Friendship of Three- Chapter 7,8 and 9.

Fiction By Kassady // 1/14/2012


Chapter 7




Nicole was crying.

Joseph had just hurt, bad.

He went over to her, placing his gentle warm hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry!" he said sincerely, and with great regret.

She looked away from him, not wanting to acknolage him.

He took her chin in his sweet loving fingers, "Nicky... I didn't mean to yell. I'm so sorry, my love! Will you forgive me?"

She looked him straight in the eyes. His eyes were pleading. Her stuborn gaze turned to a defeated one, "How can I?"

His face fell.

"How can I NOT forgive you?" she smiled at him, but weakly.

He smiled at her, and lowered his lips to her's.

They stood there for a while, their arms around each other, kissing, and living in their own dream world.

Joseph broke the contact, drawing away his head. He pulled her down with him, as he sat down on her bed, "So!" he said, as they sat, criss-cross, facing each other on the bed. "When my parents fight, they always make up, and after they do, they talk about what they fought about, so that they can work it all out."

Nicole nodded aproval, but didn't really like the idea of going through the pain of what her love had yelled at her, "Yes, we should! So that we understand each other better, and work it out."

"Alright! So I yelled," he said looking into her face.

She nodded.

"I said, that I didn't care what brand of cloth detergent you bought, right?"

She nodded, "With a couple of choice words in the mix" she added.

He nodded, "I'm sorry for that! I've been a little stressed. You know all the class exams and the homework. And trying to get our weeding together. And paying off my bank loans for getting into collage. I was a little upset when you asked me about something like cloths." He explained to her.

She nodded simpethticly, " I understand Jo! It has been very stressful, these couple of weeks. Maybe we should have the wedding next year?"

He shook his head, "I don't want to wait that long!"

"Me either, but... do you really think that we can get everything ready in just a few months? It should probably be just a couple of months after graduation, right! And we don't have enough money for a big fancy wedding!"

"I don't want you to be slowed down by money! I want our wedding to be a memorable time for you and us!" Joseph argued.

"Yeah, but we do need to think about the cost Joseph! We're not millionares!"

He pursed his lips together, "But that doesn't mean that we can't make it a fantastic one!"

"Of course not! But we will have to think of the expence. A wedding cake is very expencive!"

"Great grandma has that covered" Joseph said.

"And my wedding dress?"

"Our mothers got that covered!"

"And the paster? We'll have to pay him!"

"My uncle is a paster!"

"And the dinner?"

"Grandma's got that covered!"

"And the honeymoon?"

Joseph frowned.

Nicole had finally reached a stop, were inlaws couldn't help.

"Umm! We... Uh!" he stammered counting on his fingers, mubling something to himself. "Did we plan the Honeymoon yet?"

"Yes! We are going down to Italy! Remember?" Nicole felt a little angry at Joseph for forgetting.

"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed, "But do you remember, we discussed it already. We were going to stay in my cousins summer house, on the cost of Itally. So we're covered in that! And that just leaves dining and fun things. And I think we can afford that, don't you think?!"

Nicole gave a grimace, and quickly, after thinking it through, disided, "I don't want to get married, intill next May!"

Joseph gaped at her, "But! We're in June! You want to wait another year!" he was on the verge of yelling again.

"Yes!" she took his hands in hers, "You see! We'll have enough time to get jobs and raise some money for the Wedding and everything! Enough time to plan everything to a fact! Its perfect! Yes..." she frowned a little, "It is a long time to wait, but I think its worth the wait!"


"I want to marry you so badly!" Nicole cut his objection, "Its not like I don't care as much! Its just that, like you said! I want our wedding to be memorable! So I think it can wait! I think... We can wait!"

He sighed, understanding the situation, "Alright my dear! Your word wish! For I love you SO much! And you are worth waiting for!" He smiled. And kissed her one more time!


Dear Elly,

Thanks! I'm excited too!

We actually just talked about that! We're going to wait till next May. So that we can raise enough money for the wedding!I want it to be perfect! And its hard to have a "Perfect" wedding when your pockets our low.

