Friendship of Three- chapter 1, 2 and 3.

Fiction By Kassady // 1/6/2012

Hi guys! I've already posted chapter one, but I thought I'll post three chapters altogether for you. This is a story that I made which a book in a trilogy... a trilogy in a trilogy series.

HomeschoolGirl had the idea to begin with, and wrote her version first, "The Three"  which is about her, Liddyanne (a friend of mine) and me a few years from now...  I jumped on the band wagon and created mine which was about us three ten years from when we were thirteen, sooooo... This is the first story, next is "Triangle: A three sided tale" (or story?) which I' m still working on. 

So if you are still interest ;-) please read and tell me what you think.

Sorry, I have not editted the first half of the book, so there are SO many misspelled words and.... its just a nightmare!  If you can get to chapter... 22 you'll be good because I editted the other half :-P



Friendship of Three

Kassady's version


Chapter one.


Nicole sat watching cars go by from a coffee shop window.

She had just finished a chapter of her new book, and had decided to stop and wait for her boyfriend to come. Yes, she didn't really like it when girls younger then sixteen or older got into a relationship. But after all she was older then Sixteen, she had just turned twenty three and it was very surprising for her, that she hadn't finished collage yet.


A foolish grin spread over her face, as she caught sight of him. He walked across the road, smiling, and striding like he always did.

Nicole liked his stride for some reason, it was so manly and familiar.

He walked through the cafe's door, sending the bells on the top of the door, jingling joyfully.

She quickly looked into a window, with a reflection, and patted her hair down.

He walked over and smiled his perfect smile, "Hello ma'am, I was wondering if you might have an extra pen?" he said in a joking manner.

Nicole laughed, jumping up and hugging him.

He kissed her cheek, his eyes twinkling with happiness.

"Joseph! You made me worried! What took you so long?" Nicole asked, feeling the tension in her stomach vanish, as he sat down.

"Oh you know," he said lazily, "Had to pick up somethin'."

"Aw... I see!" she said in knowing voice, even though she had no idea what he might have been getting.

"So are you going to give me that Pen or not?" He said in a serous voice.

"What?!" Nicole asked baffled.

"I asked you if you had an extra pen, but you never answered. I need one for my assignment! I forgot mine in my truck."

Nicole laughed, figuring it all out, "Here you are!" she said handing him a pencil.

"This is a pencil!" he said in exasperation.

"I know!"

"Nicky! I don't need a pencil, I need a pen!"

"Pencil's are more helpful! If you do something wrong you can just erase it!"

"You and your obsession with pencils" he said jokingly and reached over to take her pen.

"Hey!" she laughed in a playful voice.

They both smiled at each other, enjoying each others company.

"I'm going to buy a quick coffee, do you want anything?" Nicole asked getting up.

"Nah'ah! You are not buying anything! I'll buy!" Joseph said taking out his wallet.

"NO! You already payed for my dinner yesterday night and my lunch and my lunch and dinner the day before that! I think I can afford a couple of coffees!" Nicole demanded.

Joseph seemed thwarted by this reply, and put his wallet back in his pocket, "I'll have a coffee as well!" He said with a sigh.

Nicole gave him a glare, "Are you sure that's all?!"

"Yes, just a coffee."

"Okay" She said twirling around, her short brown hair fanning out a little, almost like a skirt. She knew he wanted a blueberry muffin, but didn't want her to pay for it. So she ordered two coffees and two blueberry muffins.

"But!" he stammered.

"If you don't want it I'll eat it!" she said, knowing that this would win him over.

"No Its fine!" he said quickly and grabbed it from the table, "Thanks!" he said through a mouth full of muffin.

She smiled and sipped her coffee in contentment.


Nicole bumped clumsily against her apartment kitchen counter. She rubbed her arm, feeling rather silly.

Joseph walked over to her and kissed her elbow, "All better!" he cried cheerfully.

Nicole laughed, "Yep, that definitely made the pain disappear!" she said playfully.

Joseph smiled at her, that turned to a long stare.

"What?" Nicole asked, puzzled at the look he was giving her.

"Nothing!" he shook himself at her words, as if he hadn't realized he was even staring at her at all.

"You okay?" She asked with concern, remembering when she had heard about people who blanked out for a little while.

"Yeah, yeah! Just thinking," he said sitting down at her table.

Nicole's roommate, Tawnia, walked in then. A woman with blond hair and green eyes, who was always going out for parties (because Nicole had made sure she didn't have any parties in the apartment). They had become a little more then acquaintances but not exactly friends.

"Oh." she said shortly, seeing the both of them, and then went back to her room.

Nicole sighed , then smiled apolitically over at Joseph, "Sorry about her."

He waved his hand, "Don't be! My own roommate is worse, he actually bugs people who come over." He stared at her again.

And she could feel his unwavering gaze on her back as she took out the lasagna. She smelled it, closing her eyes and letting the aroma waft into her nose, and trigger the brain making it say Yummy!


Eleanor smiled happily as she watched her two young girls playing dolls in the living room.

She started scrubbing at a dirty dish. The ketchup had dried and made a red gooey crest that was hard to rub off. In the end she had to use her fingernail.

Her teeth clenched she washed off the red stuff from under her nail.

A scream came from the living room, and she rushed to see what had happened.

But both girls were fine. Apparently her oldest had made the barbie doll fall of a cliff (off the coffee table) screaming.

"Jacqueline! That is not nice!" Eleanor scolded her daughter with a disapproving tone, "You need to be an example for your sister Annalee."

"Sowwy mommy," Jacqueline said in a sad voice, her head hanging. But Eleanor, all to well saw the the four year old's little face was glowing with a smile of merriment.

She frowned as she turned away from her child, What movie has my silly husband let her watch! she thought in despair. Sometimes you'd think that he didn't know he's a father. ********

Eleanor heard the front door open and close, as a mans voice called out- as tradition- , "HONEY I'M HOME!"

There were laughs from the front door, and a couple of manly chuckles.

Eleanor walked to the voices. A tall man came in view, with sandy colored hair, and deep blue eyes. He was tossing the two year old Annalee up in the air and catching her, as she squealed with joy and laughed happily.

He put her down gently, looking at Eleanor, in a pretend stunned face , "I have traveled long and wide, and never in my travels have I ever met a maiden as beautiful and fair as you" he said dramatically. He twirled her into an embrace, where they kissed.

Jacqueline made a gagging sound, and Annalee giggled.

They broke apart, smiling foolishly.

The both of them had been married for several years now, but it never changed her crush on him.

The happy family walked into the kitchen together, but after they kissed again, Jacqueline and Annalee ran out of the kitchen giggling.

"How was work today, Richard?" Eleanor asked as she took the baked chicken from the oven.

"Great! I published three stories today!" Richard answered putting dirty Tupperware into the sink from his lunch bag.

"Oh! Good for you!"

"Any chance of me publishing any of yours?" he asked smiling.

"You be patient mister publisher!" she said jokingly, pointing her ladle at him like a sword.

He made a pretend face of shock, and threw up his hands, "Oh no! Not the chicken sauce covered wooden cooking spoon!" He cried sarcastically.

She laughed, and plunged the ladle into his side.

They both laughed, till they both noticed Annalee, walking in. She had no pants on, and she didn't have her diaper either. She squealed triumphantly, and ran through the house, Richard, Eleanor's beloved husband chasing after her.


