Friendship of Three (FO3): chapter 13, 14 and 15

Fiction By Kassady // 1/25/2012

Chapter 13


Nicole grinned from ear to ear, as she watched Joseph cook dinner that night.

She suddenly had a vision of him making dinner, and children at his feet smiling up at him and asking when the food would be done. The idea was apealing to her, and she wanted it to happen.

He turned to see her smile, he smiled back, "Watcha thinkin'?"

She sighed in relief at the silence being broken, "I was just thinking about when we're married and have kids!"

He smiled, "I've been thinking a lot about that too!"

"Can you imagine it!" She asked excitedly, hoping off her the tall stool she had been sitting on. She walked over to him, and sniffed the stir-fry, "Mmm! Can you imagine! Living out at that house, having kids and cooking!"

"I can!" he said with a smile. But frowned lightly, "At least... I hope we'll live in that house."

"Yeah," she said a little crestfallen, "I bet we will live there!" she said excitedly.

"And we'll live happily ever after!" he said cheerfully.

"That's right! Nothing will stop us!" she giggled.

Joseph turned from his stir-fry and kissed her, so quickly, Nicole had to grab the counter so that she didn't fall.

She laughed, wiping her mouth with her sleave.

He did the same, laughter in his eyes.

She became serious, "Joseph?" she asked uncertainly.

"Yeah." he said, turning back around to the food.

"Are we... acting... inapropreately?" she asked with concern.

He turned once again, his eyebrows furrowed in a question of confusion, "No.. I don't think so! We are going to be married!" he looked happy at the words.

She smiled lightly, "But what if... what if we don't marry? What if we break up before the wedding?"

He frowned at her, " And why would we ever do that?"

"No reason! I'm just saying!"

"You will be the only woman for me! Understand missy!" he said with a smile and a joking glint in his eye.

She smiled, but still felt uncertain, "And you will always be my knight in shining armor! But still! Hypothically! Are we acting wrong?"

He smiled at her, "I think we're fine Nicole!"

Nicole was taken aback at the sudden use of her whole name, "Alright Joseph!"

They smiled and turned to finish the dinner that smelled amazing!


Nicole sat in the car, seathing in fury at what Joseph had done.

He had barged into one of her interviews! Got up on stage and told her to come with him quickly. And of course it had to be a live interview she thought in frustration. She was going to be the laughing stock of the authors of London, which was a lot.

"I'm really sorry!" Joseph said, turning his head once from the road to look at her, then back again.

"How could you do something like that to me, Joseph!" she exclaimed, her anger had been boiling silently, and now it came bubbling over. "That was a live interview! I'm going to be laughed at! The whole island of England will be laughing at me! How could you humilate me so much!!!"

He faked a frown, but it was apparent that he was hiding something exciting. "I'm sorry darling! I should have waited! I should have stayed off the stage!"

"Yeah!" Nicole agreed angrily.

"I should have signaled to you or something."

"Yes you should have!"

"I should have just came after I knew when it would be over!"


"And I should have told you about her before now."

"Right! You should have told me about her bef-" she stopped in confusion, "Her?"

He grinned secretivly.

"Joseph! Who? Whose 'her'?" Nicole was getting worried, she didn't like the sound of another girl in Joseph's life. "Who! Joseph George Jameson! Tell me at once!"

His grin widdened with increasing devilishness, "I love it when you say my full name when your angry!"

She tried not to smile at his remark, but her mouth twitched ever so slightly. But a sudden wave of frustration came over her, and with much childness, kicked the dashboard.

With the loud sound of air and a big POOPH! The airbag gushed out.

Nicole was smooshed against her chair, the inpacted of the airbag, felt as if she was just hit with a big sack of flour. It had knocked the air out of her.

The car was pulled hardly over. Jospeh getting out and opening Nicoles car door, scooping her into his warm comforting arms.

"Nicky! Nicky!" He said urgently, holding her from arms length. He crushed her in a hug.

Nicole felt his heart beating like crazy, but maybe it was hers? "I will never!" she breathed, "Do.. That... Again!"

He gave a bark of relieved laughter, then hugged her tighter, as if she was going to disapeare in a momment, "You better not!" he whispered into her ear.

They both got back into the car, and started driving again.

"Joseph?" Nicole asked timidly, "Who is she ?"

