Ten Years

An Essay By KatieSara // 6/2/2009

This week I'll turn sixteen. Apparently that's a big milestone. In most states, you can start driving when you're sixteen; you can get a job; you start looking at colleges and planning for the future. For some reason, it's more of a big deal for girls than it is for boys. I guess it's like a modern-day coming-out....our new version of "You're a lady now".

That's all well and good. But what I'm thinking about as I begin my seventeenth year in this world and tack a different number onto myself is "ten years". Ten years since I was six. That's a great age to be. Some fairly momentous things happened to me when I was six.
I moved to another state, leaving behind my church, school, friends and beloved kindergarten teacher.
I started homeschooling.
I started a new life in a new place, and made new friends.
Friends. The first ones I met were Katie and Sarah. Our moms met online, and found out that they each had a daughter aged six, named Katie, and both homeschooled. It was then discovered that that other Katie had a little sister named Sarah. My middle name was Sara! These remarkable coincidences led to a friendship that's still going today. Ten years later. Katie and Sarah were always my best friends. They were family to me, and I'm pretty sure I was family to them. Their house was my second home. Often over the years my mom would be on the phone with their mom. Then she'd turn to me and say,"Katie, do you want to go sleep over at Katie's house?"
You can imagine my answer.
"OK, get your stuff together. Stacey is gonna pick you up in a few minutes."

Boy, did we have fun. We've almost never argued, that I can remember. Of course, it wasn't constantly happiness and light. Sarah and I had a funny little "enmity" (take note of the quotation marks) for a year or two. We made up eventually.
Katie and I almost never fought. We insulted each other at times and did or said things the other didn't like and gotten on each other's nerves...but within my memory we've never had an out-and-out fight.

Just because our names were the same didn't mean we weren't different in some ways. For example, I was never allowed to read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies, although as I got older the restrictions on the movies were somewhat relaxed. Katie and Sarah were crazy about them. I tolerated their ravings, and they in turn put up with my Nancy Drew obsession.

One thing we have always had in common, however, is our love of reading. We're all book-eaters...let us out of your sight and you can expect at least one of us to have our nose in a good book. Over the years we've lent each other books, recommended books, and obsessed over books. I remember once when I lent one to Katie and she didn't return it for a year.

Ah, remembrance.....I'm quickly turning sentimental. Please bear with me while I take a leisurely stroll down memory lane...
The Katie Sarah Katie Sara Detective Agency: Timeless. We never did solve any mysteries, but the theme song with dance sure was fun!
Henchman Bob! Need I say more?
Remember when Benny was born? He's 5 and a half now!
Penny Lane Players.... Katie and I were the cutest water fairies ever!
"Katie, Sarah....I *think* you guys are sleeping over.
Sarah's big line in Cymbeline: "Aye."
The Sarah-Jack joke....still bouncing around.
The list goes on....

On my wall is a picture of Katie dipping me when we were eight or nine. The jumper that I'm wearing in that picture now belongs to my eight year old sister. Crazy how time goes by, isn't it? More than three years ago my family moved again; all the way to Texas. It hurt to leave when I had been there for six years- the longest my family had stayed anyplace.* Now, looking back, I'm glad we moved. The Lone Star State is a great place to live, and I've made great friends here and had some crazy fun experiences that would never have happened had my family remained in CT.

Of course, our friendship continued. Sometime this fall it will have been ten years since the chilly, blustery day when we met. I've always been closest to Katie since we're much closer in age (BFF, girly!) but today I'm thinking of the crazy, laughing, carefree trio that would be called to dinner with "Katie-Sarah-Katie-Sara! Get down here!" and have at least two sleepovers a week during the summer.

So here's to ten years: may the next decade be even better.


*No, we're not military. My dad's in the grocery business, and let me tell you, it's almost as bad.


I liked this. Happy early

I liked this. Happy early birthday!!
And you poor person! Not allowed to read Harry Potter????? I'm re-reading the series for the third time now :)


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Ahh do sweet! I'm in a BFF

Ahh do sweet! I'm in a BFF trio myself and one of the girls is Velocity (although that is NOT her real name) and the other is named Katie. Happy 16th! The 10 years thing has been in my mind a bit too. My little sis was born a week before my 6th.
Anyways, Happy Birthday!

Keri | Mon, 06/08/2009

Aww, that's sweet! I love

Aww, that's sweet! I love your trip down memory lane; it was funny even though I didn't understand it.

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Bridget | Sun, 06/14/2009

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very sweet

  I lived in Pennsylvania for almost ten and a half years before moving to North Carolina. In Pennsylvania, I had almost no friends and a church with not many kids-my family of ten kids was the biggest-but down here, our church has a lot of kids and I have friends! Not to mention my three brothers and seven sisters at home!

  I'll be turning 13 in a week, so I don't remember being 2 or three, but I have some memories from when I was young!

Jackie West | Wed, 03/31/2010