A Poem By Kay J Fields // 5/8/2009

The stag pricks his ears, the birds flutter.
The coon crawls from his burrow
And the bear awakes.
A soft call from a bird alerts others, they pick up in a great chorus of voices.
The stag peeks out from under brush and begins to look for food.
The bear shuffles from his cave and the raccoon follows.
At first they are timid; sniffing, sensing, and searching for danger.
Slowly they come out.
The stag munches silently on fresh grass, far better than brittle winter bark.
The birds return to the places they recognize and sing joyfully.
The raccoon catches a fish,
The bear locates fresh, wild berries.
Morning has come.
Darkness is gone.
The snow has disappeared.
Spring is here.


Very nice. Good job with

Very nice. Good job with this.

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airlia | Sun, 05/10/2009

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General George S. Patton

Hello and Great Job!

Hello! I finally got an account. You did a wonderful job writing this piece. I liked the line "The stag munches silently on fresh grass, far better than brittle winter bark". That is great.

Lexus | Tue, 05/12/2009


Thanks! :)

THanks and Hello to Lexus.welcome to Apricot Pie!
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Kay J Fields | Thu, 05/14/2009

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