The Elf Story-- Prologue and Chapter One. (Writen by Liddyanne-a best friend- and Me!)

Fiction By Kassady // 7/18/2011

**Hi! My best friend and I have been writing this for awhile, so I thought I'd post it sense she can't have a AP account :(... Hope you enjoy! This first Prologue was writen by myself then the first chapter is one that Liddyanne wrote, then its me, then its her and then its me and then its her and so and so forth! Thanks! Enjoy!**



A figure lay on a large bed, his face was pale, his hands were white and wrinkled with age, and his ears were pointed. Two other pointed eared elves stood by the bed, both very tall. One had cold ruby red eyes full of greed, his hair was thin long greasy and long- reaching his waist, he was very skinny, more like a skeleton with a thin layer of flesh, his face was long and thin -like his body, it was like looking at a snakes head -but with a very pointy nose, he wore a long robe matching the color of his eyes with a ankle length black tunic. The other elf was a little taller and well built, he had dirty blond hair a little past his shoulders, his eyes were green -like the old elf on the bed- they were full of concern and love, his eyes showed strength and a heat- that all proud warriors have, he had many muscles; indicating hours of practice and disciplined combat, He wore a mourning black robe and a black tunic, grief was apparent on his face.

"My sons" Said the old elf on the bed in a shaky voice. He beckoned them closer; the two elves moved in closer, the green eyed elf knelt.

"Father," he said with a strong manly voice taking the old hand in his strong warm one, "Why is this happening to you?"

"I am afraid, that I must have been poisoned" he wheezed, he gave a loud rasping cough.

The red eyed elf chuckled and said "Obviously," his voice was cold and if a snake could talk it would sound like his, "Poor, poor father."

The green eyed elf stood up, balling his fists, "Like you would really care." The red eyed elf shrunk back, his arms drawn to his chest protectively.

The old elf chuckled, "I am going die, let me give you my blessing before I pass on." The green eyed elf looked at him with shock,

"Father, don’t say such things! You will live forever."

"No one can my son, but let me pass with the knowledge of granting my sons with what I can only give."

"But you’re the king! You can’t die, think of your people. Father! Please."

"Don’t make this hard for him," said the red eyed elf, kneeling for his blessing greedily. The green eyed elf glared at him with loathing.

The King elf raised his hand over the greasy head, "I, king of all Elves, father of all, keeper of the forest and master of the world, bless Inimicus Grunebaum, oldest son of the king, keeper of soil, lord of stone and mountains, rook of fire and master of the dark.

"May you be blessed through eternity and live with your brother in peace, I bless you with the forest and all the shadows they shed, I bless you with half my fortune, I bless you, my dark child."

Inimicus stood up, suspicion in his eyes. The green eyed elf knelt and again the old elf King held his hand over his head,

"I, king of all Elves, father of all, keeper of the forest and master of the world, bless Amicus Grunebaum, youngest son of the king, keeper of the wind, knight of the water’s, protector of animals and master of light.

"May you be blessed through eternity and live with your brother in peace, I anoint you King-"

Inimicus gasped in outrage, "- I bless you with half of my fortune and bless you with Father of All and mast of the world. May you reign with peace and wisdom, may you lead your people into victory and glory, may you see the needs of others, may you reign lovingly, I bless you, I bless you…" the kings voice died away, his eyes closed, he sighed and breathed no more.


Inimicus walked quietly through the castle, the darkness closed around him as he went, concealing him from view of the guards that stood outside of Amicus’s bedchamber.


He thought, tiptoeing across the large room to the soft bed. He took out a big black cauldron from his black cloak , he poured numerous thing inside for the next three hours; mumbling all the while. He raised his hands in the air, his mumbling becoming louder and louder till it was almost a scream.


Sparks flew from the cauldron, then a golden sphere rose from the bubbling goo; It changed colors and became green and blue. Yes... That will work thought Inimicus grinning. Amacus started to float off his bed, shrinking as he got closer and closer to the orb, and then the sphere swallowed the small ant of Amacus. And it all went black.


 Chapter one

Amy Nellwen Lockwood, a college student in Arizona, leaned back in her drivers seat and sighed. She had been very lonely living in her apartment with no one but her cat, especially after coming from a family with seven kids. The quiet interior of her little home was absolutely silent—which was good for studying, but it was very lonesome when she was not studying.

