FO3: chapters 16, 17 and 18

Fiction By Kassady // 2/17/2012

Chapter 16






Nicole starred down at the newly named Jendy.


"Joseph, I love her!" she said.




"But I'm not sure she will like being pent up inside!" She said thinking of pent up Jendy, looking longingly to the door.


"Of course not! That's why we'll put her outside!" he said as if this was the simplest thing in the world.


"But Jo! I won't have enough time to walk her!"


"Why would she need walking when she has the whole back yard and front for that matter!"


"Joseph your not making any sense!"


He grinned, "It's you, whose not making any sense."


She sighed in exasperation, "I'm not playing your game Joseph! What on earth are you talking about! We have no yard! We both live in Apartments!"


"No we don't." Joseph said strate faced.


She gapped at him, angry that he was playing dumb with her, "Joseph George Jameson-"


"That's the second time you've used my full name today!" Joseph interupted her explosion, "We live in a house! A nice house, we don't live in apartments!"


Nicole shook her head, not understanding.


He sighed and dropped his prank, "Darling! We own a house!"


Nicoles mouth dropped and she found herself jumping up and down, kissing Joseph, and stammering ' thank you' a thousand times.




Nicoles cheeks burned brightly, she was full to the top with emotions. Pleasure, excitment, and pride. She had done it! She had succeeded with all her classes she had past her exams! She was finished! IT WAS OVER! And she was graduating finally!


There was an uproar of applause, and she blushed even brighter. The loudest of all was her family who hooted and cheered, all her family, Joseph's hoot and cheer was the loudest of all. He had graduated before her, he was actually the third to go up on the platform and claim his papers, and his family had cheered, along with her own family, who loved Joseph like their own son.


She had been so nervous with the exams and now she was just happy and grateful that it was all over! Everything was over!




"Lewis, could you pass me the salt," Jospeh asked his sixteen year old brother.


They were all at Nicole's families house for the graduation dinner, along with Joseph's family as well.


"I propose a toast!" Joseph's father-David- said, raising his whine glass.


Nicole's father filled everyones glass, except the younger children who were Lewis and Rosy- Joseph's fourteen year old sister.


"To the couple!" cried David.


Joseph laughed.


Everyone raised their glasses and cried, "THE COUPLE!"


"Dessert!"cried everyone, as the two mothers came in with a trayful of desserts.


"Wait before you guys eat, we have something else!" Nicole's mother said, and motioned for Julia- Joseph's mother- to come back into the kitchen.


They came back with a huge cake, three decker covered in coconut icing, and a large candle that said 'Congradulations' was on it.


Joseph and Nicole laughed nervously , the attention was a bit much for the both of them.


"Happy graduation! Happy graduation to you! Happy Graduation!" everyone singed with laughs.


The both of them blem the candle out, but it wouldn't.


Nicole grinned, knowing it was one of those joke candles.


Bennet and Jason laughed- Nicole's brothers. So did everyone else.


Joseph grinned from ear to ear, and did something unexpected. He reached out and put the flame out with his fingers. The laughs dead, but were caught back up.




"I'm sorry we couldn't come!" Eleanor said through the phone.


"Its fine! I know you guys are super busy anyways, and I don't really like a lot of attention," Nicole answered, placing more boxes into her new house.


"Oops! Can Rich talk with Joseph? He's been bugging me about that for a while," Eleanor said with a laugh.


Nicole laughed too, and went to fetch Joseph, who was trying to lift a very heavy box, while trying to get the mover to carry the fridge into the kitchen, "Honey! Richard Wain would like to speek with you."


"Who?" Joseph asked in a strained voice, he wrestled a bit with the box, but set it down and stood to take the phone.


"Eleanor, my friends husband!"


"Oh okay!" he took the phone from her, kissing her on the cheek as she went to sit down, "Hello?... Yeah! Thank you!... Really?... Yeah I've heard... Nope, not yet... Yeah it was quite amazing, she is amazing, well more then amazing... Well, yeah... No... yep!... Will do! Nice talkin' with you! You too! Kay... Bye!" He handed the phone back with a wide smile, "Nice guy!"


Nicole smiled, and put the reciver to her ear, "Hello?"


"Hi Nicole! You got yourself a real nice guy!" Richards voice came out.


"Aw! Thanks! I absolutely agree."


"Where did you get him?"


Nicole laughed, "Collage! Nice store that is!" She laughed.


Joseph grinned from his place with the dolly, "I was on half price."


Nicole laughed, "Did you hear that?"


"No, what did he say?"


"He said that he was on half price!" she giggled.


He laughed at the joke as well, "Okay, okay!" he said absently to an unseen person, "Jacky wants to speek with you, do you have the time?"


"Most definitly!" Nicole said excitedly, and stepped into the house.


" 'Ello?" said a small sweet little girl voice.


"Hello, is this Jacqueline that I've heard so much about?" Nicole said in her talking-to-children-voice.


" No! I'm Jacky!"


Nicole surpressed a laugh, "Of course, I'm sorry Jacky . Did you know that I saw you when you were a little baby?"


"I was never a baby!" Jacky said indignantly.


"Oh, of course not!" Nicole said with a smile, while grabbing a box and bringing it up stairs.


"Mommy wants to speek with you!" Jacky said abruptly.


"Oh, okay, Bye!"


No answer came from Jacky but Eleanor's voice came, "Nicole?"




"How did their conversation go?"


"It was quite short to tell you the truth!" Nicole said with a laugh.


"Men! Tell them to have real conversations and they talk about sports! Tell them to talk about relationships, they rush through it and then talk about sports!" Eleanor said with a smile in her words.


Nicole laughed, totally understanding.


"Well better run girl! I have some stuff to do! Good luck with your house!"


"Thanks! Love yay! Bye!"




They both hung up.


Nicole looked through her friends list of her phone, and quickly located Katrina's cell.


It rang for many minutes, and Nicole had to push redial. But it was finally picked up, with the voice of a very erritated Katrina.


"What Alfred!" Katrina snapped.


"Katrina? Its Nicole!"


"Nicole?! I'm sorry! I didn't know you were the one calling! I'm so sorry!" Katrina said with a laugh, her voice amiditly becoming nice again.


"You okay? Whose Alfred?" Nicole asked suspiciosly.


Katrina laughed nervously, "Alfred just one of my coleges on the dig."


"Your still in France!" Nicole asked shocked.


"No... I'm in Eygpt," Katrina said with uncertainty.


Nicole felt like she might burst with question, all doing with why on earth Katrina would be in Eygpt, "Umm... why... what... where...when...umm... well..."


