Stranger on the Wind

A Poem By Kay J Fields // 2/5/2010


The Stranger on the Wind
There came a man, striding
As I on my colt was riding
He with a weary step but a bright, bold gaze
The rumors and whispers did not him faze
He strode through the village, sweeping it with his eye
And I heard the hushed talk as I rode by.
Some said ‘He’s a soldier, past
With his mind echoing a thunderous battle blast
Remembering; he cannot in one place remain nor last
So he; a wandering soul, goes on.’
Some said ‘He’s a yearning lover
Tossed by dreams of a lady alike to no other
Who was stolen by a jesting bard while he; a lordly sir
So he; a wandering soul, goes on.’
I watched him walk through the town
His head up, his shoulders down
He knew, no doubt the words they uttered
With each repeating what they had heard
But if you were to ask him, as I did that day
He would smile a traveler’s smile and this is what he’d say
‘I have heard there is ever a change on the wind
I long to find this thing, and so on this journey, send
I hope to forget my evil ways and undo each heartless deed
So I seek the wind’s every fleeting move like stag and hunter’s steed.
The gale never rests as through the trees it flies
Nor does the breeze falter when the world in darkness lies
It always stirs, always breathes, always lives and never dies
Sometime, somewhere,
In sky, cloud or air.’
‘I follow the wind wherever it leads
I’ve watched it uproot and then plant seeds
It brushes the heat with its long, cool fingers
It moves on and on, never stops, never lingers’
Then he turned to the road ahead
And with a determined laugh he said
‘I hunt it day, dream, and night
I always follow, with it in my sight
But the wind moves on and so must I
So now, my friend I bid you goodbye.
Until the morrow becomes a year
When the wind turns, I’ll see you here
Remember the wind, as it remembers you
And as I hunt it, I will too’
Then he left as the breeze began to pick up
With his hat out held to the wind as if catching it in a cup
‘Farewell’ I whispered and turned away
Knowing that forever would I remember that day
When the strangest of strangers passed my way
The stranger on the wind, has touched it with his fingers
He knows that it moves on and on, it never stops, never lingers
Nor does it falter, even when the world in darkness lies
It always stirs, always breathes, always lives
And never dies.



Simply wow, KJ. I think this is possibly the best thing you've ever written--it gave me chills, and you know that coming from me, that's a sincere compliment.

Wow. I love.

LoriAnn | Thu, 02/11/2010