It was a Saturday, and she was going to a friends’ house for some company. The radio was blaring to keep out the quiet, but she turned it down once the news came on. News was either dull or heartbreaking or something along that line, and she didn’t feel like any of it at the moment. And yet, she turned it up as an actually interesting topic came up—interesting because it was happening in her home-city:

"There have been sightings of a strange being roaming around the streets of Arizona*, and many have reported that he gives the impression of being an out-of-this-world type as you would see in movies, specifically an elf. Many search parties have been sent out to find him, but were unsuccessful. He has appeared many times crossing streets, and disappearing into thin air as they go out to find him again. A witness reports--"


"It was so weird dude;" said a different voice "it was like he turned invisible or something. Like, he looks like something from Lord of the Rings or something. It was like…being in a movie seeing him like that, like you know what I mean? It was totally weird."


"And what did he look like?" asked another voice.

"Totally out-of-this-world, Dude, totally. He had…like…long, silkish robes like a monk, except its red. His hair was like shoulder-length and thick, you know? He had this transparent look on his face and looked confused. It was totally cool, and I hope you guys catch him ‘cause like…"


"Is this Bigfoot returned? Find out more on our website…"


"Did you hear about the elf-guy wandering around?" asked Amy’s friend, Kate.

"Yea, I heard on the way over here," she replied, "What do you think of it?"

"I think it’s all a hoax," Kate replied, "Some goofball dressed up and decided to scare everyone. Why, my daughter Angela didn’t sleep a wink last night thinking of it."

"How do you think he ‘vanishes into thin air’ the way they claim?" asked Amy, who liked to get all the details.

"He doesn’t! I’ll bet he has a sidekick or something to help hide him, there are plenty of places to hide in the city."

"In that costume?" Amy asked, "He wouldn’t stand a chance; no one would let him into stores or restaurants, now that he’s a big hit on the news and everyone is looking for him."

"Then he’d better snap out of it and get real," was the reply. Amy nodded in agreement.


The sky was turning crimson by the time Amy got in her car to head home, and it was dark half-way there. She sighed as a traffic light turned red at a busy four-way, and she had to stop. She leaned back in her seat and stared ahead. Her mind was not busy or thinking about anything in particular, she just stared ahead at the light.

The car waiting beside her suddenly blared its horn. She looked over half-heartedly and stopped as a figure passed in front of its headlights and walked in front of her car. Amy turned her headlights onto a stronger mode and looked him. It was the elf-guy. He glared at her car for turning its lights on brighter and walked on.

Amy opened her car door a crack, stood up,and called "hey!"


He didn’t pay any attention to her but continued on his course, trudging along across the street and disappearing into the black mist. Amy settled back in hercar just as the light turned green, and she drove on.


Amy flicked her bedside lamp out and settled down in bed. As soon as she did there was a loud crash outside and a cat screeched. She swiveled around in bed, stood up, and pulled the blinds up. Outside, under the light of a streetlamp, she saw a knocked-over trash can, the shadow of a cat running away, and the shadow of a man walking in another direction. She knew from the shape of the shadow that it was the ‘goofball’—in Kate’s words.

Amy hurried out of her room, pulled on a jacket, and hurried out into the apartment hall. She hurried down the stairs and out the door, pulling a penlight from her jacket pocket. She shone the little light around in the direction that the figure went,and hurried down the sidewalk. After a few steps she paused and looked around hopelessly. No one else had been able to find him, why did she think that she could? She sighed and turned around to head back, but something flashed in the light of the penlight, and she quickly shone it at the bushes.

There he stood, the goofball, wincing at the light issued from the penlight.


  interrupted the other voice and Amy turned the radio off.

"Darkness hides, light burns,

Sea’s tides, shadows concerns,

Each minute my hate turns.

Be gone! You bump on my log,

See yourself to another world’s fog,

Leave, you father love hog!

I will throw you out,

like a dirty rug without thought

On another earth you will not be sought."

Why? Why? I am the oldest! I should be the one. Not him.



YAY! Its finally published! I'll post chapter one soon!

Kassady | Sat, 07/23/2011

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