"I accepted an offer to go to Eygpt... My mother is fuming, and I'm fuming with the heat! I would not advise you to visit at all in the middle of June! NO! Absolutly don't!"


Nicole 'oh'ed but didn't really understand still.


"Thank you, could you put that down please! Thanks... Wait nope!" Katrina said to some one, "Harry, thank you, but I really don't need it! Fine!" she sighed in exasperation, and it sounded as if she was taking large mouthfuls of water. "Sorry," she said apologetically to her.


"It's fine, "she mumbled back distracted with the name 'Harry', " Whose Harry?"


Katrina paused for a long moment, not sure how to answer. There was a crash of something, and a few angry yells.


"Stop!" yelled a womans commanding voice.


"Harry, put your hands in your lap and stop playing with the lugauge!" Katrina said simply, as if she was talking to one of her brothers.


There was a muffed reply, but Nicole didn't understand.


"I need to talk to you later, okay Nicky! I'm a bit busy, and its just not the right time!" Katrina said, and the line was cut off.


Nicole not for the first time, marvled at how odd and puzzling her calls to Katrina were, every single time! She thought exasperated.


An arm went around her sholder and Joseph kissed her lightly on her cheek, "What do you think?" he asked as they scanned the living room, full of their own boxes.


"I'm excited!" Nicole said, hopping a little.


"Would you like to go on a walk?" he asked unexpectedly.


"Sure!" she shrugged, "Keep up the great work guy's! We'll be back in a couple of minutes," Nicole went over to the car and grabbed Jendy, "Lets go!"


He smiled, and they walked off together, hand in hand.




"How would you discribe your newest book?" Asked the man in the arm chair to an angle to Nicole.


"Well... I don't want to spoil anything, so I'd say that it is a romantic filled story, with drama and humor," she said simply.


The man grinned, though Nicole could tell it was only because of the crowd and the camera, that was recording them live. "What would you say about the main character?"


"The protagenist?" Nicole corrected with a question.


The man, grimaced slightly so that only she could see that he was really trying to keep his patience with her, "Yes."


"Well, I'd say that you'll need to read the book!" She grinned, knowing that more then anything else, the man hated it when he was answered like that.


He gritted his teeth, but smiled to the audience, "And how about the adoring fans?" He said, with a snear in his voice when saying 'Adoring'.


"Keep on reading my faithful and trustworthy fans! And remember to keep on watching, Sunny Social!"


"And cut."


The man walked right off stage to do his make up, and try to calm himself down.


Joseph walked up to her and kissed her lightly, "Great job! I loved it!"


She smiled, "When is your interveiw coming up?"


"In an hour, right after yours is done!"


"Oh! I'll stay for that and see if you come up with something better!" she smiled, knowing that it was one of their favorite things to do, see who could annoy the man the most.


"Oh, I will totally beat you!" He said smiling.


"Nah ah! I'm totally better!" she said grinning uncontrolibly.


"No way! I'm SO better!" he said and kissed her forhead, "Now fly my love! The beast is coming back!"


She laughed and jumped unstage.


"One, two... Three and action!" said the camera man.


"Welcome back to the Sunny Social show! We have been interveiwing with Nicole Walter, on her new book, that was published yesterday, see stores near you for the upcoming book, HeartsEase . Walter? When you were writting this book, did you feel like it was never going to end?"


"Quite the opposit really, I felt like I ended it too soon! I was not quite ready to let go of some of the characters and the relationships between some of them."


"Speaking of relationships! I see that you are in one, may I ask with whom?" He asked with a devious smile.


Nicole felt like slapping herself, for giving him a oppurtunity to get to her, "With a man that I love, and I feel as if I am in a story myself."


"How sweet!" He sneared with his eyes, but smiled outwardly.


The audience 'awed' for a couple of minutes.


"And I hear you have Graduated. Congradulations. That must have been a hard experience!" He said with a polite smile, his eyes sending lazer beams.


"Thank you! It was definitly hard, but rewarding all the same!"


"I'm sure. Now back to your book, do you have any plans on making a sequel?"


"I don't know."


"Are you working on any other books at the moment?"




"What sort of books? Is there more then one?"


"Books." she said putting emphesis on the plural.


The man grouded his teeth in frustration. "Well, I believe we have run out for time, thank you for joining us today Ms. Walter, we will be looking forward to the next time we meet."


They got up and shook hands, Nicole smiling at him, he grimacing.


Nicole walked off stage.


"Stay tuned, next we will be having Joseph Jameson talk about his new science fiction series."




"And Cut!"


Joseph gave her the thumbs up, grinning broadly, "You were magneficent!"


"Well thank you, I can't wait for your turn!"


"Get ready!" Called the camera man.


"Let me show you how its done!" Joseph said with a playful bow.


"Go on! Get 'em tiger!" she said with a laugh.


He jogged in place, as The man did his entry speech, saying what was going on, as he said Joseph's name and held out his arm dramatically for Joseph to come from behind stage. Joseph stayed jogging in place, smiling.


The man frowned, and waited with his microphone in hand, both hands.


Another man from backstage walked up to Joseph and told him it was his turn to come on.


Joseph played dumb, and blinked his eyes blankly.


The guy pushed him lightly to get him to walk out the curtain, but Joseph made it more dramatic and threw himself back, to make it look like he was pushed roughly onto the stage. He fell to the floor, grabbing along the little table with the lamp on it.


Nicole covered her mouth, wanting to laugh, but she tried keeping it in.


So were the others in the audience, but a lot couldn't hold it and burst out laughing.


The man glanced nervously to the crowd, and went to help Joseph up, all for the camera and audience.


Joseph, who was pretending to have a hard time getting up, looking like he was an upside down crab, with his arms flailing around. One of his arms hit the man in the face as he was trying to help.


The man stumbled back, holding his nose in his hands, he tripped on the rug, and fell to the ground.


Now everyone was laughing, even the backstage helpers, were trying to smother their laughter.


Nicole rushed on stage to help Joseph who was caught in the table and the lamp wire.


More laughter came, as they recognized the last author coming unstage to help.


Joseph gave her a wink and a smile, and grabbed her arm, pulling her down, to get caught up in the wire and table as well.


The backstage helpers came on and helped everyone out.


Nicole caught a glance of the man straightening his coat and brushing away his hair with his hand, though he still looked rumpled.


Joseph got up and thanked the backstage man, whose mouth was twitching, Joseph kissed Nicole on the cheek lightly and walked to the arm chair, smiling like a great fool, his face red from the excitement.


Most of the audience had melode down, but there was still a few snickers.


"Hello Bob! How are you?" Joseph said loudly.