He smiled, "You'll see!"


They pulled up to Jospeh's apartment.

Nicole gave him a quizical.

He smiled, winking at her.

They walked inside, a big box lay in the middle of the living room, and the both of them went over to it.

Nicole pulled on the ribbon and unwrapped it.

Something threw itself on her face, knocking her over. A wet something slid across her face in radid succestion.

Joseph pulled the light weight of her face, with a uncontrolable smile.

A puff of white fur struggled in his strong hands.

"AW!!!" Nicole exclaimed, launching herself at Joseph, she kissed him lightly with a hug.

"May I introduce," Joseph said in a booming voice, "The newest member of our small family!"

Nicole smiled at him, and took the little puff into her arms, "How did you know?" she asked kissing the little things nose. "How did you know Bission Freese's are my favorite breed of dog!"

He shrugged with a sly smile, "Oh... I don't know! Some one with a big mouth for gossip about dogs... Maybe?" He smiled.

She gaped in mock surprise.

He smiled, patting the puppy. "So I thought you would like to name her!"

"Yeah!" Nicole said, standing up and moving to the kitchen. Nicole reached into her book bag, and pulled out her Baby Naming Book, or Author's Name Dictionary, that Katrina had gave those many years ago. "How about... Abison?"

Joseph frowned, "I think it should be something with a 'J' so that its.. I don't know? Joy Jameson?"

"I agree! But not Joy!... How about... Jasmine?"

"That's cute!"

"Nope... Jia?!"


"No! umm... Jen.... Jendy?"

Joseph's whole face lit up, "That's perfect!"

Nicole smiled, "It is! Hmm... Lets see.... Jendy.... Jendeeva could be her full name! How about... Jendeeva Jasmine Joy Jameson!"

"That's great!"

"No.. Maybe Jendeeve Jia Jasmine Jameson!"

"Love it! How about Jendeeva Jasmine Jia Jameson!"


"Yip!" agreed the little dog.

They both laughed.

And Jendy licked Nicole.

Chapter 14




Eleanor watched quitely, as Jacky and Annalee walked up the stairs of the playground. She was at a homeschooling co-op. she had joined not too long ago. But saddly they were more striked homeschooler's. Planning a topic to learn in class for the co-op meets and such.

"And why by chance are you over here?" Asked Filma, a woman with honey colored hair (she was one of the leader's of the group), she smiled widely, her cheeks dimpling.

"Jacky and Annalee wanted to play," she answered simply.

Filma nodded, "Are you going to join the toddler's in their storytime?"

Eleanor pursed her lips, "Maybe? I really do need to go home after this! I have chili in the crockpot that has been in a little bit too long."

Filma nodded again, still smiling, "Yeah, I understand that! Are you going to be here next week?"

"It deepends," Eleanor turned to her with a smile, "I might actually be at an Altrasound!"

Filma's smile widdend, "Congradulation's!" she exclaimed, touching Eleanor's stomach lightly.

Eleanor felt a wave of uncomfort pass over her, at some one elses touch. "Thanks."

"When are you due?"

"Not sure, I missed my first Altrasound, so we didn't get an estament yet," Eleanor felt a rush of excitement, just thinking over the new little one who was coming into her life.

"Well, do tell when you know! Congrads!" She walked off.

"Girls! Time to leave!" Eleanor called out.

"One more slide?!" Jacqueline pleaded.

"One more!" Eleanor anwsered strictly.

Both girls ran up to the slide, and slid yelling with glee the way down.

"Momma!" Annalee gabbled, running over to her, her arms outstretched.

Eleanor kneeled down and caught the little girl in her arms.

A little boy came running toward them, and stopped in front of Jacqueline, "Bye!" he exclaimed joyfully.

"Bye!" Jacqueline answer, and hugged the little boy.

Eleanor smiled secretively, thinking how cute young friendship was.

It wasn't exactly love, but something close, something a little more then aquantences... Friends


With a sigh of pent up anxiosness, Eleanor walked into the large hospital.

Richard gave her a reasuring smile, and walked with her up the long staircase.

Butterflies buzzed around her stomach, as if some were flying and other's were crawling around the insides. A lump stuck in Eleanor's throat, and she swore it was her heart. Nervous sweat started coming off her feet and hands.

