NaNoWriMo- title in progress... chapter 1?

Fiction By Kassady // 11/5/2011

* This is the very first time I'm doing NaNoWriMo! AND I'M SO EXCITED! I signed up on both sites, the junior site and the... thirteen and up was it? I forgot! But I'm excited! I joined late though! On the second of November! SO :( I don't have as much time to propare for a 50,000 word story! My progress so far is... 2,100(something) and I've finished two chapters! HomeschoolGirl signed up and she has a story, "Ring Around Rosie" But she's not sure if she'll keep the storyline... I like it! And I think you guy's need to help cheer her into posting the first chapter (mwhahaha) LOL! Well... Sorry for this very long entry! If you are not bored by this time, then please keep reading!

Thanks to all my friends and for helping me on and encouraging me!


Title: (In progress, Ideas so far: ) Catch Me If You Can (which is a title of a movie... :( so I probably have to find a different name... any help would be appreciated!)



Chapter one,

Introductions, Meetings, Greetings, and Farewells.


Amelia Cross loved quite a few things.


Her family,


Her friends,


The Library,




Her computer,






And history reenactments.


She especially loved it when all of that could be combined, which would mean: Going to a medieval reenactment, with medieval dancing and music, in the library with her friends and family, her computer safely in her purse just in case she needed to look something up.


She did this often, wearing her favorite velvety turquoise dress that billowed around her legs, and sleeves that flowed around and past her hands.


Sometimes she would wear long historic dresses for everyday use, even though she wasn't going to any fairs.


Her mother would usually get annoyed by her daughters strange behavior, but wouldn't say anything, afraid to hurt her feelings. Amelia Cross's mother home schooled her and her three other siblings, so it was easier to go to different activities and co-ops and clubs. It also let them be as creative as they wanted to be.


Amelia Cross was fifteen years old and, aside from playing dress up all the time, she was very mature for her age.


So, now that you know a little about our main character, lets zoom in!



Amelia scanned through the many books in the library, all with weird and scientific names. What she was really looking for, was the biography of King Luis the third, but couldn't seem to find it.


“Aha!” She exclaimed silently to herself, pulling out a thick gray and dusty looking book from the packed shelf.


It was a six hundred page book, with references in the back. The cover was gray and dusty, and the spine was slowly coming apart from the seems.


Amelia smiled, blew on the book with a dramatic effect of dust flying everywhere and stood up, struggling with her long canary yellow dress. It felt like she was wearing miles of fabric with a small band around her waist to separate the top from the bottom. Her head was heavy too, with the intricate braids she had piled and pinned on the top of her head.

It made her smile, then groan under the weight of it all.


She then bent down and put her large, heavy book, into the already heavy basket that carried, Emma by Jane Austen, The Battles of the Danes and the Anglo Saxons, and, The Art of Beading and Weaving. etc.


Walking back over to the Adult Fiction section, she picked out a Dream Decoder Dictionary, sense her version had gotten soaked after she had fallen into a puddle after a World War One reenactment, and then went on her way down to the check out desk.


Her library had three levels, the main level, where the children's books were, the upstairs, where the teen and adult books were and then the basement, where the movies and CD's were.


So she had to walk down the stairs, which she hated to do when she was in one of her dresses. But the elevator was shut down for repairs.


She peered around her large pile of books that obstructed her view. It was risk, she knew, to go down all two hundred and two stairs-- as she had counted.


With a despairing sigh, she stepped down.


One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Six, She counted slowly and silently in her mind, holding the front of her dress with one hand and hugging the basket with the other. She couldn't see much, only to the sides, but not in front and she was afraid that she might trip and fall.


Usually the stairs didn't have many people walking up and down it, but sense the elevator had stopped working, everyone had to use the stairs. But Amelia's library wasn't the most popular, and she lived in a small town, so it wasn't so surprising that there was only five people in the whole library at that time, including Amelia, and not including workers.


Eight... Nine... Ten... Eleven... Twelve, She kept on counting, trying to ignore the growing sickness in her stomach. The sickness of worry. Thirteen... Fourteen... Fift- AH! With a lurching feeling, she felt something tug at her button-up black boots and felt herself fall over forward, not much in her mind except panic.


Books tumbled this way and that way, some falling on her. She felt her forehead hurt suddenly as a book hit her there and left a gabbing cut.


She felt herself hit something with great weight, but the something she did fall on, wasn't hard or cold, but softer and warm.


“OOF!” Exclaimed some one.


As Amelia was walking down the stairs, a boy was walking up and had seen the strange girl in the bright yellow dress in confusion. He had seen her once, then looked down at his feet again, climbing the hundredth and tenth stair, when he looked once he was on the hundredth and sixteenth, he had seen the girl falter in step and loose her balance and, trip over her canary colored dress skirt.

He had rushed up as many steps as he could, not really thinking about what he was doing, but knowing that he had to help her before she hurt herself too badly.


He had caught her as she was coming down, but his legs buckled underneath the impact of her and went rolling down the stairs, still holding unto the colorful maiden.


“Ow!” Was the Onomatopoeia that was exclaimed over and over again as they tumbled down to the landing in between one hundred and two hundred stairs.


They stopped rolling and then broke away from each other, groaning at the many sore spots they now had.


“Uhhh....” Moaned the boy.


“Owww!” Groaned Amelia.


They both couldn't move for a moment, then they were both on their knees.


Amelia looked to her, some what, savior. She tried to get her breath back to thank him, but the wind was knocked out of her.


The boy bowed his head, on all fours, trying to get the knocked air back in him, feeling silly.


“Tha-nks,” Amelia managed after she had gasped enough air into her body.


The boy shook his head, wheezing, “No.... problem.”


Amelia let that comment sink in for a moment, looking at the boy who was panting on hands and knees in front of her, “You just fell down more then ten stairs! That's a bit of problem, especially...” She winced and rolled her shoulder around, “to your body!”


The boy grimaced, trying to smile but not succeeding, “Yeah... well... what else would... you have... done?”


Amelia thought a moment and realized, he had a good point. She nodded and tried to stand up, but her legs were bruised too badly.


They sat on the floor for a long time, trying to compose themselves. It was a very awkward and embarrassing thing for Amelia, who, in her short life, had had many crush and boy problems. Her cheeks became a deeper shade of red every minute and she couldn't help but giggle every time her eyes came in contact with his.


“So...” He said awkwardly, and stood up, wincing.


Amelia looked up at him from where she was sitting on the floor.


He outstretched his hand to help her up.


Amelia blushed even brighter, if that was possible and took his hand with a polite smile. “Ah!” She cried out softly and stopped as she got up, feeling her knees shake and her back ache in pain. Everything seemed to sting and her muscles all felt bruised.


“You okay?” He asked in concern, coming in closer to her, placing a gentle hand on her back for support.


Amelia nodded with a grimace, “Fine,” She managed to say through clenched teeth.


The boy smiled sarcastically, “Sure?”


Amelia chuckled shortly and stood up straight, trying to keep her feelings of pain off her face, “Thanks... for...”


“Catching you?”




“Welcome... I guess?”




“Well... see you around,” He said smiling and started to climb again.


“What's your name?!” Amelia called after him.


“Sander! You?”




“Nice to... catch you Amy!”


 BOO-YA! I'm doing NaNo, too!

 BOO-YA! I'm doing NaNo, too! I currently have 11960 words, and my story is called The Lion and the Frog. EPIC.

Clare | Tue, 11/08/2011


Nano is great. Mine is called Lord Salmalinzink.  My penname on Nano is 115. Good luck!

Micheala | Wed, 11/16/2011


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