The man- Bob- flushed with anger, "Hello Mr. Jameson, what an exciting entrance!"


Joseph barked a laugh, "Your telling me! That man is strong! I didn't know it was time to go on, and he pushed me on!" he laughed again, "Isn't that right!" he said turning to the side, where the man was now standing behind the stage.


Bob, grimaced, "Well, yep... But we're here about your new series! We can all see, that it will be exciting and full of action, given the scene before!"


People chuckled.


Joseph smiled, "Your very right! Not meaning to brag of course, it is Exciting! And it is supper Action filled! Full of Knights and Aliens, Guns and swords, Cowboys and Circus jugglers and many other odd and exciting things!"


"Knights, Aliens and Cowboys oh my!" He said gritting his teeth for a smile, "Sounds great! I'm sure all the kids will love that!"


"Yep! And Adults! Not saying that it is just for adults, but I think they'd enjoy it as well, if, of course your a parent!" He grinned.


"Now I noticed, that in my interveiw with Ms.Walter, she said that she was in a relationship, are you the man?" He grinned now.


Joseph smiled back, "I am, why is that so very important to you, oh Bob?"


Bob bit his lip, "No reason at all," he said through clentched teeth, "We all love a bit of romance once and a while."


"Of course! Now back to my story?"


"Yes, yes... Has your relationship with Ms. Walter inspired you to write about her in anyway?" Asked Bob glancing at the clock.


"In a way, there is one character in my new series, that I think is based on her, her name is Nicsila, she is a Nune who falls in love with one of the main characters Jobe-"


"How interesting! We'll come back to that in a moment after this commercial."


The camera man held up his three fingures and dropped one after the other.


"Jendy!" Joseph cried right before the camera was shut off.


Bob's eyes rolled up into his scull and the crowd laughed at his randomness, and the reaction from Bob, that was also caught on tap, live.








Chapter 17














"Good job Jacky! Remember to stay inside the lines!" Eleanor said approvingly to her daughter.


Jacqueline smiled proudly and drawled ever so more slowly and carefully.


Annalee slapped the table excitedly, yelling with happiness.


The telephone rang and Eleanor rushed to get it.


"Hello, Wain residence?" Eleanor said into the phone, she waited for a few seconds but there was no answer. She quickly turned it off, muttering to herself about Sales people and their annoying calls.


The phone rang again.


And Eleanor picked it up, "Hello, Wain's residence?"


"Hello is this Mrs. Eleanor Wain?" asked a mans voice.


"Yes, may I ask why?"


"I believe you emailed us about the property over in Wales?"


"Yes that's us," Eleanor answered, feeling excitement well up inside her.


"Well, this property is available for buying, and also renting, but by owner. Would you like the seller's number?"


"Yes! Please!" Eleanor said with excitement.


He gave her the number and hung up, telling her that if she had any questions to call them, then gave her their phone number.


Eleanor quickly called up the number, but hung up as she thought of Richard. He would probably like to be there when she called.




"Yes Jacky?"


"Did I do good?" She asked holding out her coloring book.


Eleanor smiled, it was definitely out of the lines, but it was getting so very much better, "Well done Jacky! You did very good!"


Jacqueline smiled, happy of herself, "When is Daddy coming home?"


"Soon, but Uncle James is coming over to babysit," Eleanor said, looking forward to the time out with her husband.


"Uncle James!" Jacqueline exclaimed excitedly, and rushed through the house to her room.


Eleanor smiled, she went to the kitchen to check on the chicken and fries there. She had refused to Hotdogs, knowing that even adults have died chocking on them, so she had come up with something better but still fun for the kids.


The door bell rang, James standing in the door way smiling.


Jacqueline rushed downstairs, looked through the door window and opened the door.


James came in and hugged Jacqueline and grabbed Annalee, before she could get past him to outside. He got back up and hugged his sister, smiling.


"The french fries and chicken are almost done, and I rented a Veggie Tale movie for the girls."


James groaned at the mention of Veggie Tale's something that he had watched so much that he was now sick of.


"Don't start!" she said with a smile, "Annalee is potty training, but she still needs to where diapers."


"Elly! I know my nieces, okay! I've gone through Diaper changing school! I'm fine!" He said with a smile.


Eleanor eyed him suspiciously, but shrugged and went to her room to get all dressed up for the occasion.






Eleanor and Richard laughed a loud, enjoying each others company, without interruption.


They sat watching a opera called 'Fleu de muse', so far it was really good, very funny.


Eleanor had decided on a modest black dress that reached her knees. It had a black belt built into the waist. The sleeves were short and elegant almost a gray color. She wore blue earrings framed in gold, and a matching necklace, that was short but not exactly a choker. So with that and the black high heals she wore, with straps that wound around her ankle, she was completed with a gold bangle, a topaz stone in the middle.


Richard's garb was not as 'elegant' or 'sheeck' as his wives, but he was very dashing, with his hair combed and gelled back, black suite, and light blue tie. Black, shiny loafer's completed his look for the night, with a little spray of cologne.


The charming and good looking couple were greeted with smiles and approving eyes. The night was young and so were the two.


The play was in German, but the two of them didn't have too much trouble understanding.




"Where next?" Asked Richard, stepping out into the night.


Eleanor wrapped a shawl around her arms, shivering slightly, "I do believe that dinner is calling!" Eleanor said playfully.


Richard cupped his hand around his ear, "Why yes! But not just dinner, no! Herret's!"


Eleanor was surprised that Richard would offer dinner at their favorite, but very expensive restaurant, "Yep, I definitely agree! The food is calling!"




"If I was anymore certain about moving, I'd pick up and leave now!" Richard said to Eleanor's repetitive questioning.


"But what about the kids? Should we stay in the comfort of there grandparents?" She asked concerned.


"My parents are in Holland! How close do they need to be from them?"


"Well... You haven't talked to them in a while... and plus! We'd have to find someplace to live while the house is being constructed! And on that topic, what about the design for the house! How about the cost! We also must remember the baby! We need money for that!"


"Of course! But we have enough money for all the expenses! We could rent a house while the house is being constructed, and for the matter of the design, that's going to be easy if we know what we want."


"How about your job? What if you don't get in at it?"


"I'll try, try again!"


"What if you get the job before we're ready to move, and you have to move over there before us!"


"Well, that might be the best option."


"What!" Eleanor exclaimed, sure that her husband wasn't suggesting what she thought he was.


"I can go ahead and scout out the area, look for a good rental house for us, and work on the house and its construction. You can stay home, and work on putting the house on the market and getting it to be sold, by then our house should be nearly done! And if it isn't we'll have the rental house!"