"We thank god for this meal set before our person, and we wish it give good nourishment to our bodies... Amen," Richard finished the prayer.

Eleanor stood up, so that she could dish out food more easily.

"Daddy!" Jacqueline said cheerfully.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"We ate chicken and fries today!"

"Oh really! Were they yummy?" Richard said playing along in the conversation.

"Yep! And they were..." she paused, "the bomb!"

Richard choked as he laughed at his daughters use of wording.

Eleanor frowned, "Oh yes! They were the 'bomb', but Jacky" She said her wit coming to her, "Tell daddy about your barbie doll game."

"Oh ya," she paused to dramatically draw a deep breath, "Me and Annalee played with dolls today! And we made them blow up! And then I made Katty-kitty fall off a cliff and die! But mommy didn't like that, and she yelled at me."

Eleanor gaped at how this had been directed at her, "I didn't yell! Jacky, sweety,

I just didn't like what you were doing!"

Richard looked like he was going to burst out laughing, but was thinking better of it in front of his upset wife, "Yes Jacky-Wacky, its not nice to blow people up and make them jump off cliffs. Its not funny or nice!"

Jacqueline nodded seriously, and she seemed to take it more seriously then she did with Eleanor.

Eleanor was shocked, but didn't say anything. Feeling that the conversation had gone the right way and Jacky had learned her lesson.

There was nothing more to say but, "Pass the peas please!"


Katrina walked through the beautiful old Grecian museum. Her heart racing excitedly at each turn as she saw old Greek vases, that had been cracked. She went on and there were paintings. She stood and gasped at each one, looking at their details and colors. She soon found herself in a room that was a complete circle, being a dome. She looked up and to her surprise and giddy delight, the ceiling was covered in a huge painting. Katrina looked nervously around, to make sure no tour guide or any one else was in the room. And no one was. She smiled and lay down on the hard marble floors and starred at the ceiling contentedly.

She was a linguistic Anthropologist. And she was there in Greece for an archaeological dig, where she was the translator and disipherer of the greecian ruiens. She loved it! And definitly the part of it being myths. She was absessed with myths and religions, they were just so interesting to her.

At the moment she was naming all the greek gods and goddesses she saw in the painting. She then deciphered the greek around the rim of the painting, in golden letters. So the time past on with her, intertaining herself with figuring out what the riddle was.

"Enjoying yourself, I see," called a womans voice.

Katrina jumped up, startled at the sudden apearence of her boss. She smiled when she saw who it was, "It's all so beautiful!"

"Yes," she breathed, "It is isn't it, nice place to live! Nice people, nice art and artifacts. But what I really love, is how old it is!"

"Oh yes! Such beauty! And SO old!" Katrina agreed. She sighed contentedly.

"Okay miss dreamy, we need you on the sight... like now!" her boss turned and went out.

Katrina sighed again, but this time with exasperation. She followed, promising the building that she would be back.


"Hi mom!" Katrina talked into her phone, as she walked through the airport, trying to find her wing.

"Hey Honey! So your leaving today?" her moms voice came from the other end.

"Yep.... I'm leaving Greece!" It felt like a hard thing to say.

"Did you get to see everything you wanted?"

"Yeah! I had a lot of fun! You know visiting old ruins, and the Parthenon, Oh and there was this... AMAZING and awe-inspiring stadium! it was called... oh! Thearte of Dionysos! It was amaizing! the tour guide said that it could seat Twenty thousand spectaters in sixty four tiers! And that's just for people who sat! Can you imagine how many people there would be without chairs!"

There was a chuckle from the other side of the line, "Good! So are you coming over here?"

"No sorry mom! I have to go reclaim my house before they auction it off!"

"Which house? I forgot where you live now! Was it Russia! Iceland! Germany!" her mother said sarcasticly.

Katrina grimaced at her mothers joke, "Ha-ha Very funny!" she answered sarcasticly back.

"Peter is going to collage in a few months." Her mother said, changing the topic.

"HE IS!" Katrina exlaimed at her younger brother going to collage.

"Yep, will you be at the collage party?"

"Maybe.... I don't know?"

"Katrina! "

"Fine! I'll really try to be there! Really, really Try!"

"Thank you!"

"When is it?"

"Next month, the 10th"

"Hey four days before my birthday.... OH! I see you, sly fox!"

Her mother laughed, "I'm just saying it would be nice for you to come her in New Zealand for some mother daughter time for your birthday."

"Yeah so that you can berate me with questions about- Ah'ha!" She exclaoimed, cutting her sentance off as she saw her flight number.


"Sorry Mom! I probably should go now, my plain is about to leave!" In thirty minutes she thought.

"Okay, text me when you land, please."

"Will do mom! Love you!"

"Love you too."




Chapter 2


Eleanor stretched to the side, as her Yoga instructer said to do. The woman next to her, with blond hair, was smiling, as she did it easily. Eleanor could do this stretch easily, and she pobably was a very flexible mom, but she was still not the best. So she wasn't very satifide when the woman stretched even farther. Show off! Eleanor thought to herself, as she tried to beat the stretch, she heard her flexible yoga pants make the tear sound, though when she looked there was nothing. She just had to be more careful.

"And the other side" said the instructer.

Every one shifted to the other side.

And again the blond haired woman went lower then all the rest.

Eleanor didn't this time, seeing the mistake in the womans stretch. The instructer came walked over, and helped the woman into the pose Eleanor was doing.

"And remember!" The instructer said quitely to the lady, "Always relax in your stretchs, these are to help you get harmed up. We don't want your back to snap, okay!"

The blond woman nodded.

"Good job Mrs. Wain!" Said the instructer to Eleanor.

"Thanks" Eleanor smiled, and she tried but did not succeed, to remove the look of smugness on her face.

Eleanor groaned lightly as it was burning in her arm muscle.

"And foward!" The instructer, instructed.

Every one straightened then bent over forward.

Eleanor could feel her hamstring being pulled stretched.

The blond lady again showed her flexibilty skills by putting her head threw her legs.

Eleannor rolled her eyes, but she completely bent. Which satified her greatly. Her nose was touching her leg. And that was good enough for her, and the instructer.

The Instructer came over again to the lady, "Okay Ms. Evtine, please don't over do yourself." She moved on to another woman who was having a hard time relaxing.

Eleanor came up straight backed, as the instructer, told them to do backwards.

This was harder for Eleanor, and the Blond lady went further then Eleanor. Her body now looked like a one legged desk or table.

This impressed Eleanor, but she didn't go any further, afraid that she might be corrected by the teacher.

But the instructer was impressed as well, but went over to another lady, who had went totally backwards, and was almost touching the ground.

They both sighed in exasperation.


Eleanor sat down at her computer. Forcing herself to at least get in a chair. Her bones and muscules cried out at there use, then sighed in relief at their brake.

She checked her emails real quick, and she had seven.

Two from a fellow mother.

Three from her family.

And two from her best friends, Katrina and Nicole.

Nicole wrote:

Dear Elly

Hi! How is it over there?

I haven't heard much from you lately, and I was wondering if you

were okay!

Katrina said that you are taking yoga and karate! I was

surprised to read that, definitly now that you have TWO children!

How are they? I want to see them so badly!

I'm still it Collage! ARGH!

But I guess I had a late start... oh well!

Can you believe it! I'm in a Relationship! Me! He's soooo sweet!

And his names Joseph Mortley. I really want you to meet him!

Both you and Katrina.

