’t have a cell phone. I can’t till I drive, which is around eighteen (well ,oh well). But I can drive a golf cart (one of my grandparents have one) , and the ridding lawn mower ! I love mowing the lawn! But my mother has an iphone!

Hey maybe you could join our home school co-op! Then you could meet my mother, or at least she will know you , as the boy at the home school co-op. and that’s better than a total stranger I’ve been telling everything about myself and my family. You know the people who kidnap you (AHHH, it’s so sad how people act these days!), but I know that you’re not that sort of person, I mean, you could have already kidnapped me, you knew my address from the start.

Ha-ha! Yes I do go to Wal-mart. I’m so offended, hehehe!

Wow that is a lot! My ancestry is hard to say…

Irish ( hey cool!)

Welsh ( I think)

Italian (ha.ha you don’t have that one!-kidding)

And………… I don’t know!

My main two are Irish and Italian. My mother’s side is Italian and my father’s side is Irish. I take the Irish side of the family, pink undertone, pale skin, looks bad with a tan, rounder face, curly hair ( wavy now because my hairs so long, but when I was younger I had REALLY curly hair), you know those type of things.

Yours Sincerely ( I like the sound of that!),

The Crazy Girl.


“Quickly, son! Your tutor should be here any moment!” My father yelled up the stairs to me. I was cleaning up my room and straightening books and pens and paper. I ran down the stairs, slipping on the last step.

“What are you wearing!” my mother said, she looked almost in agony.

“A navy blue shirt and my nice jeans” I said, a little sarcastically.

“ Your supposed to be wearing a suit!!!” She whined, messing with my hair and tugging on my shirt, as if there where unseen folds. My father slipped a piece of paper in my hand, winking and smiling. I looked down and was not surprised to see a new address, I sighed, rolled my eyes and crumpled the little note paper, throwing it in a nearby trash can, when my parents weren’t looking. I heard the door bell and the “Good day” from George. I listened intently to the reply but it was all muffled by the taking off of coats and boots. My mother bustled me into a day room, urging me to sit down, but I stood behind the chair instead. The door opened and a young man walked in with sandy blond hair, blue as the sea eyes, and white perfect smile, that didn’t looked forced or entirely worked on by dentist’s, but looked natural.

“Hello, I’m Professor Michael Doobley”, his voice was truly American, not southern, but just plan as plan could be. It sounded ( and looked) as if he belonged in a movie, “ I believe you called, about a boy about fourteen to fifteen, his name was….”, he looked down at a yellow piece of note paper, “Nickolas FedEx? Ah, that must be you! Pleasure to meet you!” he said, coming over to shake my hand. He crossed the room very quickly I might add.

“Pleasure, Mr.Doobley “ I said excitedly, my stomach of course was going haywire.

“I’m looking forward to our lessons!” he said, he looked excited too.

“Me Too! I hear you did a research about the Great Pyrenees dog?”.

“Oh yes, quite a interesting breed! They are huge dogs! And did you know-” he chuckled. “ I’m sorry… I should stop there, before I bore you with facts and dates about them”. I laughed and he smiled. “ And you must be Mr. and Mrs. FedEx, correct?”. He strode over to where my parents stood with surprised expressions,

“How do you do” my father said shaking his hand slowly and skeptically. Michael smiled.

“Mr. Doobley” My mother shook his hand in the same manner. And made Doobley smile even more.

“ A pleasure to meet you both. I can’t wait to start teaching your…hansom and…respectable son”. My mother and father seemed appeased by this speech. And Mr. Doobley sat down.


Later that evening we moved into the dining room, where it was a roar of color and good smells. The table was laden with all sorts of deferent foods - most of them I have never had in my life, and I learned latter that lots of it came from Andorra, a place in the Pyrenees mountains- with all sorts of deferent smells.

“You are all to kind!” he said with a huge smile on his face and an expression like going away for a long time and coming back home. “How did you get all this?”

“Oh, we have special privileges with being the FedEx family, to be sent things we want rather fast” my father said. “Are business, is the most reliable shipping system in the whole world, you know”.

“Ah ha” Mr. Doobley said nodding his head politely. He turned to me, “What do you like to do Nickolas”.

“Umm…” I stammered with surprise, I leaned over closer, so that he could only hear, “I like Writing and Reading, sir.”

“Really!” He said with shock. “Wow, those are very uncommon hobbies to like now a days. Now its video games and skate boarding”

“Yeah, or video games and texting” I laughed. He chuckled.

“How about math?”

I shook my head, I knew I had a look of disgust. He laughed,

“I thought so, but it’s not that bad.”

“That’s what all teachers say.” He sighed

“Okay you got me there! Do you like History?” I thought for a moment, and then shrugged.

“It’s okay, I guess” I thought about Kayla and wondered if she liked history.