Eleanor pursed her lips, it was a good plan she had to admit, except for the fact that she was going to be away from her husband for so long. "I don't want to be parted from you for so long!" she said, her emotions triggered.


Richard wrapped a warm and comforting arm around her shoulders, "Me either, but do you see anyway else we could do it? I'm sure we can figure out something! Like every night we could have a video chat! I'd get to see you and the girls and you'd get to see me! We can hire help for watching the gir-"


"No! I can watch my own children, thank you!" Eleanor snapped, she knew she could do without help, if she couldn't, she was just not strong enough, "It's not like I have more then two children Rich! I can handle them," she added more kindly.


Richard smiled, "Good! But I think we should find some one who will be able to watch them, when you go to the store and that sort of thing."


"I can shop with them, its not that hard!" Eleanor argued.


"Alright fine! We can find help for when you start getting pregnancy pains!" Richard smiled at his own brains, though he frowned thinking about his wife in pain, "Never mind! Let's figure out another plan! I can just tell my new boss that I need to stay with my family for a little while longer."


"No, we have already decided on you going ahead!" Eleanor said, seeing the reason of the plan, and the reason he was rejecting the idea, "I'll be fine! Its not like the pain will disappear if you are around! I will have it, whether you like it or not!"




"No buts! Your going and that's final!! Now, about the pregnancy pain, I'm sure my mother will be okay with stopping her schooling with Nat and James to be with me! When I start getting really bad pains, I'll ask her to stop and come over, now how does that sound?"


"That sounds good, but-"




Eleanor gave him a long silent glare, telling him that any sort of arguing at this point was not a good idea.


"Fine!" Richard sighed in exasperation. his arms going up and done to emphasize the emotion. "That sounds good! But she better be on you like a hawk!"


Eleanor chuckled, "Oh I'm sure she will, if she's anything like she was last time!"








"You really are going to try it?" Ella said in astonishment, hearing the idea through the phone.


"I think it is a great idea!" Piped in James.


"Well I think its risky!" Nathanael said moodily.


"What's gotten into you?" James said.


Eleanor rolled her eyes, the typical sibling yammer, Man, I am not missing much!

"If it doesn't work out then it won't be such a big problem," Ella said absently.


"At least it means you'll be spending more time with us," James said, always looking on the bright side.


"What if the house burns down?" Nathanael asked in a dramatic voice.


"Nathanael!" Ella and James cried irritably.


"That would never happen!" James said.


"God wouldn't do that to us! Plus we haven't been doing anything wrong! Have you?" Ella said.


"Of course not! I was saying that its a possibility," Nathanael said in a small voice.


"Its okay Nat!" Eleanor said, comforting her little brother even if it was only with words, "Anything can happen, but you have a good point! He wasn't just talking about the house being burned down, he was trying to say that anything can happen when you take risks. But I think this risk is worth taking, bud!"


There was murmured agrees.


"How's school going Ella?" Eleanor said, sensing the need to change the conversation.


"Great! The collage is really nice! But I'm happy for the summer break!"


"Yeah," Eleanor agreed, knowing how tough it was to do school, though she hadn't gone through collage herself. "How about you boys? What's mom making you do?"


"I'm learning Pie!" James said with excitement, mentioning the math program they used.


"I'm learning about World War One... its terrible!" Nathanael said, with a shudder in his voice.


"Yeah, just wait for war two!" Eleanor said remembering the terrible war she had learned all about. "How's Jake? I heard that he's having problems with his new house's sink."


"Oh yeah, It blew up!" Ella said as if it was simple.


"It blew up!" Eleanor exclaimed.


"Yeah nothing much else... though I think it flooded his living room, and his bedroom... He has to sleep in his kitchen now!" Ella said with a small giggle.


"Ella! That's not funny!" Eleanor said disapprovingly.


"I know, I know! Must be cool experience though!" Ella said.


Eleanor frowned, shaking her head, "No its not! Its a very stressful experience... What's the scoop on Kathy and her boyfriend?"


"You'd know first!" Ella said, a little sourly.


"Oh... Umm..." Eleanor cast about for another idea of conversation.


"How's the baby?" Ella asked suddenly.


"Great! It moved last night! I was so excited!"


"Oops! Gotta run! Mom's going to have a fit when she finds out what Nathanael did."


"What did he do?" Eleanor asked, concerned.


"Oh nothing! Just fed the cat his fish!" Ella said.


"Wait! His live fish! The one he got two years ago?"


"Yep! That's the one! But I really need to go! Bye!"


"Wait! But!" Eleanor said, but the phone line was dead, just beeping in her ear.




Eleanor opened the big box of goodies Katrina had sent her, first seeing the letter that sat on wrapping paper.

Dear Elly,


Hi ya! I thought you might like some of these things that I picked up in Greece! Their a lot of fun! I hope there is something for all of you! I think the girls would like the little candies, but if not (they do have a strange flavor), then I'm sure they'll like the little dolls.



For the next couple minutes, Eleannor enjoyed looking at all the items, thanking Katrina quietly.


"Mommy? What's that?" Jacqueline asked from the door.


"Gifts from God Aunt Katrina!" Eleanor said.


"Ooh!" Jacqueline crossed the room, and peered into the box. She saw the little doll, snatched her up and hugged her.


"Want!" Annalee cried coming into the room, 'want' being her new word. "Want! Want! Want!"


Eleanor laughed, "Here you are!" She handed Annalee the doll.


Annalee looked puzzled, looking at the doll, then up at Jacqueline, who was hugging it, rocking back and forth. Annalee hugged the doll, copying her older sister, and cooed in baby talk a little.


They went squealing off, to go play with their dolls.


Eleanor looked back and the pretty golden necklace she had been given and instantly loved it.


"Honey!?" Called Richard from the front door.


Eleanor rushed to the door, happy that her husband was back from work, but worried at the tone of voice he was using. "What Richard?" she asked worriedly.


"I got a letter," he started holding up a white letter with print on it.


She nodded, a sick feeling in her stomach, she knew what it was, but she refused to jump ahead of herself.


"Its from Bristol, saying that Mr. Dorson would like to meet me and discuss my duties as head publisher."








Chapter 18








Katrina sighed, leaning back into the tub, the water an inch away from the brim, bubbles surrounding her.


After the warm and stressful day, it was nice to kickback and enjoy a bubble bath, which she had not had for a long time.


Thoughts started to swarm around her head, like insects, almost like the locast she had seen that day, swarming around, trying to eat their cloths.


