Just Because

A Poem By KatieSara // 1/22/2010

Just because you said "don't"
I'll do it anyways
I know it bugs you, which is why I won't
Ever get off your case

Just because you said so,
I'll make an argument
Just for the fun of fighting
About whatever it is you said

Just because that's the way I roll
You're my friend, really you are
It's just that this is so much more fun
Than being nice to you, by far


This is so me :)

Katie this poem is so amazing and it descirbes me in every way, shape and form.

kit-kat | Mon, 02/15/2010

Kat!! Thanks! lol   -Katie

Kat!! Thanks! lol


-Katie (is not signed in)

Anonymous | Tue, 02/16/2010


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