They walked through a door, that told what doctor's were inside that day:

Dr. Shutzerberg, Dr. Alfderd, Dr. Waon



Eleanor was going to be meeting Dr. Alfderd, she had been her altrasound doctor for Jacqueline and Annalee, and for the new one as well. She trusted her.

"Wain," Richard said to the desk clerk.

The woman behind the counter smiled, and looked down at her pad, with her pencil she made a check into the small box next to Eleanor's name, "Nice to see you again Mrs. Wain! How's little Annalee?"

Eleanor smiled weekly, "She's wonderful, cute as I'll get out, and super active."

"Too bad they couldn't come today! I would love to see them again!"

Eleanor nodded with a polite smile, and went to sit down.

The room smelled clean. Soft classical music was playing. The room was comfortable enough, helping to ease the anxiosness.

An hour later a woman walked out the back door, "Wain!" she called out.

Eleanor and Richard hopped up, Eleanor a bit more enthusically.

"Hello Eleanor!" Said Dr. Alfded, she had a heavey german accent, and golden hair, up in a professional bun.

"Hello!" Eleanor answered, feeling as if she was going to throw-up.

"Ready to finally get back into the chair of torture!" She said with a smile and a laugh. She was one of those people who thought theyt were so funny, but weren't.

Eleanor giggled politely, "Yep! Ready!" She slid unto the chair, were she almost laid down.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Dr. Alfded wagged her finger. "You know the drill!"

Eleanor sighed and got back up, taking the medical robe she was suppost to put on. She took of her shirt with unease, but knew that the doctor of facing away to the computer that sat near the bed.

When the deed was done, and she was back in the chair, Dr. Alfded took out a bottle, that Eleanor all to well knew was the gel.

With the sound of squerts the gel was squeezed onto her stomach.

Eleanor helped and rubbed the stuff around.

Then the doctor took out a device, that she put to Eleanor's stomach, slidding it back and forth across, searching for a sign of life.

The light sound of a heartbeat came from the computer.

Richard grinned from ear to ear.

And Eleanor couldn't help but let go of a sigh of relief.

Dr. Alfded smiled at them, apparently happy.

"Can you make out the baby?" Richard asked.

"Ever so slightly...?" She answered, with a frown of consetration. "But its a bit early to make out anything. I would say your about a month into pregnancy."

"A month!" Eleanor exclaimed in surprise.

"Yep, a month, a month in a half most likely!"

Eleanor gaped in estonishment, wondering why she hadn't had any shooting pains yet.

Richard squeezed her hand excitedly.


Dear friends,

I had my first altrsound!

They baby is alive and healthy! We're guessing its due around.... September? it depends!

I'm supper excited! And I'm looking forward to see what it is!

Thanks for sharing my excitement!

Love yah!




Eleanor sent this email to both Katrina and Nicole, sighing with great excitement.

Going back to her internet window, she looked through the many houses they had over in India.

But after a long thought, she desided that she didn't want her children to grow up there, not when they were young at least. Clicking in a few more places, like Tibet and China, Mongolia, Brazil and Russia. Nowhere seemed right to her, no house big enough for her wants and needs.

"Honey I'm home!" called Richard.

Eleanor quickly Xed out of the window and ran down the stair's to shush and welcome her husband.

"Have a good day at work?" She asked over her shoulder as she walked into the kitchen to check on dinner.

"Yeah," Richard shrugged, "Its like they pay me for sitting around though... I was pretty bored."

"I'm sorry sweety! You should have talked to your boss and asked to come home early!" Eleanor said simpethically.

Richard smiled, starring at her.

She starred back, that same absent look and smile on her face.

With a start Richard went and kissed her, twirling her.

They danced quitely enjoying each other's presents and touch.

"DADDY!" Jacqueline cried, running into the room.

Richard caught her in his arms, throwing her up in the air and catching her again.

Jacqueline, as fast as she had entered, exited.

Richards face was flushed, and his smile explanned everything.

"Richy?" Eleanor started.

"Yes Elly?"

"I've been thinking-"

He gave her a meaningful look, telling her that starting a conversation like that, was ridiculous.

"We're growing out of this house!" She said with courage.

He nodded, getting the point, "I agree! From the start, I knew you didn't like this house. We do need to find somewhere else, that fits our families needs!"