The day had been total cauos, aquitement missing, only to be found in one of the locked bedrooms of the hotel. Arguements springing everywhere. Racheal exploding with anger at Herb, who was still complaining. Harry being overly protective, and already getting into two fights because of rude humor, and just plain rudeness. One of the members of the group had gone missing, but came back after taking a walk through the nearby town. News reporters had picked them up and kept on asking what they were looking for, Racheal had not told them, and now they had the same rumors going around like the ones in Paris. Katrina had been bitten by a spider, and everyone started freaking out, after rushing her to the the hospital, ten miles away, they found out that it was harmless. Alfred had almost drowned in his own bathtub, when he fell asleep. Arnold the on hand helper, kept on getting in the way of everything.


And all this was just staying in the hotel organizing things, apartently, nothing had gotten much more organized.


Katrina felt like it was just getting worse and worse, The only thing good today was this bath! she thought to herself.


She looked at the bubbles, and started playing. The bubbles spelled random words for a couple seconds then were swallowed up be the other bubbles. Smilie faces appeared here and there, and there was the occastional animal shapes.


Katrina, noticing that there was shampoo on the side, started to wash herself, dipping her head in the water to rinse it off. Then came the conditioner, which she let sit for a while, then she cleared some of the bubbles away so that she could rinse out most of the conditioner.


Then it was time to relax, though she made sure that she didn't fall asleep.


Ten minutes latter, when the water was starting to get cold, Katrina opened her eyes, knowing that she would have to get out soon, but refusing to move.


Thankfully for her, she had a good inspiration to move.


For swimming in the water was a large brown beatle, just swimming along, as if it was in a large pool.


Katrina's eyes set on it. And with a lurch, a jump, a flutter of butterflies in her stomach and a scream, she hopped out, screaming her head off.


She bumped against the wall, as she stepped away quickly. She grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around herself.


There were bangs and the sounds of doors opening quickly.


Harry burst into the room, looking around trying to see what was going on.


Katrina screamed again.


Harry's eyes fell upon her, but as soon as they alighted on her soaking hair, and toweled body, they swung away. He walked blindly out of the room, his hand over his eyes.


Katrina couldn't help it but screamed again, thinking frantically, and making sure that the towel was secure around her.


There was muttering voices from outside.


Then the door was opened again, and Racheal stood a bit flustered in the door way.


Katrina, who was about to let go of another scream, sighed in relief.


"Are you alright?" Racheal asked with concern, rushing over to her, putting her hands on Katrina's wet shoulders and looking her up and down.


"Yeah... Just a bit... a bit... bit... Embaressed!" Katrina stammered, her limbs were going all rubbery on her, and it felt like her whole body had taken a wracking cough. "And angry! And scared! And... And!" Katrina quickly wipped away a tear, the image of Harry coming in was just so nerve wrecking for her, totally embaressing.


Racheal led her into the room they slept in, letting Katrina sit down and sniffle in her towl, as she made a cup of tea.


Katrina had the feeling of trust, Racheal was not just her boss, she was her older sister! Something she had not had.


Racheal came back with two steaming mugs of tea. Handing it to her, she smiled kindly and sat down next to Katrina.


Katrina held the cup in her hands, and sipped, ignoring the burning of her tongue. She broke into sobbs, allowing Racheal to rock her back and forth.


"That was so embaressing!" Racheal crooned, "Its okay! Its okay! It's all over now! Yeah, I know! You go ahead and cry! He should have known better then to barge in on you like that! Yeah, that's right... its okay... Its okay, that mean old bug won't hurt you!"


Katrina laughed, forgetting that the reason that Harry had come in was because of the bug. She got up and went back into the bathroom.


The beatle still was swimming on the top of the water, enjoying the peace of the swim.


Laughing again Katrina watched the bug.


"You know, Beatles are said to give you good luck!" Katrina said, whipping her nose.


Racheal nodded, "How about you get dressed and I get Harry to come in here and apologize?"


"No! Its fine! That would just be more embaressing! Please don't!" Katrina said quickly, her cheeks going red at the thought.


"You have to comfront him sometime," Racheal said.


"I know... but not quite yet! But dressing sounds like a good idea!"




Harry had apologized, many times in fact, every time he saw her, which wasn't as much as before.


The two of them started to feel rather lonely, ignoring each other all the time.


Katrina started missing the happy feeling she got around him.


And he started missing her in general.


Katrina started to miss him so much that one morning one they were alone, she comfronted him, said that she was sorry for being so cold to him, he said that he was sorry about what had happend, and they forgave and forgot.


So they kept on being friends, talking to each other normally again, laughing with each other, and just being with each other. The only differences in there friendship was, that Harry stopped being so protective, now he was just being protective, not overly.




Katrina looked into the very full backpack.


It was the day and time, they were going inside the tomb... they had propared for so long, and now they finally had all their metierals ready.


She was nervous and jumpy, whatever was in there, she knew that is was dangerous. But she was also excited, she had always been adveturous and, this was going to be just like an action book... Hmm... I think I should write a book on living in accient tombs... yes... the protagonist name shall be... "Edna!" Yeah! She'll get trapped in a prymaid, with only her backpack food... protien bars and soup cans!... hmm yes... and- no! No! "Focus"! you have enough books your working on already! You don't need to write anymore... But it would be cool... "No!" Stop! Let's just focus on the mission and forget about the story- But the story idea is cool! "I like the storyline!"- It needs a backbone! Where's the arch? Does she fall in love with a "dead mummy?" Or what!- I haven't figured that "out yet!"- Well figure it ou- I thought we need to focus on the job- Oh... yeah- So we made up our mind too... FOCUS!

She looked around, not concerned about the discussion she had just had with her self, occasionaly speeking outloud in a mumble without thought.


Herb and Alfred were already used to Katrina mumbling to herself, ussually when she was trying to concetrate on something.


But Harry on the other hand was a little bit concerned, but adventually got used to it, as Katrina just mumbled to herself, ussually having am angry or confused look upon her face.


"Okay guy's!" Racheal called out to them, standing up on a crate of flares, "We're about to go in, I want everyone to listen to one another, If something happends to me, Alfred Dunn is in charge-"


Alfred did a fist punch to the front of himself, and brought it back into a 'Che ching' movement.


Herb scowled.


"But if anything happends to him, Katrina O'Patrick is in charge."


Many people started an up hoar of protest, remarks of "But she's the Lingustic!" and "How come she outranks me?" also "No!"


Racheal silenced them all with one icy glare.


But what might have silenced them was the threate Harry gave, by cracking his knuckles fiercely.


Katrina's cheeks were burning like the fire in Jutenheim, embarressed at the sudden change of person.


Racheal frowned, knowing that she picked the right person, but not knowing if people would follow her, "I want you to listen to your neighbor, no matter who is in charge! If it is important, not just telling one man to the next that Alfreds underwear are pink, got it!?"


