Prophecy, Apples from the sky and a Solitary Bell Tower All in One!

Fiction By Kassady // 10/11/2011


Prophecy, Apples from the sky and a Solitary Bell Tower All in One!


Part 1: In the autumn air.



It was a chilly autumn afternoon I took my solitary walk in the castle grounds, and the air smelled sweetly of leaves, spices and a kind of fresh dew that one can not exactly explain fully.


Leaves crunched satisfactorily under my feet, and the wind, that bore all the smells mentioned above, blew into my face.


Being a squire, I didn't get much time to meself. Usually I was running after a knight, with heavy packs of armory on my back and shields in my hands. It was definitely delightful to walk around without any strife to weigh me down, or weapons.


A new scent touched my bright red nose. It was sweet and faint, but totally distinguishable. The smell of baking apples. It didn't surprise me. All the cooks were baking apples at this time of the year, along with apple cider, apple bread, apple tarts, apple pies, apple donuts, apple cake, apple cream, apple sauce, apple butter, candied apples, picked apples, sprinkled-with-lemon-juice apples, and my favorite baked apples! It was also the kings favorite dish. So there was little chance that a squire would be able to feast on such a delicacy.


I jogged up to the kitchen window, where I had to bend down. I looked inside at all the bustling men and women, girls and boys. It reminded me of the time I looked inside one of the castles honey farm hives. The bees were flying every which way, buzzing and zipping to-and-fro. Except, you could understand the yells from the cooks and you understood that they were angry when they turned to more violent words, that would be a sin to repeat...ever.


I saw a girl I knew, look out the window at me, and she smiled. Her teeth were crooked and she had pimples on her cheeks and nose. She was about thirteen or fourteen, and I knew that her family depended on her to make a living for them off her job.


Walking away from the window before the girl could get in trouble, I decided that it was high time to pay a visit to my friend down by the creek.


Davy had always welcomed me into his cottage during the winter when I had no other place to sleep. His wife fed me and his sons all taught me something new about fishing every time I stayed there. Davy was to years older then me, twenty. Which made me jealous, sense he had a wife and twin sons already, Davidson and Lilson.


Before I ventured to their cottage, I thought it would be a nice thing, if I stopped by the winery and got them something. Squires were always given a discount, wherever they went. I was just below the title of the knight, which meant that my place in society was high compared to others. I was very proud of my station, but it was wearying.


“Wat can I do fer yer, younge master squire?” asked the Wine Maker.


“None o' that Ynyr! You know thee! Yid think I'd be a stranger, by the way ye talkin!” I said sharply to Ynyr, who I had grown up knowing.


“Eh! Do ye look fer some'in particularly?” He asked, whipping his nose with his large dark hand.


“Yes sir! I need yer bestest brew. Got a friend down by the creek. 'e lives with 'is wife and two sons! Ye know! 'e sells 'is fish, on Mondays! In the town square-”


“In da town square!” Ynyr exclaimed, “Never, I see 'im! 'Ow tall is 'e? Wat duh 'e look like?”


“'e's at least eight feet tall! Wit' thick curly 'air! 'e is skinny and talks like 'e's from the east!” I explained in exasperation.


“O! Davy! I know 'im! 'e came only but eh week ago! Lookin fer ale, fer 'is guest!” Said Ynyr.


“Wat guest!” I exclaimed in indignation.


“Why! I t'ink 'is aunt!” Said Ynyr matter-o-factly, “I didn't bother askin! None o' me business!”


I slapped him across the face with a glove I had hanging from my belt, “Well, next time do bother askin!”


Ynyr frowned and looked down at his hands, knowing that it was not his place to argue.


I requested a tasty Burgundy and went on my way. Pondering if I should find my horse to look important for this here aunt. But I went on without a horse.


As I got closer, I could hear the creek gurgling and the sound of trees shaky in the wind. Music!

The chattering of squirrels caught my interest. Then the twittering of birds, the knocking of a woodpecker and the bark of a hound out in the forest.


Sadly, I reached the door and knocked. I was warmly welcomed in by Davy, grinning and slapping my back, almost knocking me off my feet. I hated having to look up at him. But I couldn't see his face without looking up. Annoying.


Lilee smiled and gave me a warm hug, calling into the house for her two sons and what I understood as “Aunt Lleucu” .


“How are you?!” Davy asked, grinning at me from above.


“Fine, 'ow are thee?” I asked.


“Quite fine, busy, but fine!” He smiled, “Lilee's aunt is here!”


“Yes, I 'eard! Why did ye not tell me?”


“Like I said, dear friend! I've been busy!” He said, clamping his hand of my shoulder and bringing me deeper into the house.


Two, four year old twin boys ran at me and tackled me. I had enough experience with this. But this time, the boys felt like they had eaten ten apple pies each.


“Gayion! Gayion!” They cried my name, attacking my legs.


“Ge' off! Ge' off!” I cried merrily, pushing them off me for inspection, “Ye two get bigger an' bigger ever' time I see ya!” I said remorsefully.


“He's just jealous!” Davy told his children with a smile and a laugh twinkling in his eyes.


I faked a laugh, but smiled despite meself, “Where is this aunt of yer's?”


“I'm right 'ere!” Said a crackling voice behind me.


I turned round and saw a very old, very wrinkled, very ugly woman. She was two feet smaller then me... or more! About... Four feet tall was my estimate. She wore a very ragged shawl over her head, as if the sun was shining through the thatched room. She wore an oversized, black dress, that billowed around her like a...a... I can't even begin to explain. The point is, she was an ugly hag!





Have you read this yet? Did you know I had wrote it? LOL!

Love yah SSS!

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Kassady | Sat, 11/05/2011

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