"I was thinking outside Germany..." Eleanor said uncertainly.

Richard nodded, "Yes... That's understandilbe."

"That would mean you would have to quite your work. Maybe find some other business."

"There's alway's publishing houses, Elly! I'm quiet sure I'll find something!"

Eleanor smiled, nodding, "I've looked into India and Russia... Brazil and Mongolia.... Oh, and also China and Tibet."


"Nothing! Nothing seemed to fit our families needs and definitely not my wants! Where have you always wished to live?" Eleanor asked, stirring the pot of rice.

"I have been interested in New York! But... I'd rather live in Europe!"

Eleanor agreed vigorously, "Enland?" she asked, thinking of places with big publishing houses.

Richard nodded slowly, "Isle of Man?"



"Shutland Islands?"




Eleanor paused, thinking about that region, and then it struck her, "Wales!"

"Wales!" Richard agreed with a grin. Richard quickly grabbed his lap-top, and did a search on houses for sale in Wales.

Caldicot, Wales, seemed to be the best place. It was thirty three minutes fom Bristol, which seemed to be the best work option for Richard (Being the same company he worked for), and seemed to be the best inverment for their children.

Three houses were for sale on this site:

One was a three bedroom house, which wouldn't work.

The second was a three bedroom house, with an upstairs-attic play room and a game room in the basement.

The Third was a two bedroom house.

All of them didn't seem to fit their needs, so they went to another sight.

There were four options:

One was a one bedroom house.

The second was a two story house with three bedrooms, but everything looked to cramp.

The third was a condo with only three rooms.

The fourth looked like a practical joke, being a one bedroom house, that looked like a shack.

Eleanor sighed with agitation.

Richard kissed her brow, "Don't worry Elly! We'll find the perfect place!"

Eleanor went back to the rice, the bottum of the rice had burnt, and the stench of burning filled the kitchen. Eleanor hated waisting food like that, but desided to throw it away. Instead of making another batch she reached into the cuppered and got out Pancake mix her mother had given her. All she wanted right now was something simple, even though she had sworn she would never use the stuff.

Richard gave her a quizzical look, grabbing the package away from her, he took over and started making home made pancakes. Leaving Eleanor to fiddle around with the computer.

Eleanor randomly typed in places close to Bristol, and saw an add for land. With a sudden excitement she thought about making their own home from scratch! It wouldn't have to be much land, maybe a couple of acres, three or four. She typed in Land for Sale near Caldicot, and was rewarded with eight choices:

One was only an acre.

The second was a little over two acres.

The third was another one acre piece of land.

The fourth was two acres.

Fifth had half an acre.

Sixth was eight acres (which was a bit to much)

Seventh was five acres.

Eleanor stoped there, and clicked on the Seventh. It was a nice patch of land. With a few rolling hills, a small creek run through, there was a patch of trees to the south and a plan open field in the east. It was perfect.


"Yes... Uh, huh.... No!... Please!"

Eleanor watched, as her mother talked on her phone to Kathy. Sighing slightly, she fingered the beautiful dish that was laid before her.

"Nope... Yeah! You turn... No that would be the wrong direction!... Turn left! No left!.... Are you sure?... I was pretty certain it was left...?"

Eleanor grabbed the phone from her, "Hey Kathy, where are you?"

"We're at the intersection, there's a small supper-market-gass-station place to my right, and the pizza place we went to on my left."

"Okay then.... turn.... Oh goodness.... umm... Turn right!" She said imagining the place her sister was at.

"Okay... Are you sure?" Kathy asked uncertainly.

"Yeah, when you get to the post office turn right again, then at the green house, turn... left!"

"Okay... Honey turn left at the post office."

"Where is that?" Asked the distant voice of Fredric.

"Right there!" Kathy's erratible voice snapped back at him.


Eleanor smiled, and thought sarcastically, Young love.


"Okay now what? Oh I see moms house! Okay love you! See you in... like a few minutes! Bye," Kathy hung up quickly.

"There here!" cried Nathanael, Eleanor's eleven year old youngest brother.

"Really?" Asked James, the second youngest, he was sixteen.

"Ew! Is that her car?" Ella, the youngest sister of the group said, she was in collage, being nineteen.

"I think its his!" Jake, the third oldest, him being twenty one, almost twenty two, Kathy's age.