Alfred gaped at her, embaressed and wondering how she knew.


People chuckled their answer.


Katrina giggled, trying the best she could, not to laugh, but grateful for the distraction Racheal had given the people from her.


Harry raised his hand.


Racheal turned to him, "Yes Harold?"


"How narrow is it?" Harry asked, looking concerned.


"Well... we don't know... The entrance is wide enough for three people to walk in, side by side, but there is no promises that it will stay like that the farther we get in, we could get rather cramped, single-file might be needed, and we might just meet a dead end.. Understand that there are no certainty of us finding anything... Treasure hunters might have already ransacked the place, but also understand that none of this is going into our own pockets, we're given anything we find to the museums," she looked at them sternly.


People nodded their assent, already knowing this, was the way Racheal worked.


Katrina's belly lurched with axiety, fear and excitement.


The first few steps were taken proudly and couragiously, but the further they went on, the slower they went.


It did narrow, consederibly. To the point that they had to do sinlge- file to feel comfortable.


Racheal was infront, then it was Alfred, Herb, three Archealogist that were hired for the job, Gregory- an Egyption symbol expert, Dolly- the assistent scientiest, Brandon- a doctor, Katrina, Harry, Phinis- the tecnology guy, Arnold- the assistant.


Harry had to keep on ducking over head rocks that jutted out dangerously.


Everyone was holding a flash light, their backpacks on their backs.


Katrina was starring wide-eyed at all the amazing drawlings on the wall, some were inscipted with symbols others were stories of Gods and monsters.


There was one with Horus the sun god, killing a huge river snake that wrapped around his body. It was saying that Horus fought the poison fangs back with his sycal, but when that was snapped in half, he used his bird like beak to cut open the flesh on the coil that was holding him tight.


Katrina jotted things down on her note book, absolutely amazed, knowing that it was her job to write the myth out and publish it, so that people knew, she was excited. Katrina turned the beam at Harry.


He smiled back at her, happy to see her happy, though thoughts of different dangerous things coming into his head.


They filled on, stopping to stare transfixed by the incriptions, or stare dumbfouded at drawlings, that had stayed there for thousands of years and were still in perfect shape.


"These are amazing!" whispered Phinis taking a picture with his complecated looking camera.


"I know!" Alfred breathed, looking at some of the runes, "Katrina! Over here please!"


Katrina squeezed next to him, so that she could desipher it for him.


Harry pushed his way next to her, knowing that it was his job to keep her safe.


Katrina read it out to Alfred, who scribbled down everything into his notebook, being the Historian, he liked things that told of history.


Herb was rubbing his fingures together, smelling something on his hand.


"What is it?" Racheal asked him.


Herb looked confused, and shook his head, "Don't know? In all my life I've never seen such a interestin' formula... Well, 'cept for the-"


Herbs comment was cut off, by screams. The flashlights had flicked off, living them in complete darkness, not the fainest of light.


Katrina fought desperately against the rock that was lodged around her arm, but she was stuck.


Then there was pushing and shoving, as people started to get panicked, shouting and trying to find their way back up the tunnel.


"STOP!" yelled Racheal and Katrina at the same time.


Everyone stopped in their tracks.


"Stop moving! We'll never see the light again if you do!" Racheal yelled comandening.


"What are we going to do?!" Squeaked a voice, that was Arnolds.


"We're going to use our heads!" Racheal shot back. "First things first! Name check! Alfred!?"


"He-here!" Afred said in a shaking voice.




There was the sound of a gulp, " 'Ere!" He said as if his throat had gone dry.


"Katrina?!" Racheal asked axiosly.


"I'm here," Katrina said calmly, making the others envy her attitude towards the moment.


The name check went on, with them only missing Dolly- the assestant scientist, Brandon- the doctor and Gregory- the Egyptian symbol guy, and to Katrina's great grief Harry, did not answer the call.


"Now listen here, can anyone reach their flares?"


"NO!" Herb yelled fiercely.


"Why not?" Racheal asked.


"Them walls... And the formula that is on 'em, I'm not sure they're flamible or not," Herb said.


"We can at least try," piped in Alfred.


"I'm the scientiest 'ere! And I say we don't!" Herb said angrily.


"What made our flashlights turn off?" Asked Phinis.


"Don't know, somethin' is pretty fishy 'bout the place... Technology was one of these 'ere Egyptians strong points!"


"How are you suppost to know? I'm the historian on this dig! And Egyptians were definitely not smart enough to create... this!" Alfred said.


"And who 'ere say's that We were any mor' smarter then 'em?" Herb asked with anger.


"Be- Be... Because! They had no technology back then, except for the water clocks and such, nothing like we have now!"


"Who said?" Katrina piped in, the conversation was going where she had researched with her mother a lot.


"Yeah! Who say's that they didn't 'ave the stuff we 'ave?" Herb agreed with her.


"They didn't!" Chirped Phinis, "The Aliens did!"


Katrina smiled, nodding her head, but remembered that nobody could see that movment, "Yeah!"


"Guy's this is pointless!" Racheal said, "Apparently there was a specail sort of rock that drains the energy out of things."


Katrina saw the sense in that, "And plus, they propably new that people were going to use batteries, through the stars anyway and found a counter attack! And did you know, that people had found a battery from Egypt that was back in the Accient Egyptian times! Of course it was much bigger, in a clay jar and stuff."


"Hey I read that too! How about those Disk's in-"


"Guy's would you please stop talking about Aliens! We are in the dark!" Racheal said with annoyance.


"Go a'ead an' try lightin' one up," Herb ruffed, "Whatta I care, It was my dream to die by explosion." The scarcasim was so rich that it could have been Sarcasim chocolate fudge cake.


Racheal reached back to her pack, but there was a sound of a soft thump, and they knew she had dropped it, "Sorry!" She mumbled, and they heard several yelps of pain, from her and from others that were closer to her, "I can't find it!" she yelled.


"Don't worry," said Alfred, they heard the sound of a zipper being un-zipped, there were a few tense minutes as Alfred search his bags, mumbling to himself, "Their not here!" He yelled in dismay.


They then heard some one burst into tears, "I'm s..s..s..sorry!"wailed Arnold, who had been waiting in his own guilt, " I..I..I.. them!"


Everyone sighed with frustration and exaspiration.


"Well that settles it!" Racheal said, she searched around on the ground, but only hit the opposite wall.


"We're doomed!" cried an Archealogist.


"Shut up!" the second Archealogist hissed back.


"We remind me of the Three Blind Mice!" said the third, blindly.