“If you see it in the right light, it’s really cool!”

“I was mostly asleep in history class, so I wouldn’t know” I smiled, as he laughed.

“What do you like” he lowered his voice, “writing?”

“Um… Well I haven’t written in a long time, but I used to like writing stories about super heroes. I don’t know about now though, I stopped when I showed my work to my parents and they said it wasn’t good, I was six” I felt disappointment and anger flare in my stomach, the memory was like a needle meeting skin.

“I’m sorry” Michael said. He looked at me kindly, and I forced a smile.


Dear Crazy Girl,


We had him over for dinner, you know to get to know him, and he is friendly! Not like those teachers you get in school. He totally understands me! He’s been to Andorra- the place between France and Spain, in the Pyrenees mountains- and he speaks GEALIC! Isn’t that cool! He says that he’ll teach me Latin!

That’s neat! We both have the same ancestry –Irish-!

Your mother has an Iphone? That’s cool! Why can’t you drive at sixteen? I’m so jealous; you’ve driven a golf cart! And a lawn mower! Not fair! LOL.

Okay… Dark Wavy hair, pale skin, I think my mental picture is almost complete. LOL! (Bad with a tan?)

That would be cool if we went to the same co-op! Then I could finally meet you!

Those are terrible people! I don’t know why someone would want to kidnap children! And I swear! I’m not. I hope you know that!

What “Ben and Jerry’s” have you had? And what do you not like in your ice-cream?

Yours, Sincerely, (I like it too!)




I finished the letter, feeling as if I had missed something.

P.S. Do you like History?

I sighed, and I walked to my window. Looking out I saw a crescent moon almost covered in dark purple clouds, I felt happy and excited.


Went my Iphone. I really needed to change the ring tone!


“Yo, Nick! Its David”

“David who?” I said, groaning inwardly, knowing that David Lough was going to give me a hard time.

“Don’t play games Nick! I called because I haven’t seen you at school for a while”

“I’m sorry I don’t know any David’s” I said stupidly.

“Nick! Dude! You can’t lie to me! Now why aren’t you at school? I hope you’re not going the homeschooling way. Homeschoolers are stup..”

“DON’T YOU DARE! Homeschoolers are cool! I know a homeschooler, and she’s amazing! She has eight siblings! And she’s the oldest! Do you know someone like that? Hmm?”

“Uhh… Dude I didn’t…”

“Mean to upset me? Too late! I’m never going back to public school! NEVER! I’m going to be tutored!”

“But we’re still friends… right?”



I hung up.

I felt greet!


Dear Nickolas the Ridiculous,

Oh greet! I’m so happy for you! What’s his name?

Oh cool! I’m learning Latin too! Magna is Big, Great and Mala is Bad. But that’s really cool!

LOL! I guess I should send you a picture of me, shouldn’t I? I’ll give you a picture of me, if you give me a picture of you.

Why do you want to know? Hmm… I’m suspicious now… Well I don’t like:

Peanut Butter (yuck! But I’ve already told you that…haven’t I?)

No nuts! At all! Unless their macadamia, those taste like white chocolate.

And that’s about it… I really like:

Lots of chocolate


Brownie globs

Cookie dough

And anything gooey and chocolate or both, hehehe!

But why do you ask? How about you?

Are you going to do any sports? I’d like to know the list of things you’re doing.

Sorry odd question but, Do you like opera? I love opera! And plays, and ballet’s! I know it’s very odd but it’s true!

Guess what!


The Crazy Girl

I finished reading, guess what! What? I couldn’t help but answer as quick as possible:

Dear Crazy Girl,

No reason, no reason at all. I just wanted to know… well I don’t like:




And really anything with nuts… but I like everything else

Alright, I’m sending a picture in this very letter, hope you like it. And I’m expecting a picture!

Okay her it is: why do you want to know?

Rock Climbing

Bismarck’s home school co-op

Cooking Class

Teen’s write! Bismarck’s teen newspaper

Milick’s Summer Camp for Boys

Unschooler’s Group

Save the Lion’s project

Teen Bismarck Book Club

Bismarck’s ballroom dancing

Teen’s Jam

Why do you want to know? But no, no sports.

Do you know by chance when the next Homeschooling meet-up is going on? I’d like to know, so that I can finally meet you!

So… What are you doing for your fourteenth birthday? Now you’re birthday is sixteen days away, Don Don Don! LOL! So what will I give you… Thankfully I can send anything without much cost, He-He! What would you like? A phone? An ipod? A laptop maybe?

Oh I got it


Perfect, I hope you have room for one more family member! LOL!

Have to stop!





P.S. How could you leave me hanging in your last letter! What? I have no clue what to guess at! Did you swim with alligators? Find a buried treasure that was cursed? Talked with fairies maybe? I have no idea! AHHH!!!!


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