"Well... I guess? He is driving!... But that doesn't mean its his," Ella argued.

"It is his," Eleanor stated, remembering when she saw it, as she dropped Kathy off to go live with him.

"Are you sure?" James asked in a disbelieving tone.

"Yeah, that's his, he picked up Kathy in it."

"Oh... Well then! Its his!" James exclaimed.

"I like his car," Nathanael said simply.

"Well I don't!" Ella declared, "But that's okay... It doesn't matter what he drives! He's a nice fellow! I good brother-in-law!"

"That's the spirit!" Kathy bounced in happily, scarring everybody.

Ella nervously tucked her bangs behind her ear, embarressed and guilty that her sister had overheard her.

Eleanor gave her sister a one arm hug, kissing her cheek lightly, in that family way.

"What am I chop liver?!" Jake said joyfully, hugging his closest sibling, Kathy.

"HUGIES!" Ella yelled and hugged the both of them, her arms squeezing them tightly.

"Do I get a turn?" James asked.

Kathy opened her arms wide, and he ran at them, knocking them both into the wall, giggling.

Nathanael put up his arms in protest, "I'm fine!" he said.

But Kathy hugged him anyways.

"Your late!" Eleanor's father quoted from lord of the rings, and hugged her.

She laughed, and mimicked an old mans voice quoting, "A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to."

Everyone laughed.

Chapter 15





Katrina giggled lightly at what Harry was telling her.

It was the day after she had run into him, and they were telling away with stories and experiences.

"So why are you here?" Katrina finally asked.

Harry thought wildly for a good excuse, "My father!" he exclaimed quickly, making Katrina jump in surprise. "My father's business."

"He works outside of Ireland?" Katrina asked in a amazment, not thinking that the business crossed so far.

"Oh yeah! We surves, Ireland, England, France... India, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.... And a lot of other places as well," Harry finished with a smile.

Katrina nodded her head. As the movement of her head went down, she noticed something that she hadn't before. A wave of outrage and sadness ran through her , confusing her. She finally said in a firm voice, "So is your wife with you?" For it was a wedding band on his finger.

He frowned at her in confusion.

She jestured to the ring erritably.

He laughed, "I'm not married!" he chocked out.

Now it was Katrina's turn to frown.

"This was my mother's," Harry explained, suddenly serious, "She died four years back... Cancer."

This time sad feelings washed over her, sadness, pity, and guilt, "I'm so sorry," she breathed. She suddenly thought of losing her own mother, and how sad it would be for her, the thought made her even more sad and grateful, but feeling terrible for Harry.

"It's fine," He said with a smile, "It never was the same without her, and I did miss her when I went into collage, wishing that she could have seen me graduate... but life is life, we sometimes can't controle it."

"That's soo.... Sa-" Katrina's voice cracked, and tears fell down her cheeks, "I'm so sorry!"
she said, wiping her eyes, she felt embarressed now, knowing that her face must look red and blotchy, the way it always did. The tears stopped falling, and she felt even more sorry.

"Its okay," Harry said looking concerned. "Are you?"

She laughed, "Yeah! I'm fine! It's just so sad!" She wiped away a stray tear, and sniffed. Her belly rumbled quitely, and she quickly looked around for a place to eat.

They stopped in front of a italian restuarant.

Italian... in france!

thought Katrina with a smile.

Harry sighed, "Well I'd better get going." He glanced quickly at the restuarant, "The man who runs this place hasn't payed his bills... And my father is wanting to take it from him. He said that he couldn't pay yet, because he didn't have enough money... I'm going to see if I can help him in anyway."

"Oh yeah..." Katrina said, a little disapointed, then was struck with an idea, "I'll help too! I'm hungry and I love italian food... That should help him a bit!"

Harry smiled, "Great! I might join you, I haven't had breakfast yet."

Katrina giggled, and walked inside, allowing Harry to open the door for her, "Thanks!" she instictively said to him.

He smiled and walked in himself.

"Benvenuti!" Cried the worker, some adding in at the very end.

"Welcome," Katrina quickly and quitely translated.

Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise, "You speck Italian?"

Katrina smiled, "I speack many different languages... you see I'm a Linguistic Anthropologist."

A question formed on his face, but before he could ask, he was interupted by a man.

"For two?" he asked smiling at them.