There was another thump, as Racheal bumped into a wall.


Katrina tried freeing her arm from the wall but, any hopes she had were short-lived. With a start, she suddenly remembered something, that no one else had thought of bringing.


She twisted around to her back pack, getting it to dangle on her left arm- which was stuck. She shakily unzipped it, wondering if her idea would really save them, or actualy send them to their deaths.


"I really hope there's no Minotars down here," Phinis said in a faraway voice.


Herb hurumphed.


Katrina frumbled around in the backpack, and her fingures closed upon a little box, she pulled them out blindly, not knowing if it was the box she was looking for. Something smooth and cold, slid into her hand, she grasped it like a life line. "Does anyone have a match?" She asked in a shaky voice.


"I have some," one of the archealogists said.


Muffled sounds came from somwhere to Katrina's left.


Then there was the sound of some one striking a match. There was a tiny glow, but not enough to reach some people, only the archealogist face, and Katrina's.


The archealogist saw what Katrina was holding and walked foward to light the white candle she had bought that one shopping trip. She now thanked her intution. The light grew stronger as the candle lit up. More candles were lit and handed to one another, till it was light enough for them to see all of each other.


The missing people all were on the ground unconsious, apartenly, they had bumped into walls when the lights went out.


Katrina turned around to see what had snagged her, and to her suprise an great relief, Harry stood smiling weakly at her, still clutching her arm, as if she was going to disapear, or the floor crumble beneath her.


She smiled reasuringly back, wanting to comfort him into letting go of her now tingly arm.


He let go reluctently, but still held unto her hand.


She felt safe at his touch, and knew that nothing bad would befall her with Harry around.


"Let's go back up!" Racheal called.


They all turned around, not argueing with her sensible order.


When they got outside, they thankfully sunk to the ground, starring up at the star filled sky, grateful to be alive.




Katrina sat with a sigh into her living room couch, she was now home, something that had filled her mind for a long time sense her adventure into the tomb.


Racheal had reluctently let her go, but she was still traveling to other places. Though she didn't need her for her next trip


She sighed again, petting her cat lovingly.


Her doorbell rang.


Katrina frowned, wondering who it might have been, "Stay here," She told her cat's. "Hello?" she peeped her head out through the door.


Harry smiled at her.


She opened the door all the way, "Harry! What are you doing here?"


"I just wanted to make sure you got home alright," he said.


She smiled, "I think I can walk to my own house, Harry."


He smiled slyly, "Aparently not," he said looking at the very muddy boots in the corner.


She pursed her lips in mock anger, "I'm not as weak and helpless as you think!" she said deffensively putting her hands on her hips.


He smiled, "Prove it!"


She gaped in mock offence, though she was a bit offended, "Listen here sir, I don't need a shining knight to save me! I figured out the candle thing all by myself, I did That without your help!"


He frowned, preteneding to think deeply, "Well you've got a point, but how about when you started crying?"


"I was having a bad day! And your father was threatening to take my house!" Katrina said.


"The truck?"


"It was a car! And I would have gotten out of the way anyways!"


"How about when you fainted in the park?"


"I would have woken up and went home!"


"How about when you tried walking into trafic?"


"I would have stopped myself!"


"How about those thugs outside the hotel?"


"I would have went back inside!"


"How about in the tomb, when the lights went out?"


"I wouldn't have freaked out like everyone else, I'm smarter then that, Harry!" Katrina said


He smiled, "At least admit I saved you from the cars!"


She pursed her lips, "Fine! You saved me from the cars! And your father!" she said, and turned around to go back inside.


Harry stood uncertain if he was welcome in.


Katrina went into the kitchen propared to make tea, but noticed that Harry hadn't followed her in, "Please come in!" she said quickly.


He smiled and stepped in, looking around the house in awe, he started starring at an old greecian jar, and an icelandic viking sword on the wall.


Katrina searched around the many cupboards for the old tea pot she was given from her grandmother, "What kind would you like?" she called out to him.


He entered the kitchen, and went straight to her tea cabnit.


She starred at him in amazment, "You know my kitchen like it was your own!"


He smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, I couldn't help but search through all your cabnits that one time I was looking for tea."


She shrugged, and went back to work, trying to get her coffee maker (which she used more for heating water) to work.


Harry walked over and pushed the 'On' button.


Katrina felt foolish.


But Harry just went back to looking at all the tea's, "Do you mind if I take this one? I've alway's liked really strong teas."


She shook her head, "No I don't mind!" she said.


"What does it say?" he asked looking at the norse on the tea box.


"It says that its Green tea, made with special finland herbs," she said, going through the boxes herself.


"Oh," he said shortly, "What's this kind?"


"Sideritis herb tea, it comes from the Meditranians, I got it in Greece when I was there this year," she said absently, looking at a camellia tea.


They both brewed their picked out teas and waited for them to be done.


Harry was starring at a painting, and about to ask something when the house phone rang.


Katrina went to get it, but it wasn't on its hook, she searched around a while till she found it between the couch cushions, "Hello, Katrina O'Patrick, can I help you?"


"Yes this is your publisher, are you by chance done with your promised book?" He asked.


Katrina looked towards her lap-top, "Not exactly."


"Miss O'Patrick! We are counting on you to be finished with that before next month! Oh and you have an interview tomorrow at two."


"What! Who planned this!" She asked, outraged that she wasn't informed.


"Me and the Sunny ," he said defintly.


"The Sunny! I hate him! He's always pestering me with unwanted questions!" She burst angrily.


"Well, I'm sorry! But we cancel it now."


"Sir! I just got home from Eygpt!" She exclaimed.


"What the blazes were you doing in Eygpt?" he asked angrily.


"None of your bees wax!" she snapped.


"Fine! But you have to be there at two! End of discussion!"


She sighed, "Fine," she mumbled.


"Good!" he hung up.


She pushed the red phone button, and grabbed her tea, pouring honey into it, "Would you like honey or suger?" she asked wearedly.


"Doesn't matter," he shrugged, looking a bit concerned, he had been listening in, "Who was that?" he asked as they sat down to drink their tea.


"Oh that was just my publisher, he had forced me into a corner, to do a interview!" She sighed, sipping at her tea.


Harry swallowed his gulp of burning tea, "Your a writer?"


She smiled, "Yep, I write young adult books."


"Oh," he said simply, then his face lit up, "You wrote that one book... uhh... what was it... Hold up, it will come to me! Um..."


"Breaking sun?" Katrina offered.




"Flowered luck?"




"Magpie pudding?"


"Umm... No!"


"Ghost's like chicken?"




"The Woolery series?"


"I don't think so."