Hows your relationship with Richard? Are you still in love with him

like you were when I last saw you? You were blushing everytime you

saw him, as if you still had a crush on him.

I sort of Envy Katrina at the momment!

I don't know about you, but she is as free as a bird! And we're

both stuck in cages.

My cage is called "Collage"

And yours is "Family".

Ooops! Gotta run, I'm meeting Joseph at a coffee

shop. Going to help him with his Home work! LOL!

Love yah!


Eleanor sighed smiling, happy for Nicole to have a nice relationship with some one.

"She needs that," she mumbled to herself, as she replied quickly.

Dear Nicky!

Everything over here is great!

The girls are as sweet as can be... well some days, haha!

Jacqueline is growing ever so more vilent. And Annalee is begining

to test me more and more. I swear they are both out to get me some

days! But other days they are sweet as angels.

I am still madly in love with Richard, thank you very much

(Hahaha)! I think I'll always have a crush on him!

He's just so romantic and dreamy!

Yes, I am doing Yoga! I just did it last night, and now all my

body is sore!

And the karate... well I sort of quit that for a little while...

I think I'm going to do it again when Annalee is older, and I

She finsihed, and sent it. Then forwarded it to Katrina. It always made her uncomfortable talking about people and then not telling them what they were talking about. So if it had to do with some one else, she would tell or forward whatever she was talking about to them.

She then opened Katrina's email and was shocked to see how long it was.

Dear Elly,

I am having so much fun over here in greece! And I'll be sad to

leave in two days *tearing up*.

I went on a two week bus tour of greece! It was the funnest thing

ever! But I won't say it was the funnest thing in my life.

It was SOOOO HOT! But not too hot that I couldn't appreciate it.

We first went to a little place on the coast and people had fun

swimming, which I didn't understand why they would even want to

go to the beach when there so much things to look at! I spent the

time at the sea side shops, and I bought some things that looked

interesting, I'll send some stuff from there to you once I get

home! Then after a couple hours there, we went to an old museum

FULL of artifacts! And they were bringing in MORE! LOL! It was

amazing! And the next day we spent some time in a little town

outside of Athens, and they had some really cool ruins!

That day was rather weird for me though... You see there were a

couple of men who needed a ride so the tour guide bus stopped to

let them ride with us intill this one little town. One man sat next

to me and the other man sat across from me. I felt sort of nervous,

well you know how I get around men! And he smelled of cigarets and

linquar! YUCK! He asked me what my name was, but I didn't tell him

my last name just my first. He wasn't very happy when I refused to

tell him my last. So he started flirting with me! I has was so

embarresed when he actually asked me out loud if he could get my

phone number. I asked the driver to kick them off, and the man

started yelling that he wasn't doing anything. They driver and

the guide both kicked them off the bus, for disrupting us.

So that was a weird feasco.

Well... After the tour was done, and I got to see many of the

Greecian landmarks and stuff. I had to get to work with the

archaeolgists who had hired me. That was a lot of fun too!

deciphering the ruiens was lots of work but its something I love,

so I didn't mind working my mind to the extremes, LOL!

But sorry! I have gone this whole time, talking about myself!

How are you and the family? Wow its weird to think that you

actually have kids and a husband! I know I've been saying

that for a while now, but its still strange!

I really want to see Annalee! I was so heartbroken when I couldn't

be there when she was born! I was planning to be at all your childs

birth days! Silly plane! It was all its fault! *mumbling* Cancling

the flight on me! Can't believe that!

Did you hear! Nicky has a boy-feind... oops boyfriend LOL! To be

honest I was jealous... Yes, I know , I know! I'm the one refusing

to get into a relationship... *sigh*

How's Richard? And you? You both? LOL! Are you still blushing when

he kisses you? You guys were so sweet last time I saw you!

Hey lets plan a surprise "Graduation" party for Nicky! *devilish grin*

Like maybe we could say we're having a friend reuion! And then

surprise her! Oh I'd love to see her face!

Well this has become a very long email! So I better stop!

Love yah,


Eleanor sighed again, after reading her friends email, but this time not out of happiness but of pity. When is Katrina going to find him! she thought despritely. And how was Nicky's love going to turn out. All she knew was that she wished her friends the bestest of luck.


"NO!" Katrina yelled at the man in front of her.


"YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY HOUSE!" her tempor had rizen rather high with this pompous auctioner. And she was having a hard time not crying in frustration.

"But you have no interest in this house," he said in a squeeky voice.

"Why do you think that sir!"

"Well it is obvious, you hardly live in it! And you hardly pay the bills for it!"

"I do too!" Katrina fumed, or at least my neighbor pays my bills for me when I'm gone, and using my money for that exact purpose. "And have you sent the bills?"

"I have!"

"Are you sure?"


The man seemed to be trembling at her outburst. And sweat was trickling down his brow, "Miss O'Patrick, please! Maybe we can discuss this matter over a cup of tea, shall we? And maybe discuss it in a civilized manner?"

Katrina took deep breaths, trying to controle herself, and thought quietly of what she was going to do, "I thought, when I bought this house, that I wouldn't have to pay for it any longer."

"You don't. But you do need to pay the water bill and heating and cooling bill, and the electric bill. And a couple of taxes... just a few!" he was now looking nervously at her, as if she was going to explode again.

"Hmm..." Katrina thought, all she wanted to do is reclaim her house, "I thought that letter said that I had to come reclaim my house before the auction date, or my house would be sold to some one else. Well I came before the auction date, and now I am reclaiming my house back, why can't it be as simple as that?!"

"Well ma'am... you see. We need to make sure you pay your bills and taxes on time, so we think it would be a good learning experience if you lose your house. Maybe that will help you in the furture pay on time" he was now talking with the confedence he once had before they had started argueing.

Katrina whiped away a tear, but couldn't help it when another tear slid across her face faster then she could wipe.

She heard a car door being opened and closed and another man was at the Mr. Williams side. But this time it was a younger nicer looking fellow, who seemed rather upset to see her crying.

"Dad?" he asked Mr. Williams.

Katrina was amazed that the good looking man was the ugly auctioners son.

"Harry, go wait in the in car!" Mr.Williams said in a rarsh whisper.

"What's going on?" he asked looking at his father to crying Katrina then back again.

"None of your business! Its just...Business!" Mr. Williams said, and pushed a little on his sons chest.

The man Harry, slapped his fathers arm aside, a look of disgust on his face. He went over to Katrina, "Don't cry." he said simply.

She choked a sob. It had been a hard long day. First her flight was late. Then her lugauge was lost. Then her close had fallen out of their suitcases in the very middle of the airport parking lot. Then the bus she usually got on missed her, and she had to walk a mile to the next bus stop, where she had to wait a hour for it to come back around. Then there was crazy trafic, and the bus had ran into another car. She had to get out of the bus and call a cab. And the cab driver was smoking cigarets and offering her some. Then her sister had called her telling her, that she was planning on vistiting her, and Katrina told her that she couldn't for another month, and her sister had been upset. Then her cell phone had turned off because of the battery being low. The cab had run over a nail, so she had to walk three extra miles till she was able to get a ride. But the driver was starting to have an interest in her. She had gotten out when the driven had nearly ran into a tree because he had been looking at her. And finally she had gotten to her distanation and the Auctioner was saying that the house she had been dreaming about sense twelve and had some how with the best of luck been for sale so that she could finally be able to buy it after collage was going to be taken away from her for ever. She couldn't help but break down and cry even harder, it felt very good. She hadn't cried for a longest time. And now she was crying freely, not noticing that Harry was helping her inside and setting her down in her own livingroom.