"Sì," Katrina answered in italian.

The man smiled, "Molto buono,"-Very good.

"Grazie"-Thank you.

"And I'd like to see the owner," Harry said, with a smile.

"Amerebbe vedere il proprietario"- He'd like to see the owner. She said with a laugh.

The three of them chuckled, and the man led Katrina to a table, then motioned for Harry to follow him.

Sighing deeply, Katrina looked at her menu, glancing at it, and deciding on a very expencive dish, that looked amazing.

Harry came back fifteen minutes latter, smiling, a waiter behind him.

The waiter stopped in front of Katrina and asked in a lively tone, "What can I get you, such a fair lady as your self?"

Katrina blushed, and noticed with a secret smile, that Harry had snapped into attention and was eyeing the waiter, like he was a mouse and himself a cat. "This!" She tapped the menu, not wanting to go through the whole name, it was a bit too many rowling R's for her taste.

"Alright And you sir?" he turned to Harry, who was looking at the menu, glancing at the waiter with ever more ice.

"I think I'm going to take what she took," he said simply.

"Wise choice!" the waiter scribbled down on his notepad, then leaned over to whisper in Harry's ear.

Apparently it wasn't the best thing, because Harry's mouth dropped and so did the bag he was trying to arrange. It dropped onto the mans foot.

With a yelp, he stepped away, smiling nervously, and walking quickly away.

Katrina was really struggling with herself, trying not to laugh.

Harry glared after the waiter, then went back to arranging the placement of his bag, "Not hurt I hope!" Harry mumbled.

"It did nail his foot." Katrina said trying to wipe off the smile on her face.

"Oh I'm not talking about him! I'm talking about my computer," Harry said grumpily.

Katrina couldn't help it anymore, and with an unlady-like snort she burst into laughter, covering her mouth lightly with her hand.

Harry smiled, and joined in laughing.


"-And this... should... go.... yep! There!" Katrina said softly, looking at the many pieces of jar, each with a delicate and impressive rune on it. "No! That goes... over there! With the.. yeah... No! No! No! Put that here!"

Racheal hovered over their shoulders, watching the slow and precise placement of the jar. "Katrina," she said, and beckoned Katrina to walk with her.

Katrina waited patiently, waiting for her boss to start.

They stopped looking over at a river.


"Yes Racheal?"

"You have done splendidly, I don't know what we would do without you!"

Katrina understood where the conversation was going, "Alright where is it?"

Racheal sighed with a smile, "Egypt!"

Katrina nodded sighing through her nose, "Go on."

"There's these really neat phero tombs that I want to have a look at! I know you've already been to Egypt, but I heard that it didn't go so well... So I thought you might like a redo.. And we need you! Your the best decipheror in the whole gang!" she paused, "It wouldn't be worth it."

Katrina really wanted to go, she had always wanted to be in one of those, ever sense she was a little girl. Last time, everyone chickened out before they could even go inside, "How about booby-traps?"

"That's the one thing I'm worried about... I mean the person whose burried inside is... not very famous, so I don't think they would put many."

"Many?" Katrina thought even harder. A thought of her cat's suddenly sprung to mind, she didn't want to leave them for as long as she had in greece, she was afraid that they would become farel. "I'm not sure... My cats are waiting on me... and I really need to finish this book before my fans start hunting me down... Its also so dangerous!"

"Are those the only things keeping you back?" Racheal asked.

Katrina pondered, then nodded, "Yes!"

"Well... Lets try figuring those out and see if its possible... for one, do you have any family nearby to take car of your cats?"

"No," Katrina frowned sadly, "The closest family member is on the plane back to North New Zealand, and my friends are both far away, one living in England and the other in Germany,"She hung her head a bit, but with a thought, it shot back up, "I might just have some one!"

"Great contact them and see! Get back to me.. and we'll discuss the other problems!" Racheal said in a business like manner, but skipped away, very childishly.

Katrina smiled, watching her skip away, but frowned again. She didn't want to ask, thinking that it might be too much for her... but it was worth a try...

"Kitty!" Herb, one of the archgealogist called, "Over 'ere!"

Katrina jogged over, in a pant when reaching him, "What's up?"

He held up her cell phone, "Y'ere phone was ring'n."

"Oh... Thanks!" Katrina grabbed the phone and a little envolope was on the screen, saying that she had a missed call.