"Crushed heart?"


He shook his head.


"Emily's dare?"




"Knight's vs. Dragons?"


"YES! That's the one! I read that when I was in collage, that was good!" he exclaimed, "I can't believe you wrote that!"


She smiled shyly, "Well, you know..." she mumbled, "Thanks."


"No, really! It was really good! There was also another book that I read from you... umm... Mountain steps!" He said.


She nodded, keeping her mouth to her cup, so that he couldn't see her blush.


"And didn't you write down a couple of myths?" he asked.


She nodded vigoriously, "Yep, I did those when I went to Iceland! My favorite myths of all are Norse! And that's saying a lot, sense I'm enthralled with myths!"


He nodded, almost beaming with pleasure, he sipped, with a mutter of , "Wow."


"But my friends are a lot better then I! Nicky wrote this book, called, Midnight dance! That one was... just... Amazing! True literature! Then Elly, she wrote this incredible story about motherhood! It was the sweetest and heartfelt book I've ever read!" She said amireringly.


He frowned in confusion, "Who?"


"Oh, sorry! You might have seen that I've written with two other authors some times, well their my bestest friends! Eleanor Newson... I mean Eleanor Wain and Nicole Walter.... Soon to be Nicole Jameson!" Katrina said starring out to space.


Harry nodded, "That's neat, I mean for you all to be friends and authors, and write together... Are you still in touch?"


"Oh yes!" she exclaimed, "I don't know what I'd do without their friendship!"


"Tell me about them," he said leaning back on the couch.


Katrina smiled, "Eleanor, or Elly, she is a mother of two girls! But she's pregnant, that's why I fainted in the park you see. Well we've been friends sense... I don't know five! Then Nicole, or Nicky, she's engaged and she just graduated, we've been friends ever sense we were twelve! So we're all pretty close!"


"How long have Elly and Nicky been friends?" He asked.


"Sense thirteen, I think I put them together!" She said, looking back to all those years.


"Neat... What are Elly's childrens names?"


"Jacqueline and Annalee, There both sweethearts, from what I hear! Oh and I'm their GodAunt!" she smiled, remembering the joke that was taken seriosly.


Harry laughed, "I'm guessing Nicky is the other GodAunt."


Katrina nodded, smiling in amusment.


"Whose Nicky's fience?"


"His names Joseph Jameson... I think he's perfect for her! I met him on the way to france!" She said.


Harry nodded, sipping the last of his tea, "And you?"


Katrina smiled ruefully, "I am a Anthropologist and Author! I live here in Ireland, I have a sister and three brother's, and a knight at my heals!" she said jestingly.


Harry laughed.


"How about you?" She asked.


"I am a... Well... I am a law enforser, like my father, I live in Ireland, I have an older brother a younger brother and a little sister, and my second job is a guardian!" He smiled.


Katrina giggled, "What's your siblings names?"


"My older brother is Henry, he lives in New York as a Government Employee. My younger brother is Homar, he lives with my grandparents, over in Florida. My younger sister is Hailey, she lives with Homar," He said, a little sadly.


Katrina frowned, and rubbed his shoulder to comfort him.


He smiled at her in thanks, he sighed, "How about you?"


"Well, I'm the oldest of my family, so all of these go in order down, there's my sister, I think you saw her when we were in france."


He nodded, "Page?"


Katrina shook her head, "No, Pansy, that's Pansy... She's married and lives in North New Zealand. After that is Peter, my brother who just went off to Collage in Oxford."


"Wow! Tell him Congradulations for me!"


Katrina smiled, "I will, next is the second youngest, Konal, he lives with my parents still in South New Zealand. Then there's my littlest brother, Pierce, he lives my parents, but instead of being homeschooled, like the rest of us were, he goes to school."


"You were homeschooled!?" Harry asked in amazment.


"Yep, best thing if you ask me," she said with a sly smile.


"I wish I were homeschooled..." he said absently, then he shook his head, "What's your parents names?"


"Kristina and Patterson, but they're ussually called, Kris and Pat!" She said, an image of her parents popped up in her mind, "What's your father's real name? I only know him as Mr.Williams."


"Hortan, he doesn't like it because of the elephant in the Dr.Seus books, so if you want him to like you, I'd go with Williams," Harry said.


"So You have an 'H' theme going, our family is 'K's and 'P's."


"So your mom's name is spelled with a 'K'?" he asked,


"Yep... How about your grandparents?" Katrina asked, avoiding the subject of Harry's mother.


"Granny Emma and Grandpa Hubert Bronz, they're from my mothers side," Harry explanned.


Katrina nodded, "I have many grandparents."


Harry nodded in his turn.


The conversation had gotten into uneasy silence, Katrina not wanted to ask, and Harry wanting to tell.


"My mother's name was Hannah," Harry burst.


Katrina bit her lip, "What a lovely name. You all have wonderful names!"


"Thanks... You too."


They lapsed back into silence.


"Do you have any friends?" Katrina asked suddenly.


Harry nodded, "I have a collage buddy, his names Derick, we were room-mates. And then there's Mark who lived next to my house for a while, and then my old buddy Thomas from fourth grade."


"Neat... That's nice that you've been friends for so long!" Katrina said thinking of her own best friends.


"Yeah, it is... Like your friends..." He looked down at his watch, his face went into an expression of surprise, "I'm sorry! I have to go."


Katrina and Harry both got up awkwardly, but still quickly.


Harry walked to the door, and turned around, "Uh... Bye," he said uncertainly.


Katrina put her hands in her jean pockets, "Yeah, bye... thanks for coming! I really enjoyed your company!"


"I enjoyed... yours," Harry said.


There eyes met.


Katrina blushed lightly.


Harry's feet started sweating nervously, he turned around abruptly, opening the door and going out, disapearing as the door shut.


Katrina was surprised by this, but went over to lock it.


The door swung open, "Bye," Harry said, popping in his head.


Katrina smiled in amusement, "Bye!"




"Go!" Katrina giggled.


He smiled, and went to shut the door, "Bye, Katrina!"


"Bye Harry!" Katrina smiled, and locked the door.


Looking out the window, she watched him hop into a black business like looking car, and drive away, not without waving at Katrina, who he saw watching him.


She waved back absentmindly, thinking about all the different feelings she was having.


I love him...


I hope you like the neckalce, it's one of three that I found at a little place of the sea shore.


Richard should like the book, if he does not already have it! But it might be nice to have some more Homer!


I also fond this nice broach, its antique and was found in an abandoned Grecian town, on one of the cobble stone streets! Isn't that awesome!


I also picked up a stone from one of the streets! Its so cool!


Have fun sorting through!






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