Harry searched around a little in her kitchen, looking for tea. He finally found the tea cabinet, and he whistled at how many different kinds she had. He picked a box called "Sleeptime Tea" with a bear in a rocking chair on the front. He smiled, and brewed some water in her coffee pot.

Afterwards he gave her a mug (after searching her whole kitchen again) of hot steaming tea. Katrina drank it thankfully, still crying.

"I'll be right back," Harry said and went out of the house.

Katrina fell asleep and soon woke up feeling rather groggy. She looked around her in confusion. She was in her house, and she didn't know how she had gotten into her house. And she didn't know what she was drinking, she didn't know how she had gotten the drink. She was not outside? And she was not argueing with Mr. Williams. And then she remembered that she had been crying and a strange man had come to help her inside, he had made her a cup of tea, and he had left right before she fell asleep.

It was night outside, so Katrina got back up and went into her room were she changed into her pajamas and fell to sleep, where she dreamed of a strange man covered in lots and lots hair.


Dear Katrina,

I'm so glade you had so much fun! I would love to go to Greece!

Maybe someday when the girls are older we can all go on a family

of TWO! Two beautiful and wonderful girls!

her just in time.

intill... next year! So, I think you would have enough time, maybe

Her exact words were: "Look mommy! I died! I jumped off a tall,

Katrina smiled, remembering the days when she had to run and get her baby brother Pierce, when he woke up. Now Pierce was twelve! And her two other brothers (Peter and Konal) were both older, Peter being eighteen and about to go to collage, and Konal being fifteen almost sixteen.

She couldn't help but reply:

Dear Elly,

I actually haven't seen pictures of Annalee either! But please don't

send any! I want to be surprised when I meet her!

LOL! Wow no one expected that you had a crush on him! WOW! LOL!

Thank you, I got a chuckle out of your forwarded email... And

also a pang of resentment to be truthful. You are so right! And I

envy your...Motherly wisdom! I am not free at all! And you know,

I have finally felt the loniness. And I'll tell you what made me
see how much I need some one.

I had gotten home and I was trying to reclaim my house, but the

auctionere (Mr. Williams) and I got into an arguement,

on if I should have the house back or not. And he pointed out that

I didn't pay my bills, and I had asked my neighbor to take care of

that when I was gone! And I asked her about it and she said that

she had "Forgotten" but had not "Forgetton" to use my money bank

account! ARG! But anyway, he said that him and his business had

thought it a good learning lesson for me to LOSE MY HOUSE! And you

know how much I had dreamed about it! And he said that it might help

make me remember to pay my bills and taxes on time!!! And I

Of course, I didn't have all my senses about me, and If I did I

how I am about men! So, he brought me inside and made me a cup of

Katrina finished and sent her email. And sent a similar email to Nicky, not wanting to forward the email, and let Nicky see that they were planning.

The telliphone started to ring, and she rushed to retrieve it.

"Hello? Katrina O'Patrick, can I help you?" she said into the phone.

"Hello, Miss O'Patrick, I'm Greg Huffled, I believe you have three cats, needing to be picked up this afternoon. I just wanted to make sure you remembered." said a manly deep voice.

"How could I forget! Thank you Greg! I'll be there as soon as I get my coat on!" she said and hung up. Walking to the door were she put on her boots, and light coat. It was raining so she picked up her umbrela. It was clear plastic, with black circle desighning. It wasn't her favorite, her favorite being her purse "caught in the rain" umbrella that had a blue flowery print. She stepped out, after slinging her colorful purse onto her shoulder, checking to see if her cell phone was in there. It wasn't. So she went back inside. Noticing that she was still holding her house phone, she put it in its reciever. And looked around for her cell phone. It was charging in her room.

She picked it up, remembering that she hadn't called her sister back.

Walking out of the house, her cell phone to her ear. She was met by blasts of strong wet wind, that screamed and stung as it met her flesh.

"Hi yah! Pansy Camder here!" her sister's voice came from the other end.

Katrina felt a wave of confusion pass over her, till she remembered that her sister was already married, and to a rugby player, "Pansy?! Its your Sister!"

"What sister?"

"The only one you have!"

"Oh! Katrina!... Is everything okay over there?"

"Yeah, just a rain storm."

"And your walking in it!"

"Pansy! its Ireland! I go through this almost twice or more times a week!"

"Why aren't you driving?"

"Because, I have to walk to the bus stop!"

"Oh... I forgot that you don't have your own car."

"Way to expencive!"

"Like that's really whats stopping you! You have a gold mine of cash!" Pansy exclaimed

"Euros!" Katrina corrected.

"Yeah, right!... So why did you call me in the middle of walking to the bus stop, in the rain?"

"Well, we were cut off yesterday and I wanted to end our conversation."

"That's a lame reason! That's all you wanted to call me for!"

"Well... Sort of..." Katrina trailed off thinking of Harold Williams.

"Oooh! Who was he?!" Her sister exclaimed with girlish excitment and curiousity.

"Why is it that you, mom and every other girl I know thinks whenever I want to talk about something, it has to do then men!" Katrina asked in frustration, as she sat down in the roof cover bus stop. She was soaked!

"So it is?!"

Katrina sighed, "Yeah... you know what! Maybe I should call you latter, when its not raining."

"No! Its fine!"


The time passed by as she told her sister about Harold and what had happened to her on the bus, and every other thing that had happened in the last two months.

She finished and all Pansy could ask was: "So...What time do you think I can come over?"


Nicole rubbed her temple as she checked her lap-top for verus's. It was not working... AGAIN! Sighing frustratedly, she let her computer, safety scan itself. Her Email worked though, so she went to her inbox, as she waited for her computer to stop loading.

Eighteen new messages were there for her. Ten of them being fan mail for her books. Three of them being letters from her teachers. Another three of them being from her publisher's and two of them being from her best friends.

She opened Katrina's first, knowing it must be something about her returning back to Ireland, her home. She read it, and how it was about her finding "Harold Williams", she smiled, this was just what Katrina needed! A little romance in her life! Just like herself. She sighed thinking of Joseph and his grin, and his gentle kiss on her elbow. She replied as fast as she could type, so that none of her thoughts were deleted.

Dear Katrina!

Hmm... he sounds like one of those guys in fairytale books! I like

him already! It was very nice of him to take care of you in your

time of need. But I don't understand, why he would just want to

vanish! I'm not saying I don't believe you! I'm just thinking its

odd! But absolutely like a knight in shining armor, who is too

modest to let you know who your rescuer is!

As for your question regarding my "Relationship" with Joseph, I

shall not tell you! *evil grin* But he's soooo sweet! and his eyes

sparkle when he's happy and when he's laughing! And OH HIS LAUGH!

its so Infectious! Love it! Love him! And I'm not afriad to say it!

Any chance of you visiting me? I know your busy! But it would be so

nice to see your pail rosy cheeked face again! And see Elly! Man!

What I wouldn't give to see you guys!

My writing is prospering!

And its sooo fun!

And so is my schooling!