I'm SOOOOO happy for you! I can't believe your pregnant again! I'm now secretly hoping its a girl! If it is you should call it Ellen! And she can have your nick-name!

So your name of course is:

Eleanor Anne Wain

And your husbands is:

Richard Ed Wain

So maybe its name should be (if its a girl):

Ellen Edna Wain


Ellen Rich Wain!

I personally think their all good! LOL! But I did come up with them.

Didn't you name Jacqueline after Rich's great-great-grandmother?

Jacqueline Anne Wain

And you named Annalee after yourself didn't you? But Anna not Anne:

Annalee Johnson Wain

Johnson was your Great grandfather wasn't he?

So I guess your going to use another family name!

Oh I could keep on doing this forever, but I need to go!

Love yah!


P.S. Katrina came for a visit four days ago! I was very surprised. She was going to her families house for her brother (you must already know about that), and wanted to see Joseph. Now you just have to meet him! I'll have to visit soon! Maybe with some book money!

Nicole sent the email, smiling.

Joseph was leaning over her, watching her every move. He had been reading her email, as she typed, "Did you even do a word check?"

She smiled at him, "Nah! I'm too talented to check my spelling!" she laughed.

And he smiled at her. Spinning her computer chair around, he looked into her eyes. "How would you feel if we went out?"

Nicole pondered this offer, they needed to save money, but it would be nice to get out of the dank and dark appartment for a little while, "Okay!" she shrugged.

He offered his hand, and pulled her out of the chair.

She smiled, and adjusted her hold on his hand.

And they walked out hand in hand.

They were surprised to see Tawnia in the hall, kissing a stranger.

Tanwia broke away from the man, and smiled at them, "Oops!" she said, "Sorry!" and they walked out of the hallway and went outside, onto the balcony, and kissed outside.

Joseph and Nicole gaped after her, surprised at her behaver.

"Okay!" Joseph said, and Nicole and him walked out the front door, giving side glances at the balcony.

"I just hope she doesn't fall off!" Nicole said with a laugh.

Joseph laughed, "Yeah!"

Chapter 8


"Kathy!" Eleanor exclaimed, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!"

Kathy sat on the living room couch, crying.

Eleanor ploped down next to her. "Kathrina Yvonne Newson!"

Kathy looked at her dolefully.

"You get up and call him!"

"But!" Kathy said, "I can't!"

"Why not!" Eleanor snapped.

"Because!" she looked uncertain how to answer.

"Because nothing! Your acting like a little child! And I'd know, because I'm a mom! And a wife!" Eleanor got up and picked up the house phone. "Call him! Now!"

Kathy had turned pale, and looked very frightened. She took the phone, and with a shaky hand pressed a couple of numbers, also pressing the phone to her ear.

Eleanor walked away, knowing that this was a conversation that, Kathy needed to have alone.

"WAH!!!" Annalee cried.

Eleanor rushed upstairs and picked up Annalee from her crib. "Hey sweety! Have a good nap?" Eleanor said in a sugary voice, bouncing lightly on her heels, and patting Annalees back confortingly.

"Mom-ma!" Annalee said sleepily.

"That's right! Momma!"

"Mommy?" Jacqueline came into the room, swinging on the door frame. "What's for snack?"

"We just had lunch Jacky! Go back to rest time please!" Eleanor said.

"Is rest time over?" Jacqueline asked.

Eleanor sighed in exasperation, "No, go back to rest time!"

"But Annalee's awake!" Jacqueline exclaimed.

"Still! Its still rest time! Now go please!"

"But I'm bored!" she complained, "And I've been in there forever!"

"Jacqueline! Go back to your room! Now!" Eleanor said sturnly, really trying not to yell.

Jacqueline looked down at her feet and wimpered, walking away.

Eleanor rolled her eyes, still holding Annalee, who was struggling to get down. "Jacqueline! Honey!" Eleanor went after her upset daughter. "Why are you crying?" Eleanor asked sweetly.

