On a Theme of Pink

A Poem By Kassady // 5/7/2016

Pink Feelings
Guilt darkens these pink feelings,
As I keep him in my peripheral,
Wanting him to step up,
Wanting him to take an interest,
Somehow wanting him to steal me away.
Nonsense fills our idle conversation,
I wish only to speak nonsensically with him all night,
Drawn to his laughter,
Drawn to his ability to make me laugh,
I guess just drawn to him.

Balance beam
Balance beam,
Keep balancing on my balance beam, Tip, tip...tip tipping...
Oh no!
Stomach tightens against butterflies asking to fly away,
(Fly away with me),
Oh and I'm good again,
As I,
Keep balancing on my balance beam.
Balancing, I stand erect,
Head up, proud,
Your words carry a gust of air,
And nearly blow me down,
Nearly falling... Falling...
Into pink space, into thin air,
Thin air thick with love,
Would that mean then...
If the air is full of love,
And if I trip and fall,
That I'd be falling in love?
Or falling through love?
No time to think,
As I shudder, feet faltering,
Nearly so close, teetering,
I bite my lip,
Pray to God that I don't slip,
(words so easily revealing),
Keep balancing on my balance beam.

Oven Eye
My cheeks seem to be related to oven eyes,
Hot and red,
Words bubbling in my head,
Face turns pink,
Eyes turned down,
I don't want to be matched or maked,
Just want to suffer in my own built reality,
My desire-snuffed interest in you,
Smuggled and stifled,
Only let out in the breath I take between laughs.

From White to Pink
Isn't this what I wanted?
To be so comfortably close,
So friendly,
So sweet,
Didn't I want to see you,
See you by my side?
Didn't I want to smile
all the time?
I did, I know,
One day or two,
I dreamed it and it came true...
But now my friend
my dreams have grown pink
Rosy feelings and blushing cheeks,
All dreams have turned to lusting eye
And I cannot escape
This longing for something pure,
But it could not be pure,
For she still holds sway over my conscious,
She still rules that part of my brain
That makes all the life altering decisions,
And darling,
She says, perched upon my shoulder
That your lack of life ambition cannot do
Not good enough for me,
And unfair for you,
No matter how sweet and silly,
And how happy I can be,
When your eyes meet mine.

It started as a tickle
Laugh inducing sensations inhibited by reality
But now?
You're a burning itch inside me
Pink inflammation around every romantic fantasy I fancied of you
Will not
Trying not
To scratch.


Ooh, yay, more Kass poetry!

Ooh, yay, more Kass poetry! So glad you're back to posting!

Pink Feelings - Very nice! Guilt darkens these pink feelings is one of my favorite lines from the batch!

Balance Beam - The imagery in this is so good, as well as the metaphor! You bring everything you have to the poetry game here! More than that, the whole piece is a complete thought. That's something I often have a hard time with, keeping continuity throughout a poem, wrapping it up in the end. You do that here, flawlessly. I could see and feel what was happening. Beautiful job! I have only one suggestion, and not even a critique: Into pink colored space, into thin air Is one of my favorite lines, but I don't think you need the word 'colored'. I found that it pulled me out of the hazy, dreamlike cloud I was in. Otherwise, this was lovely!

Oven Eyes - This is wonderful as well! The last line is a favorite and, again, you're using some really potent imagery.

From White to Pink - Ohhhh, this is good. I love the rhymes that jumped out. When I read this, I feel like I'm taking part in a dance--there's an up and down and twist and turn and side-to-side and shuffle. That's the best way I can think to describe it! And more than the actual rhythm to the piece, I love the message.

Itch - "Pink inflammation" I adore that. There are so many gems inside these pieces. I love that you're tying the color pink to these emotions, because they paint them so vividly. These are fabulous, Kass!

Madeline | Tue, 05/10/2016

Homey!!!! Thank you so much

Homey!!!! Thank you so much for your fabulous comment, I think I am literally glowing right now (hope I'm not blinding anyone?)! I'm so excited that you like these, I am actually quite proud of them!
So... I took your suggestion into mind and edited out "colored" but do you think adding "tinted" in its place would be too much like "colored" and get in the way of the poem?
Into pink tinted space, into thin air

What I find so magical-if I'm allowed to brag for a moment- is it really came out of nowhere.... I wrote "Pink Feelings" awhile ago and ended up slipping "pink" into Balancing Beam unintentionally and then when I found that I kind of had one of those author "clever smirks" lol! So after that I just kind of equated my feelings for this certain person as pink... Because Pink just covered the feeling so perfectly: pure in a playful and happy way.
Alright I'm done sharing my secret authorness :P which I know I shouldn't do :P
Thanks Homey (Roomie ;) yay!) I absolutely adore your comment thank you again!

Kassady | Tue, 05/10/2016

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

You are welcome, roomie!

You are welcome, roomie! *offers chocolate* Keep glowing! LOL! You should do whatever you want with the poem, of course, but I'd take out any word after pink entirely...I think "pink space" just sounds really ethereal...I picture a pink haze over everything...but like I said, it's your poem! You do whatever you feel to make it right! Again, LOVE these!

Madeline | Tue, 05/10/2016

I ADORE THIS <3 I love the


I love the whole theme of this--pink! Its so lofty and perfect and what a fresh idea with a whole new perspective--I love it.
Ahhhhh I can't actually say how much I really adore this! You've inspired me, I think...
I honestly wish I had time to pick this apart and tell you how much more I love it but my eyes are drooping and I had better get good sleep for tomorrow :)
xx love love love it xx

Maddi | Wed, 05/11/2016

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Aw Maddi!!!!! It's feels so

Aw Maddi!!!!! It's feels so good to be posting again and it's even greater to be reading your lovely comments again, thank you so much!!!!
Hahaha, thank you so much for taking the time to read this before bed ;P and thank you, l really like the way the whole "pink" thing turned out!

Kassady | Mon, 05/16/2016

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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