I think I'm going to be a teacher! An English teacher, then

after that I might be a Tutor, then I'd like to have my own school!

and maybe have it a lot like home schooling! Maybe it could be a

boarding house for children! I'd love that! And I'd be the

HeadMistress! Mwahaha! LOL! Don't worry! I'll be a nice teacher!

tea, and left! HE LEFT without my thank you! Or any other sort of

thanks! All he left was a note that said,

I am very sorry miss for my Father's behaver

Please except my apology, and for his evilness,

I hope that your house will be a good enough

Reconpense for his actions and for the pain he put

you through,


Harold Williams

What about that huh?! Wasn't he so nice and kind?! He really made

me feel alone and helpless! What if I break down again! Who then

would comfort me? You guys yes! But, you know! You must understand

what I mean! What would you do without Richard?!

Well better go! I need to take my poor cats from the animalsitters.

Love yah!


p.s. I think I'll find enough time to come to one of my best friends

gradutaion parties! LOL!

know that I wouldn't have let him get even close to me, you know

started to cry, full out sobbing! And a man about my age, maybe a

few years older, but not many, came out of the car and comforted me.

tall, tall bridge!" AHHH!!! I told her not to do anything like

that again, and it was not funny, but she doesn't take be serous,

but she does to Richard! Well... I guess she's a "Daddy's" girl


OH! I hear Annalee! Better go!

Love yah,


then you could meet Annalee!

Jacqueline is going through a vilence stage in her young life!

And its scarring me! The other day, she fell of her bunkbed,

and told me that she had killed herself, by jumping off a bridge!

Nicky and I were just talking about you in an email, I forwarded

to you, you know how I am about that sort of thing! LOL!

Yes I am still blushing with Richard! I think I have a crush on

him! *giggle girlishly*

So what is the chance of you busy bee coming over here for a

"Granduation" party? I know you have some family matters to attend

to, and you need to reclaim your house. Oh and don't you have to

publish that finished book of yours? Well Nicky won't be Grandutating

I forgot that you haven't seen Annalee yet! Only in pictures right?!

Oh man! i can't believe you haven't yet! She is two, and you know

how it gets at the age of two! She's so active, yes she doesn't

get into as much things as your little brother Pierce did, but she

is getting to be more independant. Just last night she stood up on

the table yelling in gibberish, I was so scared that she might jump

off when she saw me running towards her. But she didn't and I grabbed

trip! I'll talk to Richy about that.

Oh my! That is creepy!

I know! It was weird the first month of Jacky's birth

to know that I was a MOM! And now I still marvel that I'm a mom

don't have to worry about leaving her with Richy for a couple of


I know! Katrina is a lot more free then us... but not much! She has

her own cage. Yes she might have more space to roam around in,

but she will find that she really isn't as free as we and her

believe. Her cage is called "Loneliness". She has so much space

in her cage, but she has no one to share it with. So she isn't

any better off then we are. I'm sure she would agree as well.

YAY FOR YOU! Aw! I'm so happy for you! So is he nice? Or does he

make you uncomfortable? Does he pray? Or is he like Katrina? LOL!

(Don't worry I'll forward this to her! And she'll get a laugh out

of it!)

How is your schooling going? I forgot what subject you want for

your degree? Was it... oh I forgot!

So what are you going to do when you get out of collage?

We'll all have to have a get together to celabrate!

I would have gone to collage, but I think being a parent is the

best job any one could ever have!

Well better go read Katrina's email!

Love yah too!



Yeah that bus guy is soooo weird! It reminds me of some thing I saw

in the newspaper a couple days back!

Well... Better go, I have three assingnments I need to finish before


Love yah!



Chapter three

Katrina sat rubbing her three beautiful, long haired cats. There names being:

For her orange eared Turkish Van: Guzel (means Fine, or beautiful)

For her Brown Noweigen Forest Cat: søt (Pronounced- Soot. Means "Sweet"

For her Orange Siberian Cat: Pulchra (in latin is pretty)

People had thought her cats names were really funny, but the Anthropologist's didn't, they understood her love of different laguages.

She went back to work, writting her story. So far the knight had whisked the maiden away, only to be met by the dragon he had killed. Now he was slashing away at it, and the serpent kept on coming back to life, but the maiden comes up the dragons back (it having too many scales, it didn't feel her), and she plunges a big sharp spear into the dragons back, to reach its cold hard heart. It is finally defeated, but the maiden knocks the knight out (having been using him for a tool for her excape), and she runs away with his body. Now he was being lowered into a big boiling pot of goop, and alas! The so thought fair maiden, was actually an evil witch! That had imprisioned herself in the tower, after one of her spells backfired. He could feel the goo burn his feet, when-

The door bell rang, and Katrina was cut off from her weird fantasy.

She opened the door, "Hello?" she asked as she looked up at a strange man.

"Hello Miss O'Patrick, I'm Innis KillCrow," he said in a business like voice, he held out a business card, and she took it. "I'm here to offer you an oppertunity you'll never get again.-"

Katrina doubted that, there were many guys like him, in the very same job.

" I'm here to offer you, a chance to finally pay off those bills, that you just don't have time for-"

Katrina was being remined every minute of his speech, of the voices you hear on radio channel comercials.

"or enough time to look at. We're here to help you pay on time, so that you don't lose your house and job."

"Hmm..." Katrina thought, working out her witting reply, "Well thank you for your generous offer Mr. Kill-Me-For-Money, But you know... I'll have to decline that offer! Its very tempting, but if I let you help me with my bills, then I won't have the experence! And we don't want that... Do we!"

He gaped.

"So how about you run along, and go Suck some one elses money clean... Oh and you can tell Mr. Williams I said 'Hi' oh and tell him I said 'don't send any more men in black suits to my door, just get out of my life and make sure the door hits you on the way out!!" And with that, she slammed the door on the mans face, leaving him speechless, and with a sore nose.


"How about..." Katrina said into her house phone, as she was trying to figure out the best time for her sister to come, "Oh! I see how this can work!" She was looking at her calender.

Pansy sighed impatiently.

And Kartina knew that her hand was on her hip and she was rolling her eyes, "How about you travel with me back home, on my way back from the "Collage party of Peter's!"

"Yeah!" Pansy exclaimed happily. "That sounds good! Because I'll be there and you'll be there! It saves us an extra trip!"

"Okay sounds great!" Katrina said writting down things on her calender.

"Ooops! Gotta go! Love yah!"

"Love you too!"


"Slán leat!" Katrina said in Gaelic Irish

She could almost see her sisters eyes roll.

And they both hung up.

She got a cup of tea ready, trying to decide which one to use. The "Sleepy Time" brought back the memory of Harold (Though she had forgotten his nick-name and what he looked like). She smiled, and used a bag of it. She was alarmed to see there was only one bag left. She quickly looked through her Cabinet full of teas.

There was the one she got from Egypt. Then the green tea from China. The British tea time tea she had gotten at a little shop in England. There was a nice warm stronge tea from Iceland she had gotten. And then the one from Germany.

Each box of tea, brought back memories of her travels for her job. It was so fun.

Another tea, reminded her of the time when she had fallen deply in love with a man in Egypt. He was from California though, had a sunborn on his back and cheeks, and was going around with his shirt off, letting himself get burnt to a crisp. She laughed out loud at the memory. She had almost shared her first kiss with him, if it had not been for the camel that had spat in his face. She was glade the animal had, actually. She knew he was not the right man for her. It was strange that Tea could have such memories. Everything thing has the capibity of its own history and life. She reminded herself, Even tea! She put the the many boxs back. And sipped her tea contentedly.