"Hello?.. Katrina is that you?" called a womans voice.

"Hi mom! How are you?"

"Great! I was calling to see how you were doing... Am I calling at a bad time?"

Katrina looked to where Racheal was standing looking quezzically at her. Katrina quickly mouthed, "May I go?" She jerked her thumb behind her shoulder to give emphacis to her mouthing.

Racheal nodded, smiling.

"No its fine! I just got off work!"

"Oh good! Hey are you busy the next month?"

Katrina gave a short laugh through her nose, "Why did I know that you were going to ask me that?"

Katrina's mom laughed, "I'm sorry! Its just that... Peter has a break in the first week of July, and I thought we could all have a summer break for a while!"

Katrina bit her lip in thought, "Hmm... I'm not sure... It seems that when I say yes to you, I always seem to say yes to some one else! I'm tired of saying yes to everyone... You know me! I'm not the biggest person pleaser."

"Ahh man!" Her mom said jokingly, "Why do you have to be such a debby downer!"

Katrina smiled, feeling guilt in her stomach, "I'm sorry! I really am!-"

"Honey! Its fine! I was just playing with you! Its alright, I know your busy! And its not that big of deal!" She sounded a bit disapointed, but still enthuisiastic.

"I'm sorry! I just want to go to Egypt and go hom-"


Katrina grimaced, knowing that she had said the wrong thing, her mother was still a bit sore on how Jim (the eygpt boyfriend from texas) had broken Katrina's heart.

"EYGPT! Katrina are you out of your senses! Didn't you get burnt enough on the first go round!" Her mother almost yelled.

"Mom! Calm down! I'm just going there for my job!"

"Katrina! You won't go spend time with your family... But you'll go on a dangerous expadition to find... Who knows what! IN DANGEROUS TOMBS UNDER THE GROUND, WHERE THE ROOFS COULD CAVE IN AND THEN THERES THE BOOBYTRAPS! YOU. COULD. GET. KILLED!"

"Mother! I'm my own person! If I want to go get myself hurt, then I can put on my own band-aid on! I can take care of my own flames as well!"


"Katrina!" Her mother said, and Katrina knew she was trying to calm herself down., "I know! I know my dear! But please don't go!"

Katrina sighed, "We'll see... We'll have to see!"

She sighed as well, "Okay! Love you!... Bye!"

"Av'uo!" With a sigh of relief Katrina shut the phone, knowing that she was an inch away from the void of crying again.

"Hello this is Leanra Orveil! Can I get you something?"

"Hi Leandra! Its Katrina O'Patrick!"

"Katrina! How are you gilrfriend!" said the elderly woman, with that young-girl-elderly-woman mindset.

"Great.. well.. never mind! Hey I was wondering... Do you like cats?"

"Oh I love cat's! The sweet little dears, their little whiskers and their cute little paws-"

"Would you mind watching mine? I'm going to be in Eygpt for the next.. week? And I don't want them to stay in a kenal all that time!"

"Well of course! I'd love to! Just one problem," Leandra said.


"You might not get them back!" Leandra laughed.

Katrina laughed along, but was rather concerned, "Well if I have to sneak them away from you, I guess I will! But are you sure?"

"I'm not old! You don't have to worry! I'll be fine and so will they!" And the line cut off without anything else.

Leaving Katrina to gape at her beeping phone.


Katrina looked at the many piles of dirty cloths she had piled up in her hotel, knowing that she had to go to the dreaded laundry-mat.

She grabbed a large basket and filled as much as possible.

A knock came at the door, and Katrina jogged lightly over. Looking out of the peep hole she saw Harry. Smiling in giddy delight she opened the door quickly. It hit her on the way open, and she stumbled back, holding her forehead.

Harry was by her side, laughing.

Katrina giggled, "Ow!"

"Evil door!" He playfully said, turning to it dramatically, "How could jump out and hit her!"

Katrina rolled unto her back, laughing merrily.

Harry- after settling his laughter a bit, looked over at the basket of cloths, "Need help?"

"No thanks! I'm good, I just need to clean these cloths before I leave tomorrow."

"Your leaving!" He asked frowning.

"Yeah... My job is leading me to Egypt! I can't wait," she bit her lip lightly, knowing that she would miss his company.