"I don't like it when people yell at me!" she wailed.

"I didn't mean too Sweety! I'm sorry!"

Kathy walked up the stair, "HE DIDN'T ANSWER!" Kathy said with a wail.

"Wah, wah!" Annalee started to wail as well.

Eleanor looked around at the three crying girls, and before long, she was crying, with frustration.

The sight of all four females crying, was very comical, and sadly no one was able to see this comical sight. Except the one man of the house, who walked in.

Having not been met with greetings when he got home from work. Richard had climbed upstairs and was surprised to be met by the sight of all of them crying their heads off.

Annalee was wailing loudly, being held by her mother.

Jacqueline was wailing, criss-cross applesauce on the floor, rubbing her little fists over her eyes.

Kathy was wailing, leaning up against the wall, her hands over her face.

And last but not least, Eleanor. Poor Eleanor stood holding Annalee, wailing with stress. She stood upright, her free hand- the one not holding Annalee-covering her face, her fingers wide apart, so that they covered her whole face.

Richard stood starring for a while.

The four forlorn females walked over to him, wailing and yelling and complaining and telling him everything.

Of course he didn't understand a word they said.

And finally they looked at him expectently, waiting for his comforting words.

He looked at them all, and burst into laughter. His laughter tumbling out of his mouth and bouncing around the hall way.

The girls all looked at him incredulously.

"Richard!" Eleanor yelled.

"Richard!" Kathy yelled.

"Daddy!" Jacqueline yelled.

"Wah!" Annalee yelled.

Richard laughed even harder.

Eleanor went up to him, and plopped the crying child into his arms, and stormed off.

"Eleanor!" Richard said, with a cut off laugh, he handed Annalee to Kathy, and chased after Eleanor. "Elly!"

"Richard!" Eleanor turned around to face him. They were outside in the front yard. Eleanor was holding her car keys. "What! Richard! When you see me, with a crying child! TWO crying children! And an upset sister! When you walk into the house and you find an upset wife! And an upset family!" Eleanor paused to take a breath of frustration, she was still crying hot angry tears, "You comfort and help your wife! You help with the crying children! You help maintain the peace! YOU HELP!!!

"But NO! No, helping is way not cool for Richard the publisher! No its just to tiresom! No this husband is way to cool for such matters! NO ITS BETTER TO JUST STAND AND... LAUGH!!!!!" Eleanor yelled, "YOU LAUGH! At the my hour of need! You laugh! When I needed your help the most you LAUGHED!"

She fell to the driveway concrete, sobbing.

Richard walked over to her, and put an arm around her.

She cried, and cried, the stream of tears never stopped flowing.

And Richard hugged her, and comforted her, as a husband should.

"My darling! I'm so sorry! I never ment to hurt you as I did! I should have helped at once!"

"No its understandable," Eleanor said with a laugh, whiping away a tear, "We must have been a funny sight, all four of us bawling like babies!" She laughed again.

"That doesn't matter right now!" Richard said, "I should have never laughed. Your right, I should have helped you! I was being a terrible husband, I'm sorry!"

He kissed her. And they got up. To walk inside, and comforted their two children and young distressed woman.


Eleanor sat in the car, Kathy, Jacqueline and Annalee behind her in the back, and Richard to her left, driving.

Kathy was nearly jumping in her seat with excitement.

"Excited?" Eleanor said, a little sarcastically.

"You bet!" Kathy gave a little screech.

Every one pluged their ears, it was the sixth time the whole car drive Kathy had screamed with excitement.

"There's the border!" Richard called through the car.

Great big mountains loomed in front of them, like they had for a little while, but now taller. A green sign over the road said WELCOME TO AUSTRIA.

Now all three girls yelled, with happiness. Both Richard and Eleanor grimaced, clenching their teeth.

"There!" Kathy screamed.

A navy blue car was on the side, at a stop.

"THERE HE IS!!!" She screamed again.

A young looking man was waving out side of the car, a big foolish grin was on his face.

Richard turned into the stop.