She needed to get out. That's all she knew. She had the sudden urge to go to the grocrey store, and buy... Candles?

She didn't know why the first thing that came to her was candles. All she knew was that she had an urge to buy them.

She put her nice boots on quickly.

She suddenly remembered the two boxs of things for Eleanor and Nicole, she had put together last night. She quickly took off her shoes again (Hating it when she got stains on her white carpet) and went to retrieve the boxes.

After the mad rush of finding house and mail box keys, and finding her cellphone, that was fully charged. And taking her computer, then letting her cats out ( not afriad to let them be inside-outside cats, because she lived out in the country, and her cats were smart enough to stay away from cars). She began to walk to the Bus stop. She then ran, as she saw it stop ahead for her.

She got on smiling at the bus driver. She showed him her yearly bus pass. And they moved on. She sat next to a little old lady, with white hair and a scarf around her head, tied at her throat.

"Hello." she croaked chearfully, in a very cute elderly voice.

"Hello!" Katrina said chearfully back.

"Where are you going today missy?" she asked with a smile.

"Dublin!... Maybe?" Katrina answered uncertainly, she didn't exactly know, where she was going. All she knew was she needed some interaction with the world and with people, in genral.

"Ohh! Nice city, Dublin! I just love seeing the people go by," she said dreamily.

"Me too! Its very entertaining!"

"Are you going to meet up with your boyfriend?"

"No!" Katrina exclaimed with a laugh, "Alas! I have none! And all the men I'm around, are the people I work with."

"Oh that's too bad!" she said looking rather glum about the prospect. "We all need a man!" she sighed. Then smiled, as if she couldn't be sad for too long, "How about friends?"

"Oh yes! I have friends... But all of them live far away, except for a friend who lives in London, that's not as far as the others!"

"Oh." the elderly lady said shortly.

"I'm Katrina!" Katrina said offering her hand.

"Leandra, dear, nice to meet you!" she said shaking it firmly.

She was surprised at how firm her grip was, "Nice to meet you too!" Katrina said smiling, at the idea of her becoming friends with a little elderly woman she had met on the bus. "Are you from Ireland?" Katrina asked, reconginzing that she didn't have an irish accent.

"No! Well... I've lived here for many years, but I has origanily from Virgiania," she said her cheeks going rosy because of her smile.

"Oh, thats nice!" Katrina said absentmindedly.

They started chatting about who they were and what they did for a living. Intill Leandra found herself at her stop. Leandra gave her, her phone number, and Karina gave hers. They waved and said good bye to each other , as if they had been friends for a long time.

Katrina shook her head, in amazement. Now she wanted to write a story about elderly women!


Katrina went through the super market, looking for some reason, for candles. She found them, and was drawn to the nice long lasting white ones. She smiled in confusion. Turning around, she was caught by surprise to see a man looking at her with a look of longing in his eyes. He looked away, as she met his eyes and grabed a pineapple from a bin, for a cover up for his looking in her direaction. She didn't know why, but he seemed so... fimilar? He was handsom, that was for sure. But it did make her uneasy. And the rest of her shopping trip was spent, looking this way and that for any more prying eyes.

She shoved the man out of her thoughts. He wasn't exactly looking at me , She thought to herself, more like reasuring herself. Her cell phone rang.

Picking it up and flinging it open she said cheafully, "Hello? Kartina O'Patrick, here! Can I help you?"

People started to stare at her with amazement, mumbling to themselves excitedly.

And Katrina forgot all to late, that she was a published author, and many people in Ireland liked reading her books.

"Hi Katrina! Its Elly!" Eleanors voice come out.

"ELEANOR!" she exclaimed happily, getting up quickly, and walking quickly away from the bench she was just occuping. "Oh its wonderful to hear you voice again!"

"Aw, thanks! I'm over joyed to hear you too! And I'm glade I reached you." Eleanor sounded happy, but also nervous.

"What's wronge?" Katrina asked anxiosly, afriad something had happened bewtween her and Richard.

"Nothing! Its actually something... Really... Really... Great! and Wonderful!"

"I'm listening?"


Nicole sipped at her coffee, sighing happily.

She was reading one of Shakespears many plays, called "Ceaser". Katrina had read it before her, but only half way. But she was set on finishing it. It was a part of her school, and she didn't want to fail the test.

Her phone rang, and she had to get it out of her purse.

"Hello?"she said.

"Hi Nicky, its Elly!" Eleanor, said as she had rehersed.

"Elly! Wow! Your call is so unexpected! And nice!" Nicole smiled, it was nice to hear her voice.

"Hey I have some news I want to share with you!" she said excitedly.

Nicole could tell by the way Eleanor's voice was so light and musical, that she was super excited and nervous.


"I'M PREGNANT!" she exclaimed happily.

"Elly!" Nicole was speechless, she was so happy and surprised at the news, that she didn't know what she was saying till it was out of her mouth, "Again?"

Eleanor, gave a howl of laughter, and couldn't stop laughing, "Yes dear! Again!"

Nicole screamed, jumping up and down excitedly. Thankfully she was outside the coffee shop she was staying at, and only got a couple of glares. She giggled trying not to scream again.

From the other line Eleanor was laughing giddily.

"Sorry!" Nicole mumbled as she got back into her chair, blushing embarsedly and smiling foolishly.

"No, don't be! Your reaction is a lot better then Katrina's... poor thing! I think she fainted when I told her the news!"

Nicole didn't know to laugh or make pittying noises. So she smuggled a laugh and said, "Oh! She really can't be truested with surprising things. She might have a heart attack if you told her you had twins!"

"Oh I sure hope not!" she sighed happily on the other end, "Well I'm glade your glade! I just found out a week ago, so I didn't want to tell you guys intill I was certain. And I told all my family, my mother started crying in happiness... well at least I think it was happiness. James my little brother was amazed to hear it as well, and he told me to stop have children before I ended up having as many as my mother had. I told him I wouldn't mind, and that I would be blessed to have that many children... But now I must be talking your ear off! I should probably go! Jacky is wanting me to make her a PB and J."

"Okay! Congradulations!"


"Congradulations! Bye!"


Nicole hung up the phone, feeling very happy. Now she had to call Katrina to see if she was okay.

"Hello?" Came a mans voice from Katrinas cell phone.

"Hello? I'm Nicole Walter... Is Katrina O'Patrick there?"

"Umm...nope... nope, not exactly?"

Nicole frowned, "Sorry! I must have gotten the wronge number!"

"No, I think you got the right one!"

"Who is this!" Nicole demanded, a little tired of the twists and turns of his words.

"Umm... Why do you want to know?"

"Because! If this is my friends number! Then I think I'd be concerned when a man answers her phone for her!" Nicole exclaimed angrily.

"Well... All you need to know, is that... umm... Katrina is safe and at home... And... umm... drinking tea! Yeah that- that's it! drinking tea, because her throats sore, and she ...has a fever! Yeah ... right!" he mumbled.

Then the line was cut off, as whoever it was ended the call.

She thought furiously about who it might have been, and felt a pang of concern. But she thought to herself, that Katrina would figure it out and take care of the situtation. It was probably some guy, who saved her when she fainted at Elly's news, She thought to herself, and went back to reading more about Ceaser and Brutus.


Nicole laughed, as her and Joseph held hands, walking through the park. There was a nice mist around the ground, it made it look very eery and mysterious!

Their hands swung wildly around, as they both laughed and pretended to walk like solders.

