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**Hi guys! This is a new story, I thought I'd share, I don't even know if i'll finish it, but its fun while it last's ;) so please sit back and enjoy the best you can :P**




Half & Half


Chapter one


I had never cried more in my life! For the first time ever, my heart was broken.


No it is not as you suppose. It's not boy issues, that I'll assure you! But it is... is...my parents...


We all had been so close, my parents loved each other tons! I was close with my mother and... well at least I loved my father, if not totally “friend-close” with him. My four other siblings were close with each other, and we all had been a happy family, together forever. It was the very last of thoughts, that my parents would finally fight so much that they'd blow and...*sigh* divorce each other... But so it was.

It had always been an awful idea for me... I didn't know how we were going to survive!


But, there is something even worse, and I'm sure you'll agree, it is the worst of things that could ever be in a story... We were home-schooled... and we were going to be forced... to join... PUBLIC SCHOOL!


Could it ever be worse, I ask you?!


Answer is:






My parents have already signed the paperwork... and have gone to court and they have already agreed on the possession of us. We were to stick together, so that one sibling wouldn't miss the other. So they agreed that my father would have us the first six months of the year (January to June) and my mother would have us the last six months (July to December). Well... Except for birthdays and holidays, which were still being figured out. Now we are only waiting for my father to move out.


My younger brother, Urian- the closest to me in age- was really sad, but he usually didn't show it in front of anyone but me, and not even to me sometimes. On the other hand, my two younger siblings, my sister Rhodelia and my brother Tony, were heartbroken, they cried every time they saw our parents and more when they were alone. But Sandro- my youngest brother- didn't really care, or even understand, sense he was only three years old. I'm Fourteen and I was still getting used to being that age even though my birthday had been in December, and it was the end of June now.



Oh yes! Forgot, my names-


“Hestia!” Called my mother from downstairs.


“Coming!” I called back in a chocked voice, I could hardly say it. My mouth seemed to have become the dessert in the past few hours of suspension and anxiousness.

I had been hoping that my parents wouldn't go through with any of this, but the problem was, they were already divorced and didn't want to do anything about it.

I walked down the stairs, my knees weak and my heart aching. I felt sick to my stomach. It was time for goodbyes.


My father stood in the front door of house, hugging Sandro to his chest, a single tear falling down his cheek.


I burst into tears, rushing towards him.


I was scooped into his arms, I could hear his own sobs. Which surprised me and made me even more sad and tearful.


“I... love...you,” I managed to choke out, sobbing.


“I love you too sweetheart, forever and ever!” He kissed my head, and held me at arms length, “We'll see each other, only six months!”


I nodded, my lip still trembling, and my eyes still sending waterfalls over my cheeks. He kissed my forehead, telling me to be strong. Then he shook hands with my mom, and she hugged him goodbye. But I could tell it was uncomfortable for her. He hopped into his car, after hugging all of us another time.


“Love you guys! Be good for your mother and take care! I'll be back for your birthdays and for Christmas and Thanksgiving! See you! Love you! Bye! Love you! Love you!” He called from the window of his car as he drove away.


As soon as his black mini van turned out of sight, I burst back into tears, and raced upstairs to the comforts of my room.




Life! Is! Unfair!



Your most DRAMATIC yet! :)))

Madeline | Tue, 07/05/2011


I'm glade you liked it.... I think?

Kassady | Wed, 07/06/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

 How did you manage to make

 How did you manage to make this story both horribly sad, and yet funny at the same time? I suppose it's called dark humor :D It would be great if you would write more :)

Laura Elizabeth | Tue, 09/20/2011

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --


*blush* Thanks!

Thanks Laura Elizabeth! I really appreciate you reading this! :D I just posted the second chapter... hopefully its okay... I'm not exactly proud of this story as I am with others... but thanks for reading!

I didn't know it had an humor in it at all? LOL! Yeah... I guess... Sarcasism! Lovely tool! Haha! More coming (big time) in the second chapter!

Thanks again! :D

Write on!

Kassady | Wed, 09/21/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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