My Subjects

A Poem By Kendra // 3/31/2009

I have many a subject,
Sometimes I will in vain reject,
The things that they bring up,
Until their time is up.

My first subject is very big,
But not big enough to be a pig.
To give him sensations,
Just give him equations!

Yes, this little man loves math,
One million answers and over he hath.
He won’t even stop for a snack,
When he’s in his answering shack!

My next subject I like,
If he hears “reading” he’s up like a spike!
He doesn’t appreciate reading that’s bad,
Instead it’s to him very sad.

This little guy is happy,
That he no longer has to read with his pappy.
Now he can read whatever he wants,
And “Of America” is of course what he wants.

This subject is not so thin,
And believes a misplaced apostrophe is a sin.
She loves to write,
And if you find her writing, she won’t bite!

She loves to teach nouns,
And she does, by the pounds!
She wants to help you try,
And if you learn she’ll give you a pie!

This subject is very thin,
But not so thin as a little tin.
He loves to spell,
He spells pell-mell!

He’ll look o’er your shoulder and say,
“That’s not right! Please spell play.”
Yes, he’ll help your spelling,
So you’ll get more buyers when you’re selling.

This subject is a little thick,
He’s one someone would or wouldn’t pick.
Recalling history he does love,
He’s as devoted as a little dove.

If you asked him when was this?
He’d say, “In 1776, little Miss!”
He knows all kinds of things,
He’s so happy he almost sings.

My last subject is a mastermind,
He’s one not everyone could find.
He knows all about caves,
And so many other things, he’s like a maze.

He’s a little scientist,
Or he could be a psychiatrist.
Now we’ve come to the end.
Thanks for staying with me, dear little friend!


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