"No, no! Like this!" he cried,

And he swung her arm and his very wide, making it feel like their arms were about to be pulled from there sockets.

Nicole was laughing madly at their joke, it had always amused her, she didn't know why.

The park was very quiet, execpt their laughter. And no one else, but them were there. And they walked deeper, and deeper in the park, coming to little ponds and clusters of trees. There was a little play ground where they swung playfully on for an hour, just enjoying the selence and the feeling of each others presence.

They had went on to more beautful areas, where the grass was covered in water droplets from the heavy fog. And it reminded Nicole of the story she had written with her friends, about fairies, and how they had little wands that they waved around to make dew on the flowers. Reminding her of the Disney Fantasia movie. She loved that! With all the moving pictures that went along with the beautiful music of the orcestra. She could now hear the sweet sound of viliolins going back and forth moving with the rythm, their owners putting every passion into their sweet and crazy melody. And the the Base its deep strong thrum, as it went along with every one else, not wanting to be left out, but fogetting his own disabilty of being light and flowy, as it disired, but still being the man of the orcastra. Then there was the flutes, singing light and sweet, wrapping the listeners ears into a blanket of clear fresh notes, as if predicting the coming of spring. And the truimpet was never forgotten into the group, his loud boisterious voice, singing over all the rest, scooting in at places, then blaring loudly when too somber a moment. And of course, her favorite, the Piono! Its sweet melody was never considered as anything else, both deep and light, and flowy and bright, coming into an orchestra, or singing by itself. Each key pressed upon a thumping of a heart, each beautiful note prettier then the last, the rythm was the owners choice, and it went with without complaint or compremise, and still made it as sweet and clear as any other song it might have choisen for itself.

Nicole breathed in fresh cool air, thinking of all this and hearing all the instruments coming together in her mind.

Joseph smiled, as he saw her eyes close, and heard her humming contentedly, her head bobbing back and forth, as she conducted a symphany.

He shook his head smiling, and his thoughts turned to other matters, that were far more important. "Come with me, " He breathed into her ear.

She opened her eyes in shock, as she had closed out the world around her. She smiled, letting Joseph pull her to an outcove.

She was now full allert, to what was going on around her.

Joseph was looking nervously around the park. Then he let go of a couple of vines, that slid over where they were hiding.

"What?" Nicole asked excitedly.

He took a deep shaky breath, looking very nervous, and his face had gone pink, "Well, there is only one way for me to ask this properly" he said.

And before Nicole's very eyes, for only hers and the darknesses.

Joseph knelt on one knee. Taking out a little box from his shirt pocket, he opened it, and a small ring was laying in it. A shining little cristal embed in the middle.

she felt like screaming and yelling and jumping and laughing and crying and just plain out fainting with joy and happiness.

He knelt waiting expectently for her to do... SOMETHING!

The only answer she could think of was yes, but she thought of the future, and wondered if she'd really be happy with him. When she looked there, the only man's face she saw was Joseph's and all her dreams had been about Joseph. She shook her head him a smile, "YES!" she cried falling upon him with tears of happiness in her eyes and laughter of joy and merriment in her throat.

They huged, and she wept and he laughed, and she laughed, and he kissed her, as she kissed him back.


Eleanor sighed. She had just been fighting with Richard. He had come home an hour late then he should have, which had worried her sick. She found out, that all her worrying over him was because of a long line in a DOUNUT SHOP! She was furious that he hadn't called her. His excuse was that his phone had turned off. They had fought for thirty straight minutes, intill the peace maker Annalee started crying because of their yelling.

Jaqueline had been frightened as well.

But both parents ussured her that they were just fighting over something silly.

"Its okay for Mommy and Daddy to fight!" Richard had said gently to his upset daughter.

"Yep!" Eleanor had agreed wiping away a tear, "You know, how sometimes you and Annelee fight? Well our fights are like that! If you got in a fight with Annalee would you stop being sisters? No! And thats how it is for Husbands and Wives."

The family had all huged and there was no more argueing. And they all ate donuts! Happily.

Now Eleanor, has munching on her third donut, as she checked her emails.

She replied to them and sent them on her way.

Reading Nicoles, she was excited to see that she had two emails from her. One being a reply to her last email, but one that had to do with her being Pregnant.

Dear Elly!


Wow! Now your going to be a mother of...THREE! That's amazing! YAY!

I can't stop thinking of it! It's such great news!Thats just terrific


I have... News too! And I'm bubbling over with excitement to tell

you!But I think I'm going to call you instead!

Guess what! I have five more months intill I Graduate!!!!! Three

more weeks of schooling and homework, and the other two for EXAMS!!!

I'm so nervous! But exstatic too!

So! What do you think the baby is? A boy? That would be nice after

your two Girls! LOL! And have you planned namees yet? I know Katrina

and I can Help you with that! LOL!

Well better go!

I'll call you this evening!

Be propared for a shocker!

Love yah!


Eleanor finished reading. And looked quickly at her clock. It was nine o'clock and she should have gotten it a couple of hours ago, unless she really meant evening!

She waiting, holding both the house phone and her cell phone in her hands.

She went over to the couch, not wanting to injury herself, if she faited too. Which reminded her of Katrina's email. There was two from her as well. She opened them real, fast and was surprised to find that Katrina seemed to be very happy about her pregnacey. Eleanor had thought the opissit when Katrina had fainted, but apparently it was out of joy and happiness.

Dear Elly!

YAY!!! *faint again* LOL! That is wonderful news! I am so happy

about That!!!!! And I can't believe I fainted! I was holding my

breath because I didn't want to scream! LOL! I has very excited!

Wow! What are you going to name it! And are you going to see if its

a girl or boy or are you going to wait? I would advise the first!

LOL So that I don't faint in the hospital! LOL!

Don't you hate it when you wake up in a strange place! I know I do!

Like when you faint in the park, then you wake up in your house!

Now that I have no experience in, what-so-ever!

I personally hope its a boy! How about you?!?

Have you Heard Nicky's news! Well I won't spill the beans till you

say you have or not! There very shocking! And... Well Shocking! But

This time, thankfully! I didn't faint! Which is amazing at that

sort of news !


I have a mystery to figure out!

Love yah!




Eleanor frowned in frustraion. Katrina's email had just made her more curious about

Nicky's news.

Her phone rang! She quickly ran to the couch, her legs feeling week already at the anxios

feeling in her stomach.

"Hello?" she asked in a shaky voice, "This is the Wain's residents, may I help you?"



"No! Your sister!"

"Kathy?" Eleanor was confused that her sister had called her.

"You okay?" Kathy said nervously.

"Yeah! I'm just waiting for a call from.. Well Nicky!"

"Oh! I just wanted to congradulate you!!! I was happy to hear it!"

"Thanks!" Eleanor, said, though she was rather annoyed.

"Did you know my fiancee is moving to Austria?" Kathy said.

"No! Wow! Are you moving with him?" Eleanor, felt a little conserned for her sister.

"Umm... Sort of?... I was sort of hoping, because you live in Germany and all, I was hoping

that you might be able to house me?"

"Well... Sure, maybe? Why can't you live with him though?"

"Oh... Because... we sort of broke up... But not all the way! I'm hoping if he sees me after

a while, he'll... well you know!"

Now Eleanor was very worried, and sad. "Why did you break up?"

"Because... I didn't want to move with him... I wanted him to stay, but he started arguing

so I knew we couldn't be together!"