"Eygpt? Wow! That's... That's cool," He muttered.

"Yep!" she sighed.

They stood awkwardly, waiting for the other to do something, but it was't done.

"Well! Better get going!" She said with another, deeper sigh.

"Here let me help you," he said picking up the basket before she could.

She smiled and turned to fill up another basket to wash, "Thanks!"

The way down was quite and not the most happy.

"Can I come with you?" Harry asked abruptly.

Katrina starred at him, gapping.

"Well? May I?"

"Well..." Katrina was speechless, she wanted to say yes so badly, but knew that she just couldn't, "Harry... Umm... Don't you have other things to do? Like with your dad and stuff?"

Harry frowned, "Do not want me to go? That's alright-"

"No its not that!-"

"I'd understand if you don't!-"

"It's not that-"

"I know you have busy things to do, I just thought I could sight-"

"I'm fine if you go! I'd-"

"see, but if you really don't like me! That's alright I was just-"

"Love for you to come!"

Harry blinked at her in surprise, "What?"

"I'd love for you to come! I just don't want to take you from your busy everyday work! But if you really want to come-" Katrina trailed off, blushing madly.

Harry nodded, "I do want to come... Very much so!"

Katrina smiled, "Great! Better pack your bags then!"


"ARE YOU CRAZY!" Yelled Racheal to the cab driver she was talking to on her cell phone, "IT'S RAINING AND YOU WANT US TO.... WALK!!!"

Everyone in the group winced at her threats and cussing.

Afred- another one of the leader's of the group- chuckled, then frowned out at the rain that was falling down in bucket fulls.

Harry came up behind Katrina and smiled, holding an umbrela over her head.

Katrina smiled a thanks, and looked quickly to Herb and Alfred. Who she knew would have something to say.

Herb just grumbled to himself, something along the lines of, "Young people, ha! What a piece o' phony bologny, what a... really!"

Alfred just winked at her and nudged Herb ever so slightly.

Rolling her eyes, Katrina turned away from them with another smile towards Harry, who was eyeing the two older men with uncertainty.

"Racheal?" Katrina tried to cut in politely.

"Not right now!" Racheal snapped.


"Katrina! Not right now!"

With a sigh Katrina turned away from her frustrated boss.

"Shall we?" Harry asked, holding his arm to her.

She took it gingerly, as if it was her cat, and they picked up their bags and walked toward the airport.



The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. The LORD is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one. Save your people and bless your inheritance; be their shepherd and carry them forever.


Katrina read from the bible, but of course in Aramaic. She nearly toppled over though, as the twelve passenger van they road, ran into a pot whole, then jerked into a clump of trees.

Everyone bounced and held onto the sides of the walls, looks of horror on their faces.

The hired driver was smiling, laughing as well.

Katrina felt llike slapping him, but slapped Alfred instead.

He glared at her, and slapped her back.

Then of course Harry butted in and slapped Alfred. Before long everyone was slapping, hitting, and even biting each other. The heat and the stress had driven them to the extremes, and the driver just laughed, as the van bumped and bounced along the dirt road.

"GUYS!" Racheal yelled at the top of her voice.

Everyone stopped, feeling childish.

The van stopped and they were outside of an inn, it wasn't france, but it was much better then everyone had thought.


"I thought you said you were nonreligious?" Racheal said when she saw the Bible.

They were in a shared room, unpacking.

Katrina smiled, "I'm am! I just like to translate it! Its one of the three languages I have the hardest time with!"

Racheal smiled to herself, pleased with how professonal Katrina seemed to be, forgetting of course the mintues ago bite she had taken from her.

Herb swung into the room, "I ain't sleepin' in the same room as that... that... THAT!" He pointed with erritation, to where Harry stood, talking to Alfred.

"Would you like to sleep with Arnold?" Racheal said cooly.

Herb, crinkled his nose in disgust, " 'im Nei'ther!"

Racheal turned to Katrina, who was wincing at the very bad slang the fifty year old man was using. But seeing that Katrina wasn't going to help her with the authority she was trying to maintain, she said confedintly, "Herb. Listen. We really need your cooperation at this time. If you have problems with the arrangements, please see to those for yourself. Later, when everything is in order, then you can complain and whine. But to your disapointment, we're closed," and with that, the conversation was over.


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