Kathy unbuckled her seatbelt, and opened the car door.

"Kathy! Patience!" Eleanor said turning around her, Kathy was already out.

And the car was still moving.

She ran into the mans arms. And the man swung her around.

Richard and Eleanor smiled at each other knowingly, and kissed. Richard finished parking.

"I love you!" The man said.

"I love you too Fredric!" Kathy answered, and pecked his lips lightly.

"Moseltoev!" Richard said playfully.

Every one smiled, even Jacqueline, even though she didn't understand a thing.

Chapter 9


Katrina looked around at the many people that had come to her parents house for Peter's celebration.

She felt like hiding in one of the rooms and waiting till not many people were left, but of course that wouldn't be very nice. Definitly for Peter, the shyest of the whole family, who was forced to be congradulated and showered with attention, the one thing he really hated.

She went over to him now, shouldering her way to his side.

"This!" he said in a undertone, "Is tourcher! And I'm not being sarcastic!"

Katrina laughed, "Yeah! I understand!" Katrina couldn't help the urge and moved aside his bangs, that were crawling their way to his eyes.

He swatted her hand aside, rolling his eyes away from her in annoyance.

Katrina smiled, and walked over to a refreshment table.

There was punch and a couple of alchohal bevredges for the adults that joined.

Katrina scanned the table, and took a handful of dinner mints.

"Nothing to drink?" said a fimilair taunting voice.

Katrina turned around to see her cousin Hunter. "Hello Hunter!" she said, with a little drawl to her voice.

He gave her a smug smile, cocking his head to the side. "How are you?"

"Okay! You? Haven't see you in a very long time!" Katrina said, turning around, and leaning on the table.

He followered her, leaning up against the table as well, a beer in his hands, "Good!"

"Your married now... Right?" Katrina asked.

"Yeah!" he smiled, "Tina... She's pregnant!"

"Wow! Really!" Katrina forced a smile, "Congradulations!"

"Thanks," he walked away, without anything else.

Katrina rolled her eyes. She caught some ones eye, and walked over to them.

"Katrina!" said her other cousin, more of a friend then a cousin to Katrina.

"Catty!" Katrina hugged her tightly.

They both laughed as they nearly fell over.

"How are you!" Katrina said over the louder voices around them.

"Great! You?"

"Wonderful! Never better!"

"Wow! I haven't seen you in ages! It's been! What?" Catty paused, "Three? Four, years!"

"Its been too long! That's all I know!" Katrina said with a smile. Katrina saw her mother wave to her urgently, "I need to run real quick! Be back!"

Catty nodded, and turned around to talk to some one else.

Katrina walked over, "Hmm?"

"Have you seen Konal?" she asked with urgency in her tone.

"No! He might be with those girls I saw come in a little while ago?"

"Thats what I'm worried about!" she said, looking around frantically.

"Don't worry! I'll find him!" Katrina said, and started to move through the crowd.

"Hey! Watch it!" yelled some one.

As Katrina had stepped on his toe, "Sorry!" she mumbled and looked around. She saw a tall figure in the cornor, and started moving towards that. But the further she came closer, she knew it wasn't Konal. Time for plan B.

"KONAL!" Katrina yelled out the old fashioned way.

People starred at her like she was crazy, but she ignored them.


She turned around and ran straught into some one. It was her brother. Fifteen year old Konal Red O'Patrick, towing along a string of blond, red,black and brown haired girls, giggling behind him.

"Konal!- Excuse me ladies," she said kindly to the girls, "I have to take away my little brother from you!"

The girls giggled looking at each other in amusment.

Konal sighed in exasperation, as he walked behind Katrina, "Not cool Katrina! You just embarssed me in front of those chicks! Not cool!"

"Hey!" Katrina turned on him, pointing a finger into his face, "One! Don't you ever call girls 'chicks' alright! That makes you sound... well, girl crazy! And Two! Don't you ever talked to me like that again! It makes you sound like a cool kid that goes around texting people all the time! Alright! And stop hanging around those girls! They only like you because they think you are good looking-"

"I am!"