Eleanor shook her head, "No! You don't stop something like that for an argument! Strong

relationships are made when you fight! Oh dearest Sister! Don't give up, on somehting

like this!"

"Well... I can't just go and say I'm sorry!"

"Why not?"

"Uh... Becuase..."

There was a beep on the phone, indecating that there was some one trying to call.

"Oh sorry Kathy! Got to go! Some ones calling! Love you! and I hope everything works out


"Wait...uh!... thanks! Bye! love you!"

"Love you too, bye!"

She cut off their conversation, and pushed the green button to see who else was calling

"Hello, Wains resenents! May I help you?"

"Hi Elly!" an excited voice said from the other end.


"I'm... I'm... ENGAGED!!!!" Nicole exclaimed happily.

Eleanor screached in shock and excitement. "When did it happen! How did it happen!

Why haven't you told me before! Why was your call late! Why did you say yes! How did

you say yes?" Questions came tumbling out of Eleanors mouth rurriedly.

Nicole laughed, and then it sounded as if she was sobbing and crying.

And Eleanor was surprised that her friend was going into hysterics! "Oh sweety! Are

You alright?!"

"I'm WONDERFUL!" Nicole sobbed and laughed her answer, "I'm just a little overwhelmed!

At the moment... Umm... Do I have to answer all those questions?"

She sent it on its way and opened Elly's, before she did her assingments she wanted to answer hers real quick.

She read it, smiling. And a little outraged that she sent that to Katrina! Poor Katrina! She also didn't envy Katrina any more, only felt pity instead.

Dear Elly,

Thanks! You made me feel a lot better! Now my feelings has turned

to pity! I'm so glade to have my colorful robbin next to me! Even

though, my cage is a little bit cramed! But look at yours! You have

two little baby birds flying around twittering and tweeting! LOL!

Aw! I really want to see them both! I want to see you as well! I

haven't seen you in ages!

That's really sweet! Tell Richard that he's "Awesome" for me, will


Thank you! *blush* Joseph is really sweet! Well... It makes me

nervous, when he doesn't turn up in time, I'm always concerned that

he got into an exesadent! You always have to worry about that in

England! And he does make me uncomfortable, but only when he stares

at me for long periods of time, as if he was thinking of something

very important! I think he's thinking of how he's going to kill his

main character! LOL! He's an author too! I feel very happy around

him! And energetic! It feels like I'm living in a fairytale! And he

always makes me laugh with his sarcasim! LOL! LOVE IT! AND LOVE HIM!

and not afriad to say it!...No I'm sorry to tell you that he is not

christian, he's a quaker, so does that count? LOL!

I'm getting my degree in English Literature, and English History.

But fasinating topics!

I want to become a teacher! Then a Tutor then a HeadMistress and

teacher of my own school! Wouldn't that be great!

I'm guessing you heard of what happened to Katrina!?! I was amazed

to read what she had went through, poor thing! She had been dreaming

about that house when I first met her!

Well better go! I promised Katrina in my last email, that I had to

go finsih three assighnments before tomorrow, so I probably should

get cracken with that!

Love yah!


There was a pause, of when Nicky thought of writting a post script, but decided that she didn't have anything important to put in a P.S. so she sent it and sighed, turning to the work of three stacks of paper.


"I'll order the hot and spicy burger, but no lettuce please!" Joseph ordered to the waittress.

"Hmm..." Nicole thought over the menu that was right up in her face, "I'm going to have the... ceasar salad... no crutans! And... a bowl of that really good looking soup... the... Whatever its called!" she looked at the weird name, all she knew was it had no beef in it. She didn't really like meat, it wasn't that she was a vegetarian, it was that she didn't really like the idea of eating animals. But she ate some when she was offered, usually not wanting to offend that person.

"That's the Bar-tocforleeher. But we usually call it the BTCFLH." The waittress said, her pencil between her teeth.

It made Nicole nervous, she was afriad that some one might bump her, and the pencil jam into the back of her throat. Which would either serously injury her or...kill her! "Could you please not do that!" She finally exclaimed nervously, as five people went pass, the last by exsadent bumping lightly into her.

The Waittress looked at her skepticly, "hmm?"

"Please take the pencil out of your mouth! It could serously hurt you!" She said again, her eyes closed.

The young women, with a look of annoyance, took the pencil out of her mouth, and stuck it behind her ear instead.

Nicole sighed, relieved.

Joseph was looking at her with brimming eye's, his face had gone red, and it looked like he was holding his breath, because his cheeks were bulging out.

"Are you okay!" Nicole exclaimed worriedly.

He fell over side ways in the booth...LAUGHING!

Nicole gave him a look of annoyance.

Which only made him laugh even harder.

People were starting to stare at them, but then when they only found him laughing they looked away, going back to their conversations.

"What!?" Nicole asked, smiling and really trying not to laugh as well, "It was very dangerous of her!" she began to laugh as well, his laugh sweeping her up into laughter too. "Your laughter is so Infectious!"

He choked on his laugh, as he tried to say "Thank you."


The waittress came, thirty minutes latter.

"Here you are!" she said around the pencil, she now had back in her mouth.

Nicole sighed, "Thanks."

"Oh," she quickly took it out, "your welcome, if ya'll need any'thin else, tell me! Enjoy!"

"Thank you!" they both said at the same time, they looked at each other in amusement.

"This is really good!" Joseph said, through a mouth full of burger, "Here want to try a... never mind!" he said remembering her dislike for meat.

"I'll take a bite" she said with a smile, for Joseph, she would do anything.

He held out the burger, and she took a bite out of it. It was good! And very, very SPICY! She waved her hand in a cooling motion, and drank some water, then took one of his fries to help her burning mouth. It didn't stop, but decreased. She ate more of her salad to help, and finally there was only a tint of spiciness. "Good!" she croaked.

Joseph laughed, then stuck out his lip, "Sorry!" he said.

She smiled at him, "Don't worry about it!" she chewed greatfully on her salade, "Here!" she took her spoon and dipped it into her soup, "Could you taste this for me?"

"Sure!" He open his mouth and Nicole poured it into his mouth. He exclaimed loudly, "HOT!" And swallowed hard.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" she mumbled taking the cloth napkin and dabbed it on his mouth, as if that was going to help his burnt tongue. She wiped off the driplets of soup that was on his chin.

He smiled at her.

"Sorry!" she mumbled again.

"Its good soup!" he said.

She withdrew her hand from his face, "Good... I'm so sorry! I didn't know it-"

"It wasn't that hot! I was just being over dramatic!" he cut her off.

She kicked him gently under the table.

They played footsy while the ate, laughing and smiling, as they tried to duck each others kicks.

The waittress came back with the recite, without the pencil in her mouth.

"Thanks!" Joseph said giving the sighned recete back to her. She gave him a copy, walked away.

They got up and walked out the restuararnt doors, smiling at each other.

They got into the car, Joseph the one driving on the right side.

Nicole had now gotten used to the weird driving ways of England.

"Ow! I think I'm going to have a bruise on my shin!" Joseph said sarcasticly.

She smiled at him, "I think I'm going to have one on my knee!"

"I couldn't reach your knee!" he exclaim, looking at her then looking back at the road.

"Well apparently you did." Nicole said in an argumentative tone.

"Did not!" he said with a laugh.

They both laughed at their ridiculous argument.

But Nicole still wanted the last word so she said in a matter of fact tone, "You did."


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