"No! Your not! Well... Okay, a little! But not as much as you think you are! But any way! Those girls only like you for your looks, you should hang around girls who go for your personality! If any girls at all!"

"Your just like that because your an old maid!" he said under his breath.

They had been walking on, but now she turned on him again. "I AM NOT AN OLD MAID!"she said angrily.

"You sure act like it!" he mumbled.

"Just because I am more careful in relationships, doesn't mean I'm an old maid!" she said through clenched teeth.

He grinned at her slyly, as if he knew something she didn't.

Katrina turned on her heel, stomping away maddly.

She slammed a door behind her, a few tears running down her face.

She was in a closet, a towl closet to be more precise. She slid down the wall, hugging her kneels, her head in her arms, sobbing.


Katrina looked at her ever excited sister Pansy, who was right beside her on the plane.

She smiled, her eyebrows rising a little as she did so.

Katrina smiled back, it was so nice to be traveling again, with some one by her side.

Fred sat next to Pansy, looking at a pamphlet of the france rugby team.

Katrina was left to the seat on the outside, but that was fine for her. It would mean that she wouldn't have to climb over them to get to the restroom.

"Its so exciting!" Pansy whispered hoarsly.

"Shh!" the person behind them hissed.

"Shh to you!" Fred said, looking back at the man with a glare.

Pansy and Katrina giggled smiling at each other.

Katrina leaned over and hugged Pansy, "I'm glade to be with you again!" she said with a sigh.

"Aw! You too!" Pansy said, wraping her arms around her.

"Aw!" Fred awed sarcastically.

Pansy playfully slaped him with a map of Paris. Smiling.

"The plane will be landing in Paris France in five minutes, may I remind you to buckle your seatbelts and close your food trays.Thank you for flying on Air New Zealand, we hope you have had an enjoyable flight, thank you!"

Pansy looked down at her seatbelt, and made sure it was tight.

So did Fred and Katrina.

They all smiled at each other.

After thirty minutes they were walking around the Paris airport, which was spick-spot clean.

"What would you like for lunch?" Katrina asked them, after they had picked up their lugauge.

"Woh! Katrina! Are you planning to be staying for a year!" Fred said, looking at her three suitcases.

Katrina smiled, loving to hear Freds New Zealand accent. "Well, you never know! With three people you always have to pack heavy... Well! If your me you have to pack heavy!" she said jokingly and laughed.

They laughed as well, understanding her simple joke.

"But really! What sounds good for lunch? I'm not sure about you, but I'd like to have something traditionally french!"

"Ooh! Yeah that sounds great! How about!" Pansy walked a little to the side. "There! That looks traditional enough!" she pointed to a very fancy looking resteruant.

"Great! Come on!" Fred said.

Katrina gave a little grimace, the place looked like each meal was fitfty dollors each or more, and it wasn't very apealing to her to spend that much money, but sighed, Hey its Paris! What did I expect. She gave a small shrug, and walked over with them.

They walked in, and one look around, made them feel foolish and inaproprerate for it.

"Wow!" Pansy exclaimed.

"Bonsoir?" said a man in a french.

"Wee! Bonsoir Monsieur. Je voudrais une table pour trois personnes" Katrina said in french, she just couldn't help the french she was saying. It was more of an instinctive thing for her now.

He smiled, "Vous avez une reservation ?" - Do you have a reservation?

"Non, je n'ai pas de reservation" - No I don't have a reservation.

"Pas de problème"- No problem.

He led the way to a dinning table. Where he indecated that they sit down.

"Voici une table." - Here is the table- "Et voici la carte." -And here is the menu.

"Merci, monsieur!" Katrina smiled, and the man walked away.

Pansy was smiling.

"What!" Katrina asked.

"Show off!" she said jokingly.

"What! I couldn''t help it! I love doing that! You know my job!" Katrina said with a smile.

"Still!" Pansy said with a shrug, and looked at the menu, "Everything is in French! Katrina! Would you help me!"


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